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How to treat diarrhea in chickens: antibiotics, probiotics and folk remedies


Chicken diarrhea can be triggered by a wide variety of adverse factors. In this case, this phenomenon should not be ignored. Diarrhea can be a symptom of infectious, viral, bacterial, parasitic diseases in poultry. What if the chicken has diarrhea? What to do and how to cure diarrhea in chickens, rooster, chickens?

Causes of diarrhea

What to do if chickens, adult poultry were worn? How to treat them? Such questions interest all, without exception, novice farmers. Diarrhea in birds, which is characterized by frequent watery stools, can occur against the background of a variety of adverse factors. At the same time, before taking appropriate measures, it is necessary to establish the root cause, find out why the bird began to strongly vilify.

If the chicken has a strong profuse diarrhea, black, green, white liquid stools, there is blood in the litter, a large amount of mucus, foam, an adequate medical therapy should be prescribed by a veterinarian, taking into account the cause of this condition.

Causes of diarrhea in laying hens:

  • unbalanced diet
  • feeding low-quality, low-grade feed,
  • poisoning with chemicals, pesticides, poisons,
  • frequent severe stressful situations
  • poor housing conditions, lack of hygiene in poultry houses,
  • metabolic disorder,
  • abrupt diet change,
  • hypothermia
  • colds,
  • infectious, bacterial infections,
  • helminthic invasions.

Diarrhea in chickens, laying hens can be triggered by prolonged use of pharmacological drugs, drugs, in particular, antibiotics. Indigestion of the stomach very often in the birds is caused by the seeds of poisonous plants (euphorbia, buttercup, dope), causing severe poisoning, intoxication.

Unfortunately, not all owners, while setting up chicken coops, pay attention to the qualitative characteristics of the materials used, which can also cause diarrhea in poultry. So, if the dishes contain a large amount of zinc, copper - like chemical elements can cause severe diarrhea in chickens, adult chickens.

If the chickens are worn, the color, consistency of feces will help determine the condition of the bird. Noticing that a rooster, chickens, laying hens developed against the background of diarrhea another side symptom, for example, chickens fall, weaken, coordination of movements is disturbed, the bird looks exhausted, refuses to feed all chicken, advise to contact as soon as possible with a veterinarian.

Symptoms of diarrhea in birds

In addition to frequent excrement, liquid manure, which may contain bloody clots, threads, inclusions, remnants of undigested food, birds have different side symptoms in the background of diarrhea:

  • soiled feathers in the area of ​​cloaca faeces,
  • decrease, lack of appetite,
  • the presence of a large amount of liquid manure in poultry houses,
  • lethargy, drowsiness, depression,
  • the adult bird, the young are quickly losing weight,
  • increased thirst
  • problems in the digestive tract,
  • there is mucus in the litter.

With severe diarrhea in laying hens on the surface of the eggshell, sticky black droppings can be noticed with blood impurities. In a sick bird, coordination of movements is disturbed, it becomes shy, inactive, the state of feather cover deteriorates, and egg production decreases.

The feces may have white, yellow, dark brown, green, black, whitish tint. At the same time, if other symptoms are noticeable - the chicken drinks a lot, looks lethargic, depressed, refuses food and zaponila because of infections - it is necessary to isolate the bird, because an infected individual can infect healthy ones.

Important! In small chickens, severe diarrhea can lead to exhaustion, intoxication, and provoke clogging of the cloaca, death.

As a rule, viral and bacterial diseases are spread by contact, airborne. Although diarrhea in chickens is a rather frequent phenomenon, in order to prevent the spread of infection, we recommend watching the diseased chicken. An attentive poultry farmer will give the bird a cure, take appropriate measures.

Green diarrhea

Diarrhea is green in laying hens, chickens most often occur due to the presence in the diet of a large amount of plant food. Green diarrhea can also occur as a result of strong fear, the use of poor-quality feed, with poisoning by the seeds of poisonous plants. If the chicken feces have acquired a light green color, this may signal that the chicken has a cold.

Important! Green litter, frothy diarrhea with a large amount of mucus, bloody patches are most often noted for pasteurellosis. With this infection, chickens die massively.

How to treat diarrhea in chickens with folk methods

To help laying hens to get rid of the symptoms of diarrhea, you can use simple recipes:

  1. At the first signs of indigestion, add clay water to the drinker.
  2. To normalize the work of the digestive system, prepare rice water. Fill in with Art. a spoonful of cereals with a liter of water and cook the mixture on low heat for about 30 minutes. During this time, rice should be completely boiled soft. Oats can be used instead of rice. It also has firming properties. Oatmeal contains mucus, which protects the intestines from toxins and harmful bacteria.
  3. Red wine solution also helps with diarrhea. To prepare the tool, mix together a few drops of wine and a liter of water. Give the chicks 5 drops 2 times a day. The astringent properties of wine will help normalize stool in a layer.
  4. Chamomile decoction is a reliable way to get rid of diarrhea. It helps with diarrhea mustard color.
  5. A weak solution of potassium permanganate can be used to treat chickens at any age.