General information

What tree branches can be given to rabbits


Rabbit branch feed is an excellent dietary supplement. It nourishes the body with vitamins, fiber and allows you to grind down your teeth. Some trees and bushes contain substances that kill germs, which makes the branches of them an excellent prevention of disease.

This feed has a positive effect on the intestinal tract. But not all branches can be given to rabbits and it is better to limit to a small list of trees that are suitable for feeding animals.

Branch selection

Trees and shrubs that can be given to rabbits include:

  • grapes
  • pear,
  • hazel,
  • Apple tree,
  • currant,
  • blueberries
  • hawthorn,
  • chestnut,
  • Rowan,
  • Birch tree,
  • acacia,
  • all needles
  • aspen,
  • willow,
  • Linden,
  • oak,
  • alder,
  • Walnut.

Branches of fruit trees with stones should be avoided, as they are dangerous to the health of rabbits. There is hydrocyanic acid in their bark. This refers to apricot, plum, cherry, peach, cherry plum, etc. Also, poisonous shrubs such as elder, wild rosemary and others should be avoided.

Willow and aspen are not just food, but also a good prevention of disease. Rowan and chestnut are given to rabbits only occasionally and in small portions. Birch has a diuretic property, it is fed with diseases of the bladder.

Needles kill germs and provide good immunity, because it contains vitamin C. Pear, apple, grapes and hazel can be given along with the fruits. Currants and blueberries are fed without berries. Acacia give the rabbits in unlimited quantities, but only young shoots.

Lipa is given in animals with cystitis. It has an analgesic effect, like willow. For the prevention of parasites, rabbits can be given occasionally and in a small amount of walnut branches. Alder and oak have a fixing effect and can fight diarrhea. But these feeds need to be issued not too often and in small portions.

Oak and alder are harvested for the winter and used as a first solution for diarrhea. They should be always at hand, because indigestion in rabbits bears a dangerous character and is often the cause of the death of even adult animals.

Vetochny forage allows you to distract animals from damage cells, because they no longer need to gnaw the boards. Many rabbit breeders give fresh, only cut branches with leaves, not wilting them. If animals are accustomed to green grass, there will be no bad consequences. The main thing to avoid feeding wet branches. In rainy weather, you need to dry them a bit before putting them in a cage.

Considering the question of which branches can be given to rabbits, it is necessary to clarify the fact that they should be without thorns. It is necessary to choose only the young shoots of acacia, which have soft thorns. Animals can damage their eyes or mouth, which will have a very negative impact on their general health. Also, if a rabbit pushes a thorn into his paw, then a strong inflammation may start, from which he cannot walk. As a result, weight loss is inevitable, and in the worst outcome, even death.

The advantages of feeding rabbits with correct branches are indisputable. Animals get vitamins, microelements and fiber. Many of these substances in ordinary grass or grain are rare.

Twisted feed stimulates the digestive system. Its regular use is an excellent prevention of stomach disorders. The right choice of branches makes it possible to treat some diseases.