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60 ideas how to decorate the office for the New Year 2019 do it yourself


On the eve of the New Year, I want the festive atmosphere to be everywhere. It is worth thinking how to decorate the office for the New Year 2019! The article suggests some ideas and describes in detail how you can implement some of them yourself.

At home, we all decorate Christmas trees and rooms, creating a sense of celebration, festive illumination lights up on the streets, balls on the fishing line and festive installations appear in the malls and shops. In the pre-work days at work, you also need to create a suitable atmosphere so that you can feel the approach of the holiday.

The main symbol of the holiday is the Christmas tree. It can be any, but if it is, a feeling of celebration immediately appears and the room is filled with a special New Year's atmosphere. If the cabinet is quite small and it literally fits in one table and a chair or all the tables stand abutting, then the question of how to decorate the office for the new year 2019 can be solved as follows. In the office, you can put a small Christmas tree on the desktop or portray it on the wall. Consider both options.

Little tree on the table

Since in the coming year the main trend in all directions is naturalness, naturalness and respect for nature, you can use this idea and put a small lively Christmas tree in a pot on the table. It can be any plant that looks like a Christmas tree:

For them, you can decorate the pot beautifully by tying it with a braid and attaching a snowflake or a ball to it, or you can hang a couple of small ornaments on the plant itself or put on it a tiny cap of felt. And it is possible to hang a fine tinsel on a plant beautifully in a spiral.

But how can you make a Christmas tree with your own hands to decorate the office for the New Year 2019.

What you need for Christmas trees:

  1. A small round bar or cap from a large plastic bottle, which can be painted or decorated with decoupage.
  2. The skewer.
  3. Beautiful sheet of decorative paper with any image. You can take a piece of fear notes.
  4. Golden paper for asterisks.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Awl.
  7. Glue.

How to make a Christmas tree:

  1. Make a hole in the bar or plastic cover with an awl and insert a skewer into it, fix it with glue.
  2. Cut a triangle out of paper, the height of a little longer skewers.
  3. Fold the triangle with an accordion, make a hole in the middle with an awl.
  4. Put the triangle on the skewer and straighten it slightly along the entire length.
  5. Cut 2 stars out of golden paper and stick them on the crown on both sides.

Getting Started:

  1. Cut a semicircle out of paper and make a cone.
  2. Now on the cone alternately in rows glue the tinsel and a row of chocolates on the tape.

Cotton fashion tree, which is done very quickly, but it looks beautiful and stylish.

What you need to work:

  1. Threads. You can use any thickness and any color. If you take thin cotton threads for knitting or sewing, then the herringbone will be more airy and delicate.
  2. A cone of paper or any other material and polyethylene, we will wrap a cone with it.
  3. PVA glue.
  4. Any beads and rhinestones for decoration.

Christmas trees and wreaths

A good option of how to decorate the office for the New Year 2019 - the image of a Christmas tree on the wall or holiday Christmas wreaths on the wall (see photo below).

On the wall you can put a Christmas tree from any available material. It can be:

  1. Colored square leaves for records.
  2. Dry twigs.
  3. Tinsel and Christmas balls.
  4. Corks from bottles (if there is such a number).
  5. Photo.
  6. Adhesive paper or colored paper tape.
  7. Paper-cut snowflakes, flags, or asterisks.
  8. Disks and records.
  9. Rolls of wrapping paper (we glue short on top, and longer and longer downwards).

From all that is at hand, you can think of and put the Christmas tree on the wall, sticking items on the buttons or double-sided tape.

For a wreath, you can use any materials:

  1. Live or artificial fir branches.
  2. Dry sprigs of trees.
  3. Cones, acorns, bay leaves, any natural material.
  4. Christmas balls.
  5. Bottle caps.
  6. Rowan berries or artificial berries.
  7. Coffee grains, orange slices, cinnamon sticks and badana stars! This unique and amazing set will give not only the New Year's atmosphere, but also a charming, incomparable fragrance.
  8. Cotton balls, bows of ribbons.

All this can be combined at will or use one element, but in a certain color range. Here's how to decorate the office for the New Year 2019 with a wreath (see photo).

Photo: wreaths for the New Year for the office

Garlands and snowflakes

You can make very interesting options from plain paper. For this we will need pieces of colored paper or golden, you can take office for records. Cut out any details from it:

  • mugs of different diameters
  • asterisks
  • hearts,
  • ovalchiki
  • Christmas trees.

You can cut out all the details of one shape or combine them. Now it remains to sew them one by one into one garland on a sewing machine or to thread them on a thread with a needle.

Another option of paper garland is a chain. You can take paper for writing in small squares and cut it into small rectangles, which then join into a chain with glue or a stapler. Quickly and smartly!

Cut out paper or buy ready-made greeting inscriptions and hang them on the walls.

You can hang the balls on wide ribbons of different lengths, beads and fir branches for the ceiling, for example, for the ventilation grille. Such compositions can be placed anywhere where it is possible to attach parts.

Make stars from tinsel: take the wire, make the frame of the star, wrap it with tinsel. Make a few of these stars of different sizes and attach to a wall or stream to tape.

Photo: stars from tinsel for New Year's design office

But the master class of volumetric snowflakes, which can be made in unlimited quantities and hang around the office.

Photo: how to make volumetric snowflakes for the office

We will prepare everything you need:

  1. Strips of colored paper (use 3 colors). You can buy ready for quilling or cut yourself.
  2. PVA glue.
  3. Clothespins.

  1. We put all the strips crosswise. We start with the blue, then blue and then beige. We put them as in the photo.
  2. Now glue the ends of the strips. First beige, then blue, blue for now leave. Do as in the photo. This is half a snowflake.
  3. In the same way we do the second half of the snowflake.
  4. We join 2 halves together and push the blue stripes into the rays.
  5. Joints can be pressed with clothespins and wait for complete drying.

New Year's windows in the office

When deciding how to decorate the office for the New Year 2019, do not forget about the windows. They can be made festive and elegant. On the windows you can hang garlands with snowflakes, arrange them vertically, you get a Christmas curtain.

An interesting option for the window - vytynanki. It is necessary to cut out any white pattern with cuts in the right places from the white paper and glue it onto the window with adhesive tape. Vytynanok templates below.

On top of the window you can attach a fluffy green tinsel and from it, going down, balls on ribbons of different lengths.

On the window sills you can put the Christmas trees in pots or artificial.

Creatively decorate the office for the New Year

Sometimes you need to decorate an office or office in a special way, unusual. To do this, you can:

  1. Put the Christmas tree, but not in the usual way, but by screwing it to the ceiling or wall by the base.
  2. Make a Christmas tree from plates, bottles, rubber inflated gloves, egg boxes, socks, ties and all sorts of things that are in the office.
  3. You can lay out a Christmas tree from books, boxes of chocolates.
  4. And you can resort to minimalism, make Christmas tree frames from metal plates, wooden bars.

Here you can focus on the specifics of the type of activity of the organization. But in general, decorate the office for the New Year 2019 in a good mood and with a sense of humor, then everything will turn out and the new year will bring many easy victories and good mood. And our design ideas with photos will help you make a choice!

At last

Our article has come to its end, which told you how you can beautifully decorate your office by 2019 with your own hands quickly and easily. After having gathered all the friendly staff after work, you can perfectly decorate your work space, as on our proposed photo ideas, while getting a lot of pleasure and positive in communicating with colleagues. And it is not at all necessary to spread fabulous sums for the purchase of expensive decorative ornaments, - you probably already understood this. The most important thing in this process of preparation is to act as a well-coordinated team, not to be ashamed of your ideas, thoughts and suggestions, because they can become the embodiment of ideality and creativity.

The idea of ​​decorating the office for the boss

Let's start decorating from the office for the head. Happy boss - happy team. But decorating the workplace of the head, consider the peculiarities of his character.

When decorating an office space, one should not forget that its main purpose is a workplace. In order not to violate the office interior "dress-code", the latter-day designer must follow certain rules, especially in the office of the head and at the reception.

Rule number 1. Starting to decorate the office, enlist the support of colleagues and the approval of the authorities, which may not agree with your design delights.

In this case, the initiative can be punished, and quite possibly, you will have to swallow tears, remove the tinsel and tear the lovingly cut snowflakes after an angry remark by the chief:

- What is this country club ?! Remove!

But I hasten to please you - the authorities are also people who are also waiting for New Year miracles and magic! Most likely, your boss will be satisfied if the rooms you decorate will look stylish and festive. The main thing is that the office should not lose its business status.

This is quite a reasonable requirement because the work on the eve of New Year and Christmas does not stop, but on the contrary, it is in full swing, and customers and business partners can come to the office until 16-17 hours on December 31 - the last working day of 2018.

Rule number 2. Stylish and businesslike! Down with the provincial chic of the last century: homemade paper snowflakes, cotton balls on strings and an abundance of last year’s and worn-out tinsel and rain!

The office of the head is the face of the company, there should not be bright and colorful details of the design, everything should be strictly and concisely. The design for the new year should also be in a certain color scheme: you can combine up to 3 different colors.

Rule number 3. Office is not a camp. In its design, nothing too bright, screaming, causing should not be. 2-3 colors are enough in one room.

Let's look at several options in different colors.

On the desktop, you can put a small Christmas composition of fir branches and candles.

On the edge of the table, hang fir branches, Christmas balls and brushes to match the balls. It is advisable to keep the color range, so that it looked beautiful and elegant.

Silver Christmas tree decorations with fir branches and candles to match the toys are a great combination for a table for negotiations.

The classic design of the cabinet is a decorated Christmas tree of a suitable size for the cabinet.

Well, if there is such a pig on the table:

I think that for the cabinet it will be the way! ))

How to decorate the office of a colleague for the New Year

Let's look at how you can arrange a workplace colleague, sitting at the reception of the enterprise.

Reception or waiting room for customers should look solid and dignified on holidays. Here you can restrict the classic duo or trio: herringbone and / or floristic composition and garland.

Occasionally, corporate corporate newspapers with content not always clear to strangers are posted in public places, for example, a photo report from a corporate party. This can be fun and interesting only for employees, and cause bewilderment among customers.

Rule number 4. Intracorporate jokes and humor should be placed where no one is allowed to enter!

Take as a basis:

And we will decorate everything in blue and silver colors.

In a prominent place set the high and beautifully dressed Christmas tree.

On the table you can put a composition of candles with Christmas decorations and fir branches.

Ceiling decoration we add Christmas balls on threads or ribbons. They can be hung both under the ceiling and on walls and windows.

The ceiling can be decorated with foil balloons in the form of snowflakes.

On the front door you can hang a Christmas wreath in tone.

We decorate the office for the New Year Pigs do it yourself

If you are the sole owner of the office and no outside visitors go to you, then it is perfectly acceptable to decorate it to your taste, without any rules at all - unless, of course, the authorities are not against your interior preferences.

Rule number 5. The decor of the office should like his master!

But what if the room is equipped with several jobs? After all, each employee may have their own ideas on how to decorate the room. If everyone starts to implement them on their own, it’s not an office, but a farce.

There is only one way out - to come to a consensus, develop a uniform style and arrange all the jobs in it. Collective brainstorming sometimes gives an amazing result - a real masterpiece of festive decoration, not inferior to the work of professional designers.

In every office in the outbuildings there is a lot of free New Year's decor - these are corrugated cardboard boxes. We are suitable boxes of any size. What we are going to do can be folded both from large boxes and from the smallest ones.

Here it is, handsome - New Year's fireplace in the office. A model of cardboard, which immediately sets the warm comfort and magical festive atmosphere.

You can decorate the fireplace as you please, even fir branches, candles, Christmas toys, tinsel, bags.

You can also make small desktop Christmas trees from ordinary boxes.

And you can and big

We use stickers. We have a lot of these papers on all tables. From colorful leaves you can fold just such a paper wall Christmas tree.

You can also make desktop Christmas trees from stickers that look very nice.

In each office, they drink tea and coffee from disposable plastic cups. From them will turn out very nice snowman. And if you also come up with the highlight to it - the festive mood is guaranteed!

It is better to place a snowman on a door or a wall.

And do not forget to put a toy pig under the tree, or in another prominent place,

Retro cabinet decoration in the USSR style

Sometimes you want to go back to the recent past. Why not remember and decorate the office in this style. An old attribute can be found in every home. Remove them from your home cabinets and bring them to decorate your office; without antiques, the holiday will not be a holiday. Be sure to use for decoration tangerines, a bottle of Soviet champagne, crystal glasses, glass Christmas toys and, of course, red plastic Santa Claus.

In the New Year in retro style decorate the house with hand-made garlands

and paper lanterns,

put a red star on the top of the tree

and bring those items that are gathering dust in the attic - an old radio, vinyl records, cameras. All the attributes look very colorful, and by themselves do not require any additional decoration. But given that the New Year's holiday, sprinkle it all with tinsel, artificial snow or hang garlands.

For more ideas on how to decorate your home and office with your own hands, see my past articles. Happy New Year 2019 and Merry Christmas!

How to decorate the office for the New Year 2019

«How to decorate the office for the New Year 2019? "- now is the time to ask this question. At work, we spend most of our time. New Year's Eve is no exception. Therefore, it is so important to create a New Year's atmosphere in my office in order to properly tune in the desired fashion. In this case, the rule of decorating the cabinet is somewhat different from the basics of decorating your own apartment. In this case, the cabinet has certain requirements.

And if in the office you accept clients or business partners, and the rules provide for business style in everything, then you should be extremely careful when decorating the office. Finally, we should not forget that those decorations that are appropriate at home are completely unacceptable in the office. In addition, if you share the office with fellow workers, then their opinion should be taken into account.

However, the requirements for the office, which are set at your workplace, do not oblige you to completely give up Christmas decorations!

Colorful decoration of the waiting room in the office

Decoration of windows in the office in the Scandinavian style

Key rules to decorate the cabinet for the New Year

When decorating the office in the New Year's style should follow the basic rules, so as not to turn the office into a farce. Among them, we note two main ones:

  • refuse to use tinsel on a large scale,
  • try to avoid decorating windows with snowflakes
  • hold a single color concept.

Maroon-golden gamut of festive interior cabinet

Cabinet decoration miniature handmade Christmas trees

Spruce wreath to create a festive mood in the office

Office decoration for the New Year 2019 in pastel colors

Cabinet decoration entirely

Самый простой и эффективный способ декорирования кабинета – прибегнуть к профессиональным услугам дизайнера. In this case, you will receive a beautiful, festive decor, rather than individual, scattered and unsightly decorations. It makes sense to resort to this method if your office is focused on expanding your customer base, raising your reputation and strengthening market positions. In this case, it makes sense to contact one of the many holiday agencies, which will take all the worries about decorating the office in their hands.

Christmas tale in the home office

Typical decor options offered by festive agencies for decorating the office:

  • variety of artificial Christmas trees,

A unique and festive Christmas tree for decorating the office

  • garlands of paper, spruce or pine branches, decorated with rowan twigs, tangerines, pine cones or other decorative elements,Bouquets of rowan twigs will look harmoniously on tables in the reception office
  • arches of pine needles (which will look great in the doorways),
  • New Year's compositions from fir branches, bows, tangerines and flowers in baskets,Christmas compositions to decorate the cabinet in the form of spruce wreath
  • light garlands and figures,
  • helium-inflated balloons
  • elements of New Year's decor of foam and felt,
  • fabric for draperies.

Bright accessories - decorative socks, glowing deer and cozy textiles were and remain favorites of the New Year's decor

One of the latest trends is the creation Selfie area. As a rule, this trend is more relevant for cafes and places of entertainment, but why not take advantage of their experience? This will create a positive atmosphere in the workplace, and if you are engaged in customer service, it will also entice their number. In this case, the likelihood that they will take your advertising booklets with them increases. They will surely remember you for a long time and single out among the competitors.

Budget version of the selfie zone - stickers on the walls with a Christmas theme

Design office corner in the office in white and cranberry shades

Artificial Christmas tree with a minimum of toys

Mini Christmas tree with sheets of newspaper suitable for decorating the desks of the office

Now you know how to beautifully decorate the office for the New Year. A little imagination and joint work - and you will definitely get a festive decoration of the office, in no way inferior to the masterpieces of professional designers. In such a festive atmosphere, you can celebrate the upcoming holidays with a friendly team.

To entrust the decoration of the office designer or show imagination

A sufficiently secured firm can afford to order designer services. Many agencies for organizing events will gladly offer their services and at the professional level will decorate the office for the New Year without much trouble. There is much in their assortment:

  • artificial Christmas trees,
  • coniferous garlands and arches,
  • New Year's floral compositions,
  • light figures and garlands,
  • helium balloons,
  • decorative elements from polyfoam,
  • fabric for draperies - polysilk.

If complex design delights are not affordable, you can limit yourself to a single piece, for example - balloons. Arches of balls - a familiar phenomenon. But you can build a Christmas tree, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, snowflakes, a figurine of the symbol of the year, funny snowmen, fairy-tale characters and even create the original image of his own director (if he has a sense of humor).

The chef gave the go-ahead to decorate the office, but did not allocate money or the budget was too meager, then it would be inappropriate to spend it on balls. In this case, help out a fantasy and a sense of style. In the meantime, ideas float in the air and go through the stage of coordination, you need to do the cleaning of the room and work places. The new year is the best reason to get rid of old rubbish, to clear the space for new things and changes.

It is necessary to expel dust from distant corners, hide the outgoing year's symbols far away, review their deposits of papers and get rid of unclaimed parts. A computer or laptop, a true friend and helper, of course, needs decoration. On the desktop - Christmas wallpaper, on the case - self-adhesive snowflakes. There is a habit to keep a cactus nearby - decorate it too, let it serve as a Christmas tree.

Office decor options

Personal space is decorated, it's time to take the room. Office - working area. Decorating it with homemade garlands of colored paper in kindergarten style or cluttering up with assorted toys and tinsel is not worth it. A good element for decoration - the same type of Christmas balls in a single color scheme, or a maximum of 2-3 shades. Original look will be the color performance corresponding to the company logo.

Balls can be hung on long threads of “rain”, combined into several pieces in a composition, and they can decorate the Christmas tree. Without a green beauty, the New Year is somehow inferior. Naturally, this is an artificial variant, and the color does not have to be green. On the eve of the New Year holiday Christmas trees are sold in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

If the room does not allow to squeeze even the smallest specimen, you can limit yourself with a coniferous wreath on the door or make a wall version of the Christmas tree. Using a creative approach, it can be made from anything. Suitable:

  • tinsel,
  • LED Strip Light,
  • multicolored stickers
  • pens and pencils
  • disposable cups,
  • cotton pads.

The entire decor is attached to the wall with double-sided tape and, if desired, decorated with balls. With the help of Christmas balls, you can make a hanging version of the Christmas tree. They are attached with transparent threads or fishing line to the ceiling at different levels so that the composition as a whole forms the right cone.

A good addition to decorating the office is artificial snow. Sold in bags, with a light soaking forms fluffy flakes that are difficult to distinguish from real snowflakes. Just do not fall asleep them all around. It is better to use in small quantities for New Year's compositions with balls and coniferous branches.

Festive mood in the office will create all kinds of paper decorations. Do not rush to announce a snowflake cutting competition among employees. Everything can be bought in finished form:

This unusual and bright decor can unobtrusively decorate walls, stairways, hang in the form of garlands.

New Year's creativity from the company's products or services

Creating a Christmas tree from what you release or sell every day requires ingenuity, but carries an extra bonus for the company. It is possible that in this way you will attract new customers. And the doubters will understand that they really love their work here and offer quality goods or services.

Look around and look for a pyramid-shaped object. Perhaps a stepladder. If not, you can make a frame using solid wire, cardboard, foam, and boldly decorate it with your own products. Herringbone dress in mittens, gloves, socks, fluffy hanks of yarn, shreds of fabric - a great option for a cold winter and a good mood.

Disposable tableware or alcohol products - another reason for fun. Christmas tree from bottles or plastic wine glasses will be appreciated. You can build a New Year's miracle with the help of books, glossy magazines, old circulation of newspapers. Packaging boxes, cuttings of sawn timber, inflated medical gloves (which are especially popular in medical institutions) - everything will work if you connect imagination and creativity.

If the office is not boring and mundane, then the New Year will bring a good mood, joyful rise and positive changes.