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Priceless mushroom in medicine: description of sulfur-yellow tinder

Many people like to pick mushrooms and cook a variety of dishes from them. This gift of nature allows you to significantly expand the culinary possibilities. Not everyone knows about the edibility of the sulfur-yellow tinder, where it grows, how to collect it. We learn more about its properties and methods of preparation.

Tinder fungus

The fungus grows in its own tiers on the trunks of trees, not high above the ground or on stumps. It destroys trees and is a parasite, it can grow on living trunks and dead wood. It develops beautifully from late spring to early September. Distributed in the forests of Ukraine, Russia and other European countries, as well as in North America.

The composition and therapeutic properties of the fungus

The polyporium consists mainly of special resinous substances that positively affect the functioning of the lungs and liver, improve the condition of the biliary tract. It contains amino acids, steroids and glycosides. In medicine, it is also used as an antibiotic for the treatment of staphylococci and to obtain means for losing weight. Sometimes it is used in the treatment of tuberculosis. It has a laxative effect and promotes the breakdown of fats. Chinese traditional healers use this gift of nature to treat cancer and improve immunity.

Is it possible to eat sulfur-yellow tinder

This mushroom is conditionally edible, you can eat it, but you need to know a few rules. For food, only a young specimen cut from a deciduous tree is suitable. The young mushroom has a tender flesh and sourish taste. In the process of aging, it changes color, becomes hard and smells unpleasant, it contains toxins.

Proper heat treatment is required, after which it does not change its color. You must strictly adhere to the recipe of cooking. Even after prolonged heat treatment, tinder cannot be consumed in large quantities. Allergic reactions, dizziness, nausea may occur. It is not recommended to eat it to children, pregnant and lactating women.

When to pick mushrooms

The polypore can be collected from the end of May to the beginning of September. It can be found not only in forests, but also in parks, squares and gardens.

It is necessary to take only young mushrooms, they differ in bright color, from yellow to orange, and soft pulp, covered with droplets resembling dew. As they age, they become hard, greyish, the color darkens, and when the process of decay begins, they become pale and smell unpleasant.

How to cut tinder

It is necessary to cut the soft part near the trunk of a tree of hardwood with a knife. The hard part is located near the feet at the base, it is not suitable for food. The hat on the cut should be white, soft and soft to the touch. The sour taste is reminiscent of lemon, the smell is mushroom, a bit peculiar.

Tinder is sulfur-yellow: recipes

To prepare, you must use personally collected mushrooms, only then you can be sure of their origin and safety. It is important to properly prepare this delicacy. It is recommended to soak it in cold water for several hours before starting, after cutting it into small slices. Every hour, change the water, pouring fresh.

How to cook mushrooms

It is necessary to cook in salt water for at least 40-50 minutes. In the process of cooking the mushroom does not lose its bright color, does not decrease in volume and retains its shape and elasticity. It is perfectly combined with meat and has not a mushroom, but a more meaty taste. Perfectly complements the minced meat, it turns out juicy burgers. And also serves as a delicious and nutritious filling for different pies.

It resembles the taste of chicken and is often used by vegetarians for preparing various salads. You can cook with it nutritious soups and other dishes.


Fried tinder

Especially delicious grilled tinder. First, it must be boiled in salted water, about 40 minutes. Cool, cut into strips or cubes and fry in vegetable oil for another half hour. You can add spices, herbs.

It is tasty, if you fry a mushroom with onions and garlic, and at the end add sour cream and put it all together for about 10 minutes.

VIDEO: A RECIPE FOR PREPARING ROASTED YUMBER OF SULFUR-YELLOW WITH AN BOW AND DIVER So, we found out that the sulfur yellow tinder is an excellent alternative to meat. With it, you can diversify your diet with a new, original dish. The main thing: to properly collect and prepare this delicacy, adhere to proven recipes and do not abuse.

Description and basic properties

Polyporus sulphurous (lat. Laetiporus sulphureus) is a wood-destroying fungus that belongs to the polypora family (Polyporaceae). This type of mushroom grows on the living trunks of various trees such as oak, poplar, linden and many others. Sulfur yellow sulphur grows both in the forests of Russia and in the forests of Ukraine and Belarus, and you can find it in the trees from mid-May until the beginning of autumn. The largest growth of mushrooms was recorded in June.

At the initial stage of its development, it looks like a fleshy mass, which supposedly falls out of the bark of a tree, but nonetheless it is called by the people forest hen. Polypore is yellow and has a drop-shaped form.

In the people, this species is called forest chicken.

The sulphurous polypore consists of a set of caps that grow up one on another. There is practically no tinder legs, it just grows on the bark of a tree. The size of the cap is from 10 to 40 centimeters, and the weight of a tinder from one tree can reach 9 or 10 kg, and sometimes even more. On the wavy edges there are quite deep cracks that are slightly similar to the layers of the usual fungus. In this case, the body itself is covered with a small cream-colored fluff. Over time, tinder changes its shade and becomes light leather color. During maturation, tinder gray-yellow become quite hard.

Sometimes mushrooms due to the drop-shaped form are associated with the ear, because if you separate the mushroom from its rest, it is really very similar to the shell of the human ear.

The flesh of this kind of tinder is quite fragile and soft. It has a white tint and sour taste. The smell of tinder sulfur-yellow looks like a lemon, but old mushrooms smell like mice. The freshness of mushrooms can be determined by distinguishing yellowish drops on the caps.

Photos of sulfur yellow tinder

Basic healing properties

This mushroom is invaluable for medicine, as many types of antibiotics are made from it. At the same time, it contains about 70 percent of very useful substances for the body, thanks to which medicines are manufactured for various diseases. Medicinal properties are so strong that you can cure diseases of the biliary tract, liver or organs of the respiratory system. Sometimes chaff sulfur-yellow is used to treat tuberculosis. Very often in pharmacies sold laxative, made on the basis of mushrooms of this type.

The medicinal properties of this fungus are so high that even slimming products are made of them.

Can I eat a mushroom and how to cook it

Sulfur yellow shallows can be used, but only young with a sour taste. As soon as they start to grow old, they are referred to poisonous mushrooms. At the same time they should be consumed in small quantities.

It is necessary to prepare tinder correctly. For this you need to use recipes that are time tested. First you need to boil or fry for half an hour or 40 minutes. In addition, after cooking mushrooms should not change color.

Tinder fungus is used for salads marinated or fried. You can also cook the mushroom stuffing, which is usually used for pies or added to egg casserole. Another of them make great snacks with sour cream or mayonnaise. You can also add olive oil to the dishes and bake them in the oven.

Condiments such as thyme, rosemary, sage and zest, will remove the unpleasant smell and make the dish very pleasant to taste.

And one more useful property of the tinder - it can be stored in a frozen form for quite a long time.

Vegetarian cuisine prefers to use tinder instead of chicken, and in some cities in Germany and America it is considered a delicacy. The chef of any famous restaurant in these cities boasts this dish.

When cooking you need to use only proven recipes.


If the mushrooms of this species are already elderly, their use is contraindicated. As soon as the fungus changes color, it is better not to eat it. The properties of such representatives can cause an allergic reaction. The recipe for which the dish is prepared must be reliable and if you make a mistake, you can get a strong poisoning. Poisoning causes nausea, dizziness, and in more serious cases, there may be visual hallucinations.

You can eat only mushrooms from deciduous trees. In addition, small children are better not to use them.

Sulfur yellow shallows have unique healing properties and contain beneficial substances. Of them are prepared as delicacies, and simple snacks. At the same time, a real cook should be engaged in cooking, since only he knows how to properly prepare these mushrooms. In order to avoid severe poisoning, it is better not to cook them at home.

The secret of cooking

Edible tinder in a young form: it is used in salads, as well as fried, pickled and salted.

Recipes for tinder sulfur-yellows are possible only if the mushrooms are picked in a young form. Smelter is boiled in boiling water for at least 40 minutes or stewed in a frying pan. If you rip it at a young age, you can feel the real smell of the fungus, in its raw form, it has a sour taste. After frying, marinating or salting it is used in salads, minced meat is prepared. In some European countries, the mushroom is considered a delicacy, it tastes like chicken and is indispensable in vegetarian cuisine: it is used instead of chicken fillet.

According to the study, people who use tinder sulfur-yellow may experience mild poisoning: nausea, dizziness, swelling of the lips. Allergic reaction was observed in children in the form of ataxia (impaired coordination), visual hallucination. Poisonous particles of the fungus can have a negative effect if they are collected from coniferous trees or the old fungus is torn off when it already begins the process of decay. To avoid unpleasant conditions of the body, you should not pick mushrooms in coniferous forests and pluck those species that have acquired a dark shade and an unpleasant smell, not at all similar to the mushroom one.

A torn mushroom can be stored frozen for some time, after which you can make a delicacy.

Medicinal properties of tinder

The fungus is actively used in medicine for the manufacture of medicines, including antibiotics used to combat various forms of staphylococci. Most of the polypore consists of useful substances that are necessary for the human body. Thanks to them, a lot of drugs for various diseases are made from naturally-grown raw materials. The impact of drugs on the basis of the fungus is so effective that it allows you to get rid of the ailments of the biliary tract, organs of the respiratory system. In some cases, mushrooms are used for intractable pulmonary disease - tuberculosis. In pharmacies, you can often find a laxative on the basis of tinder.

When is a mushroom contraindicated?

Tinder, above all, is contraindicated in children, as it causes indisposition in the digestive system, nausea and even vomiting.

It is not necessary to use a mushroom when it has a dull color and a bad smell: this means that it has begun the process of decomposition, used to destroy tree trunks.

Sulfur yellow tinder is useful for cancer.

You can only collect young tinder only from the trunks of deciduous trees. Tearing mushrooms, like cooking, you need to with caution and extensive experience.

Undercooked and not fully cooked dishes of these mushrooms can be poisonous. Since the tinder is sulfur-yellow considered a delicacy, it is consumed little by little.

Collecting mushrooms in the forbidden zones, for example, where the environment is bad, you can get a double dose of poison, even from young species of mushrooms. It is also not recommended to buy the product in natural markets: it can be collected for a very long time in forbidden zones or from coniferous trees, and the seller is not responsible for quality and safety.

The Polyporeum in the forest is quite a bright representative of mushrooms and it is difficult not to notice among the branches of trees and bushes, but it is collected only by experienced mushroom pickers who have repeatedly tasted dishes from it. Therefore, you should not take an unknown mushroom in your basket, relying only on its color and smell.

What is useful tinder for health in popular use?

Indications for use of tinder sulfur-yellow:

  • frequent diseases associated with bacteria and infections,
  • in order to lower blood glucose,
  • inflammation of the urinary system,
  • diseases of the digestive system,
  • oncological diseases,
  • inflammation of the prostate gland,
  • lack of vitamins and minerals.

Since there were no pharmacy kiosks before, our ancestors used gifts of nature, including tinder. It was collected, cut into pieces, dried and triturated, and then used as a tea or infusion.

In eastern medicine, the mushroom is used as a general tonic, and it is recommended to use it constantly to those who have a weakened immune system. Its beneficial properties are known in the treatment of blood diseases, breast cancer in women and prostate in men. Water tincture prescribed for disorders associated with sexual desire in men. Tincture is contraindicated in those who have a stomach ulcer or gastritis.

It is considered and used in medicine as a natural antibiotic that helps in the fight against colds.

Since the fungus combines a considerable amount of bioactive substances dividing into steroids, glycosides, amino acids, its effect on the human body and on individual organs and systems is still being studied.

Characteristics of sulfur-yellow tinder

This species of mushroom belongs to the large family of Phaeolaceae (polypore). Wikipedia and other Internet resources have collected all sorts of information about it and its origin. The people call it "chicken mushroom", "woody chicken", chicken, "witch sulfur" and "chicken mushroom".

The mushroom lodges occasionally on conifers and most often on the deciduous trunks of diseased, diseased, old or rotten trees. He destroys oaks, willows, pears and maples. It grows throughout the trunk and creates groups, so-called colonies. From May to June, actively fruiting. For plants, this culture is a serious pest, causes rot, thereby destroying the tree.

Kulyn has fleshy pulp, pleasant to the taste, has healing properties and is used in medicine. In the initial stage of its maturation, the tinder looks like a fleshy drop of sulfur-yellow hue. Over time, he grows and his body takes on characteristic forms. Caloric content of 100 grams of a product makes 22 kilocalories.

A young mushroom has an orange-yellow or sulfur-yellow color with a pink overflow. With age, the color of the fungus changes and becomes pale. Insects and animals do not disdain the old tinder.

The territory where the sulfur-yellow specimen lives must necessarily be with a neutral climate: constant temperature conditions, moderate air humidity. The condition of the soil for him does not matter, because the substrate for him is a tree trunk. Forests, forest belts, parks - places where you can meet Laetiporus sulphureus.

Beneficial features

Tinder has found its use in traditional medicine and cooking due to the content of antibiotics that effectively fight staphylococcus. 70 percent of the fungus consists of resinous substances, they have a positive effect on: lungs, liver and gallbladder.

Therapists from Japan came to the conclusion that the “woody chicken” affects the human liver so that it produces a special enzyme that promotes the breakdown of fat. Residents of Japan acquire drugs for weight loss, in which the main component is tinder, without fear of side effects.

The healing properties of the sulfur-yellow fetus are so strong that it is even used to treat tuberculosis. Many pharmacies have a number of laxatives based on this type of mushroom. In medicine, it is used because of certain qualities: it contains glucan compounds (substances that bind heavy metal ions), polysaccharides (help reduce tumors in cancer and sarcoma), acids (some types of acids help maintain endocrine system functions), trace elements and lipids ( strengthen the whole body).

For farmers, a strong tinder decoction will help get rid of phytophorosis, diseases of the tomato and potatoes. Волноваться за урожай не стоит, потому что отвар из грибов сделан из натуральных компонентов.

Вред и возможные противопоказания трутовика

Чтобы целебное средство не стало ядом, различные отвары и экстракты на основе трутовика серно-желтого нужно включать в рацион с огромной осторожностью. It is advisable to consult with a specialist who will prescribe the desired dosage. Meals of "witch's sulfur" are nutritious, so overeating can adversely affect the body. Dizziness, an allergic reaction and poisoning are an incomplete list of what an improperly prepared tinder can cause.

Laetiporus sulphureus causes diseases of agricultural plants, it harms fruit trees, and over time they become sick and rotten. "Witching sulfur" sometimes scare away insects. When burning a fungus, resinous substances are released, inhaling them, hallucinations may begin in humans. Therefore, breathing harmful resins can not be adults or children.

Pregnant meals from tinder are contraindicated because of the likelihood of toxin poisoning. If you follow all the rules of collection, heat treatment, cooking culinary novelties, edible fruit will bring great benefits.

How to cook mushroom

Only freshly picked mushrooms from deciduous trees can be added to food, they have a sulfur-yellow color. The flesh of a young tindery is tender, has a pleasant meat taste, something like a chicken, sour taste and a faint smell. Young "chicken mushrooms" have not had time to absorb the toxins from the environment, so they are suitable for making dishes.

How to cook the first and second dishes, salads and snacks, casseroles and pies, knowing that tinder can cause hallucinations and allergies? In any case, you need to give the product pretreatment. Cooking the mushroom takes about 40 minutes. It should be washed and boiled in boiling water for forty minutes. You can also fry in sunflower oil in a skillet until cooked.

The flesh of the finished mushroom is elastic and tender, it is used in baking, for cooking salads. For a rich taste, chefs recommend pickling a nutritious product.

Recipe for Pickled Mushrooms in Tomato Sauce

A versatile recipe that will help you understand how to pickle a sulfur yellow specimen to get an amazing result. To make a juicy tinder in tomato sauce you will need: a pound of mushrooms (boil them for at least 40 minutes in salted water), 2 small onions, 4 tablespoons of sunflower oil, 3-4 tablespoons of tomato sauce, salt and pepper.

Cooking juicy mushrooms step by step:

  1. Boiled tinder cut into small slices.
  2. Bulbs grind to the desired size.
  3. Fry the onions and mushrooms for 10 minutes in a skillet with sunflower oil.
  4. Add spices and tomato, we simmer on the pan for another 5-10 minutes, stirring slightly.

The resulting dish is very elegant, albeit simple to prepare. Having treated the neighbors or close people, you will not be able to get rid of the questions of how to prepare this delicacy.

Kulyna - the main component of a diet for weight loss

Mushroom diets are popular all over the world, as they are famous for their efficiency and abundance of dishes. Unusual recipes, which are not only useful, but also incredibly tasty, will be able to make a diet is not at all terrible.

Before you go on the tinder diet, you should read the description of the variety of the fungus and its properties. The diets based on “woody chicken” will get rid of unnecessary kilograms for a minimum period of time.

In order to lose weight it is recommended to drink tea with wild rose and mushrooms. Ingredients: one and a half kilograms of mushrooms, half a pound of wild rose berries, a liter of black tea brewing, half a liter of milk.

Berries together with tinder pour 1 liter of hot tea leaves and leave for 4 hours. After this time, the tea is heated and poured into a thermos, which add fresh milk. Drink a mushroom drink should be half an hour before meals for half a glass once a day. To make it sweeter, you can add a spoonful of honey. A positive result will be noticeable after a week.

Tinder tincture for weight loss is a tool that was used by our grandmothers. It will take 30 grams of “chicken fungus”, which is soaked in a glass with cold water the whole night. The soaked pulp is cut into pieces and sent to a thermos for 12 hours, poured with the same water in which it is soaked, and another cup of warm is added. Filter the tincture and drink 30 minutes before each meal throughout the day. Dietary drink is recommended to drink a month - one and a half, then take a break and enjoy the result, you can include tincture in the daily diet.

Side effects are unlikely, but to exceed the specified dose for weight loss is not worth it. Usually, 30 days is enough to get rid of a few kilograms, but if one doesn’t bother with state of health, then the maximum period of use of mushroom tinctures can be extended to 3 months. Remember the precautions to be slim and healthy.