General information

Pheasant egg


The pheasant is a bird grown in rare farms. In the west, the species is more common among households. Meat and pheasants eggs are in demand among connoisseurs.

Pheasant eggs can have different colors.


Pheasan eggs are a source of vitamins and minerals. The use of bird eggs can provide humans with protein in a volume that other species cannot provide. In size and color of pheasant, eggs are very different from others. They are inferior in size to the chicken several times, their variety of colors includes the following shades:

Color can be arranged as stained or evenly. Pheasant eggs differ among themselves depending on the breed of the hen. So females of the Caucasian and Romanian pheasant bear light and dark eggs of brown shades. They carry a large size, several times larger than other layers. In them the yolk exceeds the volume of chicken.

Taste characteristics of the eggs of the species are different. Some breeds taste bright, immediately distinguishing them from other birds. The rest are demolished such that they are barely distinguishable in taste characteristics from chicken ones.

Meat and eggs of birds have a taste associated directly with the nutrition provided. The issue of keeping and growing pheasants is of paramount importance. Since the initial conditions will give the final result. Pheasant bird is demanding to the conditions of detention, which are created around it. Individuals develop healthy with the condition of respect for their territory, and limiting the presence of unauthorized persons in their poultry house.

The taste of pheasant eggs depends on the diet of the bird.

It is necessary to properly divide the livestock on flocks of several females and one male. Each individual needs two square meters of personal space. They can contain stall-pasture type of cultivation. In the feeders, you can pour so much food, and pour so much water so that the minimum number of times per day goes into the pen. They can be collected in the morning, regularly. Otherwise, there will be nothing to collect.

Livestock eats them, to avoid this, breeders give females the form of eggshells. The reason for the frequent egg collection is that the eggs have a thin shell. They are injured and damaged and become unsuitable for incubation or sale.

They are incubated using a hen or incubator. The method is chosen based on the number of heads of your farm. if you have a large farm, you can not do without an incubator.

Collect them in a timely manner to prevent them from deforming. Increasing the number of chicks received. Eggs are suitable for further cultivation:

  1. Smooth and healthy color.
  2. Green and cracked do not use.
  3. If it is smooth round, it is rejected.
  4. Oval testicles of natural size and with a whole shell are used.
  5. If the yolk flows rapidly, it is not used.
  6. They are subject to separation by size. Dividing them into several categories, incubate separately.

Pheasant chicks can be sold or raised for meat

You can grow a large number of chicks that are grown further and slaughtered for meat. Distributed sale of young individuals. In order to make the business profitable, you can buy eggs of birds or young animals from proven and familiar farmers.

Egg sizes can be different sizes:

As a result, the hens sit either on small or two other sizes. Such a distinction allows everyone to ripen evenly and avoid marriage. The shell must be flat. Before placing them in the incubator, carefully inspect them under bright light, in order to identify additional defects.

At the final inspection, all the listed parameters are checked, and only suitable ones are placed in the incubator or on the hen.