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Tomato Volgograd: characteristics and description of the variety

Virtually no people who would not like fresh ripe tomatoes, just plucked from the garden. Joy for the cottager to grow tomatoes in his garden. Especially for especially impatient early maturing variety Volgograd 323 and late ripened 5/95. Variety description, cultivation features in the article.

Variety description

Early variety. The bush reaches a height of 45-80 cm , with a large number of leaves and branches, with a flower stalk over each leaf or after 2 depending on the species. Surprisingly, the fruits grow the same size: smooth, round-planar. The color of the fruit is red-orange or pink.

Tomato grade Volgograd

Variety Volgograd sweet, fleshy, well transported. The plant is unpretentious and amenable to cultivation. Any novice gardener, subject to the instructions for the care and cultivation, will be able to grow a rich harvest.

Tomato ripening period ranges from 100 to 130 days.. Fruits, depending on the type, can weigh from 70 to 150 grams.

Volgograd is universal in use. It can be canned, consumed fresh, allowed to make pasta, mashed potatoes, juices.

a brief description of

  • variety is divided into early and late ripening,
  • It has immunity to some diseases
  • transfers drought,
  • gives rich the harvest,
  • has a long shelf life,
  • amenable to transportation,
  • fetus with juicy pulp.

What is the difference between species 323 and 5/95

Summer residents and to this day prefer old varieties of tomatoes, although there are more and more advanced, hybrid varieties. Tomato Volgograd has 2 types: 323 and 5/95 . The difference of these varieties in terms of ripening, color and weight of the fruit.

It is late, because 120-130 days pass after the seeds grow. The color of the tomatoes, in the period of full ripening, becomes saturated-red, and at the base is green-yellow. The average weight of the fruit is from 100 to 150 grams. Tomatoes are smooth and smooth, with juicy pulp. Plant height reaches 80 cm. The crop is formed at a height of 6 leaves and lasts every 3 internodes. In the brush of the plant about 6 inflorescences. Tomatoes 5/95 suitable for use in any form.

It is early ripe and can be consumed within 100-110 days. The first harvest appears after 90 daystherefore, in late June, you can already taste the delicious tomatoes right from your garden.

The color of the tomato is red with orange tint. Weight on average 70-80 gr. Although the size of the fruit is small, on one bush grows to 10 tomatoes. Such an abundance of fruiting occurs due to the formation of nodes under each leaf, starting with the fifth. Unlike grade 5/95, 323 has a low bush up to 45 cm. .

Is it true that varieties are suitable only for the Volgograd region

Rumor has it that tomato Volgograd suitable only for growing in the Volgograd region. But this is a misconception.

Best suited for Astrakhan, Volgograd, Belgorod, the Crimean region, Kuban. In the middle region of Russia you need to cover the tomato film. In the northern strip, this tomato can be grown only in greenhouses, otherwise taste and yield will suffer.

Rules for the formation and disembarkation of seedlings

For the cultivation of tomato Volgograd most often used seedling method. When the seedlings grow to 15 cm in height, it should be planted in a well-heated soil. after the frosts have passed and the air temperature will reach 10 degrees and above.

Tomato prefers soils where onions, cabbages or legumes used to grow. Considering that the seeds are small, they are buried 5 cm in the ground. Already after 10 days you can see the shoots. The finished seedlings are planted in one boring area of ​​30:70 cm.

Special care plant does not require. If necessary, you can feed with fertilizers and pour with warm water. To increase fertility, you can mulch the soil.

Features of planting seeds

Planting time seedlings: from February to April. The tall 5/95 variety should be sown in February, and the undersized 323 in March. If the Volgograd tomato is sown too early, then a lack of light and a long stay in a close pot will negatively affect the appearance of the tomatoes.

Landing rules:

  1. Recommended before landing make sorting seeds and throw out the damaged and small. To improve germination, it is recommended to hold the seeds in a solution of potassium permanganate for half an hour (1 g per 100 ml of water).
  2. The seedling soil must be nutritious.. You can buy it in a store or make it yourself by mixing peat, humus and sod soil.
  3. The ground should sift through a strainer and tamp in containers.
  4. Plant seeds at a depth of 3-5 cm at a distance of 3 cm from each other.
  5. Moisturize the soil Using a spray bottle and cover the containers with a wrap.
  6. Temperature should be no less than +10 e more than +20 degrees.
  7. If several leaves appear on the seedlings (2 months later), the plant is ready for transplanting into larger containers for the development of the root system.

Maria, 34 years old

I am a novice gardener, so I paid attention to the early variety “Volgograd pink”. I was very impatient to grow this miracle with my own hands, so I planted seeds in the fall in a flower pot. It turned out quite easy, and the first tomato is a good proof of this. Now I will definitely try to plant in the ground.