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How to make a pelletizer for feed with your own hands


Compound feed is eaten by many species of farm animals, the purchase of feed is not cheap. In this regard, many farmers prefer to prepare the mixture on their own, and in order for the savings to be complete, they prefer homemade units for purchasing factory machines. How to make a granulator, understand in this article.

The principle of operation and the device granulator

For small private farms, an aggregate produced from a conventional, slightly modified meat grinder will suffice. The device is a homemade machine based on a belt drive engine. With the help of the auger, the raw material placed inside will be pressed through in the form of long thin sausages through the holes in the matrix. At the exit they, with the help of installed knives, are cut in the right size.

Design and Drawings

To create a drawing on the basis of a meat grinder, it is necessary to remove all necessary dimensions, the grid parameters are especially important, since the matrix of the product must correspond to them.

After the outline of the drawing, care should be taken to ensure that you have at hand all the tools and accessories that may be needed in the work. Drawing granulator Drawing of the matrix for the granulator

Materials and tools

For the manufacture will need the following parts and tools:

  • crafting table,
  • lathe,
  • rubber mat (for safety),
  • a meat grinder with all the details
  • drilling machine,
  • pulleys 1: 2,
  • stainless steel ingot or steel,
  • belt,
  • welding,
  • 220 volt electric motor.

Manufacturing steps

The first thing that needs to be done is to prepare the basis of the structure: if we consider that the matrix will abut the worm gear, its edges may need to be removed. For convenience of work, the device is fixed on a workbench, drilling holes for bolts in the legs.

For the manufacture of the matrix will need a stencil, you can make it in any graphic editor. The blank under the matrix is ​​taken from stainless steel: it is strong and durable. On the surface impose a paper stencil and on the machine make the required hole size.

Video: how to make a matrix for the granulator After the hole should be sanded. The matrix is ​​mounted on the tip of the screw shaft.

The lid holding the grid in the meat grinder is no good; a new lid should be turned under the matrix. For the manufacture of threads on the lid, there are two ways: weld the wire, cut into a grinder. If it is easier for you to work with wire, calculate the required material diameter.

Pulley installation

The pulleys are mounted symmetrically, you need to fasten very carefully, because they will transmit the movement of the drive belt. In place of the handle fasten the driven pulley, on the motor shaft - the leading pulley.

Adjustment and improvement of the mechanism

After the mechanism is assembled, for convenience of work with it, a hole in the former meat grinder is welded to the container in the form of a funnel into which the raw materials will be laid. The finished design start, tracking the work of all parts, the belt tension.

Note possible shortcomings for further refinement. How the simplest mechanism from the old meat grinder works can be viewed in this video: Factory machines are usually expensive, not all farmers can afford it. If there are small skills in mechanics, and the hands are not afraid of work, then you can significantly save money on the production of independent improvised units.

What is a granulator

The granulator is a device for converting loose food into capsules.

Suitable for pressing:

  • crushed grain (wheat, barley, oats, corn),
  • grass meal
  • hay,
  • bran,
  • cake,
  • crushed peas.

The technological properties of the feed are improved, its sticking is eliminated, the flowability increases. The digestibility of the granules is above normal feed. The ability to use vitamin, antimicrobial additives increase the quality of the product.

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On the video - how the granulator works:

Efficiency of the feed pelletizer

The main indicator of granulation efficiency is the volume of the small fraction that is eliminated through the vibrating screen installed under the cooling column. In high-quality work, the volume of screened particles should not exceed 5% of the total mass of the product. The efficiency of the press is calculated as the ratio of the mass of whole feed pellets to the total mass of the product.

How to make a pelletizer for animal feed with your own hands from a meat grinder

This value reflects the strength of the granules: if they are well pressed and cooled, they do not crumble.

This is an important indicator for a product to sell:

  • Pellets must survive transportation
  • They can pour more than once into various bunkers,
  • Strong granules with low porosity are better stored, more resistant to moisture and gases.

In the production of feed, it is important to correctly adjust the flow of steam into the mixer. Excessive moisture mass can lead to the fact that the water will evaporate after cooling the granules, making them brittle, porous.

Other obvious indicators of granulator efficiency are his performance and power consumption.

Choosing a feed pellet mill

To choose the right feed pelletizer, you must calculate the future production capacity in advance. Since this unit is the key for the entire granulation line, it is not worth saving on its acquisition. For an industrial line, not only is the efficiency of the press important, but also availability of spare parts to him - first of all it is the matrix and press rolls. Therefore, it is risky to order equipment from abroad: when taking into account the foreign policy situation, the supply of spare parts may be interrupted, and their cost may increase dramatically.

A feed pellet mill is not a standard purchase. Reliable manufacturers of granulators in Russia offer a full service for the selection of the device of the desired power, its setting, output to the required power when working with feed mixtures. Matrix plays an important role: quality of steel, length of the working channel (or compression ratio), quality of internal grinding of holes.

Household pelletizers usually do not specialize in the type of raw materials. The same devices can be used for pelleting feed and pellets. Mini - granulators are purchased by the owners for private needs, since the granules of feed received for them have a short shelf life and break down during transportation and frequent pouring. It is generally not recommended to produce pellets on mini-granulators, since very low quality granules

Where to buy feed pellet in Russia?

Company ALB Group - a reliable Russian manufacturer of granulators from the Nizhny Novgorod region. Our industrial press granulators OGM 0.8 and 1.5 have excellent reviews from manufacturers of combined feed and pellets. We offer machines with performance from 500 to 7000 kg or more pellets per hour.

Advantages of OGM feed granulators from ALB Group

  • Use of matrices General Dies (Italy) and GRAF (Germany),
  • Reinforced work nodes with high resources that do an excellent job even with hardly granular materials
  • Own design department with extensive experience in the production of granulators for specific raw materials,
  • We deliver parts as soon as possible, so your production will never be idle,
  • The servicemen of the ALB Group will install and put the press into operation in any region of Russia and the CIS. They will train your staff.

Also you can order household mini-granulators from us for the organization of small formula-feed production. Mini granulators from ALB Group are produced with advanced hardened professional stainless steel dies. The technology of ultra-precise laser cutting provides a verified design of the working chamber without distortions. This ensures stable performance and durability of the household granulator.

The advantages of the mini-granulator feed from the ALB Group:

  • Laser cutting technology provides a verified design,
  • Professional matrices from hardened steel with high-quality grinding holes,
  • Large selection of power and performance.

Find out everything that interests you about pellets ALB Group on our phone +7 (831) 211-94-85 or in the contact form on the website. We will provide you with all the specifications and prices for the equipment, and we will help you choose the equipment for your production.