General information

How to improve the suburban area with their own hands

With planning a suburban area with their own hands Do not forget the obvious things that need to be considered. For example, the irrigation system for beds and trees, it must be either built-in, embedded in the ground, or watering will be carried out with the help of hoses. If you don’t share this and place the vegetable growing area far from the main water supply unit, closing the space between these two points with your own landscape design, then later you can damage flowerbeds and soil garden paths with soil from the hoses.

Also in a lot of layouts, the toilet and shower are taken out of the house and located on the extreme borders of the perimeter. It will be appropriate to beat them in the same style with the rest of the landscape design of the site, but not to highlight the brightest part, so that the attention to them is minimal. Zoning partitions should be developed, for example, vertical gardening on a small fence or a hedge that will visually hide buildings.

Improvement of the summer cottage with their own hands

Therefore, the first advice for any accomplishment is if you know that you will not have enough time to to improve the dacha with their own hands and keep it in this state all the time, it is better to choose options with minimal content. Take a large part of the lawn, where you can, if necessary, and put garden furniture, and just lie down on a sun lounger, make a platform near the house, which will be concreted or tiled, so you get rid of the earth and dirt. Decorate each tree with a curb ring, move a hidden irrigation system so that you can supply the trees with literally one left.

In the case of a simple garden design with your own hands, you can save great energy if you break the landscape garden. It will require a minimum of your time spent on watering, caring for the crown in the winter, feeding and spraying in the spring, and, the most pleasant part, harvesting. At the same time, almost the entire season the elegant foliage of trees can look even better than complex alpine slides or flower beds, especially during the flowering in spring.

If both space and free time allows, you can make traditional decorations, which are often used for holiday garden decoration with your own handsFor example, they make a stationary pool, a small pond at their summer cottage, a waterfall running on an electric motor, and a fountain.

Arrangement of the summer cottage with their own hands

For arranging a summer cottage with your own hands, especially when it is small, you need to make a fateful decision, what percentage of it you will take to grow vegetables. All plants that are useful in the household need quality soil, weed stripping, good illumination and protection from drafts and large winds. Therefore, it will be very difficult to inscribe them, in our usual understanding, into a plot refined by the Western type. Fortunately, the solution has long been found, and if you do not plan to plant with huge plantations, you can safely use the ideas of the ornamental garden.

Garden planning must be considered at the origins when we equip the dacha with their own hands. After all, this will require you to additional costs of building materials, no matter what option you choose. But due to the fact that the beds will look very neat, elegant, you can safely choose absolutely any piece of the perimeter, they will fit well everywhere.

In the immediate vicinity of the house, you can beat its color, texture, and make boards for boxes of earth of the same color as the walls of the house, or, on the contrary, you can create color accents. Since the contents of the containers you will have bright green plants, you should choose colors that are in harmony with the warm green shades. It is yellow, orange, brown, crimson.

Also bumpers on summer cottage with their own hands, photo- An example of which you see above, are decorated with various decorative materials, for example, neat wooden sawn, and the most even and similar in diameter are selected. You can use pieces of decorative tiles, lining. Some make out flowerbeds and beds with colored plastic bottles, but this, of course, is not very welcome if we decorate the cottage with our own hands in a modern style. It is better to use limestone, natural stone, vine or even ceramic tiles, in short, everything that in natural conditions will look organic.

The location of the beds in the boxes allows you to make clean and comfortable transitions between them, these are such tracks in the country with their own hands, but vice versa. The space between the boards is most often covered with rubble, small screenings or filled with lawn grass with a high content of turf and similar plants, forming a dense cover that you can walk comfortably in dry and inclement weather.

And, using such an element of vertical gardening, we are not only we decorate the dacha with our own hands, but we can also pull up a small fragment of the garden closer to home. In the building supermarkets you probably saw bamboo stalks, from which you can make such an unusual bookcase. Since the stem itself of such a diameter is large enough, one is enough for several full tiers, especially since it needs to be cut lengthwise. Drill holes in the bottom to drain excess water, pour a layer of drainage material, and then a layer of fertile soil. Planting in such containers costs plants with a small root system, which do not need a large depth, for example, lettuce, onions for receiving greenery, parsley, basil, thyme. Rack you can put near the porch or near the summer kitchen and every time you need fresh greens, you will not need to run to different ends of the garden.

Making your own summer cottage

Laying them using sets of ready-made templates can be easily. To do this, there is not only instructions for the product, but also educational materials on refining summer cottage with their own hands, video with which you can easily find on the web. These paths are made according to the formwork principle, that is, cement mix with additives is poured into the cells to increase its strength. When one piece grabs, the formwork is removed and the whole segment is installed. This method has only one major drawback - it is very popular, so your path will not be unique.

However, you can combine the technology, alternating rectangular segments with fragments of turf lawn. This option fits perfectly with the eco-concept. landscape dacha with their own handswhich is among the most fashionable trends. And if it is difficult to observe them in relation to stationary buildings, such as a house or a gazebo, then it is easy for paths. After all, if they bother you or are uncomfortable, you can easily dismantle them, replacing them with other fashionable elements.

Beautiful summer cottages with their own hands

In the flower garden you can arrange a bush of lush flowers, which will be decorated using any clay container, jug, pot, amphora. Blue color will imitate water, making the effect only intensify. However, after the end of flowering, this element will not lose its attractiveness.

When we we make out a summer cottage with your own hands, it is worth thinking not only of beauty and visual appeal, but also of convenience. And you can combine these two tasks. For example, the mangalny platform is almost always present either in the gazebo area or on the terrace, but not always it looks outwardly attractive. You can buy or lay down yourself such a large multifunctional oven. Its shape has been verified over the years, everything is convenient, but it has not been forgotten about its visual appeal either. It is convenient to have firewood downstairs so that they remain dry, you can make barbecues, kebabs and cook dishes on a spit in the brazier. And the countertops on the sides are perfect for prepared or ready-made products.

But for this cottage interior plot do it yourself, inside the arbor, applied built-in hearth, which is inside, such a semblance of a Russian stove. Thanks to this you can cook in the open air, without being distracted from the rest.

Tips for landscaping the dacha

Some people try to grow big crops and therefore divide their land into many beds. Others plan to build a playground for their children and place a sandbox. And for yourself to build a gazebo and dig a pool, creating a pleasant resting place.

Conducting the improvement of the site, almost all people, both specialists in this field and non-professionals, forced to abide by certain rules. Fulfilling these conditions, you can achieve remarkable results without spending extra effort and money. During the landscaping, it is important to consider how all means of communication will be laid and connected. How to place flower beds and paths throughout the site and where to install the lighting correctly, making it all in the same style. It is also necessary to take into account how the relief of the terrain and existing plants will be combined with new decorations and plantings.

When planning your actions, it is necessary to take into account the shape and size of the land plot. The smaller the area of ​​the site, the more carefully it will be necessary to plan all the details for its improvement.

A good look, attracting attention, will give a combination of different design elements. For example: in a small rocky garden, combinations of stones and plants will look very good in places where dry streams and rock gardens are located. It is recommended to place in one particular area all the details of the decor, made of the same material, this will give the composition a sense of completeness.

Planting on the site

Let's talk more about the features planting various types of vegetation. For example, all sorts of crops that produce crops should not be planted in places where there is a lot of shade, because they require more sunlight.

In order to search for the most suitable territory for planting such plants, it is necessary to form a special map of dark areas of the terrain:

  1. Prepare a white piece of paper
  2. Sketch out a map of the territory, mark where the north and south are, and where and from where the sun moves,
  3. Draw on paper all the buildings and fences that create the shadow,
  4. Be sure to mark the height of these objects,
  5. In some dark color shade the shady places
  6. In areas where the shade lasts most of the day, planting vegetation is not advised.

But the shady places in the country is great to use. to create in them zones of rest and comfort and furnish with suitable pieces of furniture and buildings.

Even in shady places you can lay out the track.

Specific Design Styles

So, proceed to beautify the suburban area with their own hands. Let's now talk about the styles available, most often used in the landscaping of the garden plot.

More often There are three main types of design designs for the summer cottage:

  • regular or geometric,
  • landscape or landscape,
  • mixed.


This style is well suited for gardens of even shape with land without elevations and depressions.

The main differences of this style are:

  • shapes with strict straight lines,
  • ponds and flower beds must be regular geometric shapes,
  • paths should also be straight.


The second in a row is the landscape style, which is best used in areas with areas with different levels of height.

Creating such a design, you need:

  • observe the natural forms of water bodies and flower beds,
  • use natural materials
  • create smooth bends of paths.

This design style has incorporated the main features of the two previous styles. And it is considered most popular with summer residents and gardeners, for the reason that using it, it is possible to realize almost any fantasy and ideas.

You can bring to work on the arrangement of the garden professional designer. Under such circumstances, it makes no sense to think about certain styles - an experienced master himself will choose the best style, taking into account the specifics of a given territory and your desires and whims.

Some problems and solutions

Let's look at the most common difficulties in areas that are particularly concerned about their owners. When arranging uncomfortable and inconvenient areas often you may encounter such problems, as:

  1. Grungy pillar in the most prominent place, spoiling the whole view. Decorate it with decorative flowers that will need to be planted in beautiful pots or boxes. Another good idea would be to plant a climbing plant near the pillar, which over time can grow and decorate a nondescript object.
  2. The ordinary fence of the chain-link net does not possess decorative properties and does not cover passers-by from the curious glances. Such a problem is corrected by planting plants near the fence, which, trailing along the grid surface, will provide not only protection from undesirable views, but also add a beautiful view to the fence. In the role of such vegetation, you can use ivy, climbing rose or climbing girlish grapes.
  3. Lack of space for flower beds. A great option would be to use stylish decorative flowerpots, pots or flowerpots, into which you should plant your chosen beautiful plants. Such point elements are quite convenient for moving from one place to another.
  4. Lack of space for arched structures and canopies. As an alternative, pick up an upright object that is present on the land plot: a trunk of a dry old tree, a fence, a wall of any structure. With this method, you will have a flowering garden area with lashings and you will be able to decorate nondescript and ugly objects.

Little tricks

  1. Zones that need to be camouflaged, for example, cracks in the base of a building, can be hidden with the help of cushion-shaped plants with a magnificent shape and pleasant color. Such vegetation most often tolerates shaded areas and can be planted in places with a small amount of sunlight, and in illuminated areas.
  2. The neglected appearance of the space is created by foliage showered in the fall. But because of the lack of time and constant employment, you are not able to manage to remove them, and all this spoils the general look of the garden. Spread around the territory of the plot ground cover vegetation, which will perfectly merge with the foliage and decorate this area.
  3. A bunch of compost gives a bad smell and spoils the aesthetic image of the landscape. By organizing a vegetable fence of decorative or berry, but pleasantly scented bushes along the heap contour, you will be able to solve two problems at the same time.
  4. If the children, cutting off the path, run on the lawn and tread fresh paths that do not look very nice, cover them with a small layer of gravel, and it will turn out as if it was planned.
  5. It is also possible to decorate the existing path of concrete slabs. It is necessary to extract parts of the track in a staggered manner and plant beautiful undersized plantings in these places. Thus, the design of the track will be much nicer.
  6. It is possible to update nondescript and pale tones of buildings and fences with the help of painting. Wall drawings will give the garden plot a spectacular, original and attractive look.
  7. It is possible to decorate an unhappy and inconspicuous garden with shrubs and plantings that can be cut. For example, boxwood. With the help of this method, you can decorate the garden with peculiar figured trees and shrubs.