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The use of walnut shell for treatment


Walnut shells are used in traditional medicine.

A large number of useful substances is concentrated in the hard shell of the walnut kernel. Amino acids are involved in all metabolic processes, help the immune system to fight infections. Carboxylic acid and tannins cleanse and thin the blood, prevent the formation of blood clots. Minerals, vitamins A, C, E, P, alkaloids support the body's defenses, hormones, remove toxins, reduce the impact of harmful microorganisms. Phenol and coumarin act as antiseptics and promote wound healing.

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and fortifying therapeutic properties of walnut shells are the basis for recipes for the preparation of decoctions, tinctures, powder. Bioactive components have a beneficial effect on the female organs, blood vessels and heart, metabolism, nervous system. The nut shell will help to heal wounds and purulent eruptions on the skin or mucous membranes, destroy worms and other parasites, strengthen hair and nails.

Application of walnut shell

Useful elements of the nuts are showing their healing qualities both in drinks and in dry form.. Familiarize yourself with the most popular recipes that use walnut shell as the main ingredient.

Powdered shell is a natural scrub for exfoliating dead skin cells and removing excess fat. In case of incontinence, purification of the digestive tract organs from toxins, uterine bleeding, flour is applied orally.


  1. Sash ripe nuts - their number depends on the purpose for which you will apply the resulting raw materials.

How to cook: Split the split sashes in a thick bottom container until smoke appears, cool and chop in a way that is convenient for you. Pour into non-metallic dishes, close and store in a cool, dry place.

How to use: In case of poisoning, use a solution at the rate of 2 tsp. flour in a glass of water. Drink 2 tbsp. every 20-30 minutes until condition improves.

Result: Excretes harmful substances from the body, radioactive particles, relieves the symptoms of intoxication, disinfects water.

Nut flour paste with the addition of vegetable oil or fish oil will quickly restore skin damage, prolong abrasions and wounds, and activate hair growth.

Dense protective shell preserves the quality of the nut with proper storage from one to three years. The shelf life of walnut kernels without a shell is 2-3 months. In hot water, the shell releases useful elements, but the term of their healing action lasts no longer than 3 days. Use water decoction for thrombosis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, cold.


How to cook: Put the pre-crushed shells in water and boil for 20-30 minutes until the water turns brown. Cool, filter, pour into a glass container.

How to use: Before use, dilute 1 tbsp. decoction in ½ glass of water and drink twice a day before meals.

Result: Broth normalizes blood sugar levels, cleans blood vessels, reduces blood pressure.

Half a glass of walnut decoction in the milk at bedtime will relieve insomnia and calm the nerves. In Kalmykia, milk and nut drinks treat convulsions and stuttering.

Some diseases, childhood, pregnancy and lactation exclude or limit the use of alcohol-containing drugs. In such cases, to benefit from walnut shells can be by preparing water infusion.


  1. Shells - 20 nuts.
  2. Water - 200 ml.

How to cook: Crush the shell, put it in boiling water and leave for one hour.

How to use: Strain through gauze or sieve infusion drink 30 minutes before meals for two weeks. To fix the result, repeat the treatment course after 10 days.

Result: Infusion normalizes thyroid function.

The most popular drug based on walnut flaps is alcohol tincture. In this form, the nut most fully reveals and retains its beneficial properties.


  1. Shells - from 15 walnuts of medium size.
  2. Vodka - 0, 5 liters.

How to cook: Wash and dry the shell at room temperature. Put in a liter jar, pour vodka and close hermetically. Soak for 10 days in a dark place, periodically shaking the container.

How to use: Eat 1 tbsp. l before meals 2 times a day.

Result: Restores the elasticity and strength of blood vessels, removes harmful cholesterol, participates in the process of resorption of salts, blood clots, cysts, tumors at the initial stage of formation.

Green peel of unripe nuts is also used in spirit tinctures. Prepare it according to a similar recipe, add sugar or honey to eliminate bitterness. This mixture contains a large amount of vitamin C, essential oils and antioxidants, its use will be effective for the treatment and prevention of colds, pathologies of the urinary system.

Walnut Shell Treatment

Walnut shells are taken in the video powder, decoctions, tinctures and tinctures

What is useful walnut shell, and what form of the drug to prefer in each situation? Years of experience in traditional medicine suggests using fetal valves for the treatment of a wide variety of diseases.

An ordinary cough with mild cold and lingering bronchitis is well treated with a spirit tincture. The recommended dosage is 1 tsp. 4 times for 5 days while taking a large amount of warm water. Cleans the bronchi and lungs from the accumulated, difficult to release sputum decoction with the addition of honey and elderberry. Drink a tasty and healthy drink in one big spoon while eating.

For cleaning vessels

Cleans blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, fights with the formation of dangerous blood clots, dilutes blood tincture on the shell or peel of green nuts. It should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach and 1 tbsp until the half liter portion of the medicine is finished. For the general cleansing of the body (vessels, lymphatic ducts, liver) from harmful deposits, use flour, or as it is also called nut ash - 2 tbsp. l., divorced in water. This tool will additionally filter out water from radiation and purify the blood from radionuclides.

When salt deposits

Tincture of the shell on vodka, use 1 tsp. spoon twice a day. Rubbing will help to relieve pain and inflammation. In order for the procedure to bring the desired effect, thoroughly clean the skin from the location of the pain from dirt and fat, and then rub the healing tincture for 10-15 minutes. Wrap the area to be treated and provide warmth.

For gynecological diseases

Use tincture of walnut shell for the treatment of female diseases such as cyst, mastopathy, cervical erosion, fibroids, polyps, ovarian adnexitis. The optimal dose is 20 drops in 50 ml of water, the course of treatment is 30 days. Baths and douching with decoction relieve inflammation, reduce the size of cystic tumors and benign tumors, heal ulcers on the surface of mucous membranes. For intravaginal douching, dilute the broth with water at a ratio of 1:10.

From skin diseases

From skin problems for internal use, use tincture, the optimal portion of 50 ml 3 times a day. When applied externally, compresses soaked with decoction are suitable for getting rid of itching, depriving of eczema. After pretreatment with hydrogen peroxide, sprinkle the affected areas of the skin, sprinkle with nut flour from the shell, and then apply a sterile dressing. The wound will quickly heal.

With hypertension

Alcohol tincture is an affordable and effective mixture for hypertensive patients. At one time, it is enough to drink 1 tbsp of the drug, the duration of treatment is 5-6 weeks. Blood pressure returns to normal due to the cleaning of blood vessels, strengthening of their walls, blood thinning, relieving muscle spasms.

A decoction of walnut shell found its use in strengthening the teeth and gums, as well as for the careful removal of tartar. To clean the teeth from plaque and petrified layers, leave the toothbrush in the decoction for 10 minutes, and then just brush your teeth. This procedure should be done at least 3 times a day for a couple of weeks. If you regularly rinse your mouth with a decoction, you will forget about such inflammatory diseases as stomatitis and gingivitis.

How to peel walnuts from the shell

It is possible to free the nut kernel from the shell in the old-fashioned way - with a hammer blow. To prevent pieces of the valves from flying in all directions, place the nuts in a linen bag or a tight bag. There are other ways to peel a walnut from the shell at home:

  • pour nuts with boiling water for 20-30 minutes, then rotate with the tip of a knife in the lower recess of the thickened part of the nut, the shell will split in half, preserving the integrity of the core,
  • put the nuts in the oven at a temperature of 200 ° C for 10-15 minutes, then use a hammer, pliers or a garlic press; in the absence of the oven, you can put the nuts in the pan,
  • get a special nut: tongs with two plates, the corrugated shape of which is adapted to hold the nut,
  • Another option, subject to the presence of old doors in the house - place the nut between the door frame and the door leaf with a smooth closing of the door,
  • nuts with not strong shells are easily cracked if you squeeze 2 nuts together in the palm along the joint line.

To determine by appearance how hard it will be to peel a walnut at home is quite simple. Varieties with thick leaves have an elongated, narrowed shape and small size, the half of the shell fits tightly to each other.


If you decide to resort to the use of the healing properties of walnut flaps for the treatment of chronic or inflammatory diseases, first consult a specialist. Contraindications to the use of nuts in any form:

  • chronic colitis and enterocolitis,
  • allergic to nuts and iodine-containing products,
  • pancreatitis,
  • acute intestinal and cardiac pathologies,
  • psoriasis, diathesis, neurodermatitis,
  • elevated platelet count in the blood.

For details on how to peel walnuts, see the video:

Walnut decoction

No less effective and decoction of nutshell:

  1. With diarrhea it needs to be crushed and boil on medium heat for 15 minutes. 1.5 cups of water will require 1 cup of shell. The liquid is filtered an hour after turning off the fire. Drink this tool should be 2 sips, every one and a half hours before the termination of diarrhea.
  2. Walnut decoction can be cured and cervical erosion. To do this, take the shells from 1 kg of walnuts, thoroughly washed and put in an enamel pan. There also poured 1.5 liters of boiling water, put on fire, bring to a boil and boil for 5 minutes, not longer. The liquid is cooled, filtered. The tool is used for douching, previously diluted with warm boiled water in a ratio of 1/10.
  3. From tartar effectively such a remedy: it is necessary to pour 40 g of nutshell with 200 ml of water and boil for 15 minutes. After the liquid has cooled, it must be drained. The toothbrush is placed in the resulting tool for 10 minutes. After that, carefully brush her teeth. This procedure should be carried out 3 times a day. As a rule, after such manipulations, the teeth whiten noticeably, while the stone disappears in 10-14 days. Such a tool for the teeth will serve as a preventive measure against periodontitis, as well as stomatitis and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Purulent tonsillitis

Treatment of purulent tonsillitis is carried out as follows: chop the garlic, fill it with shells, apply to the place between the thumb and index finger, fix. So leave for 20 minutes. An important point: if the focus of inflammation is located on the right side of the throat, the shell is placed on the right arm, similarly act from the opposite.

Oncology, asthma, cough, pain in the kidneys: we make powder from the shell

For the prevention of cancer and at the initial stage, coughing, asthma, and pain in the kidneys use a powder from a nutshell. To do this, put it in an old saucepan (without water) and put on a small fire, stirring from time to time. Within 15 minutes the shell will smoke and burn. After this time, it is removed from the heat, waiting until it cools, and ground into powder. After sift.

How to use such a powder? It should be added to it so much water to the solution turned out to be concentrated. Take the liquid inside and at the same time used in the form of an enema. It should be consumed at 30 ml every 2 hours until the volume of alcohol consumed is increased to 400 ml. For enema 1 tbsp. l dry powder is dissolved in 1 liter of warm boiled water and injected into the rectum.

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What is contained in a walnut shell?

The study of the components that make up the shell, gives an understanding of what is useful walnut shell. The fruit itself, according to the botanical classification, is a large drupe covered with dense green peel. After drying the latter, the stiffened shell of the core becomes hard but fragile.

It consists of a mechanical tissue called sclerenchyma. These are dead cells that have a pronounced thickening of the walls, due to the need to protect the nucleus from external influences. The composition of the sclerenchyma is extremely similar to ordinary wood. It contains vitamins, minerals, carboxylic acids, tannins, but their number is not significant.

To date, there are several recipes using the shell

Does it have healing properties?

Walnut shells are not rich in substances valuable to the body. However, many use it to get rid of tartar and fight the pathologies of the thyroid gland. According to experts, such therapy is not only not beneficial, but can also cause a deterioration of the body's condition.

Probably, the misconception about the benefits of the stonewort is associated with the healing properties of nut walls. These components of the fruit are really rich in iodine, a number of minerals, vitamins, some carboxylic acids. Partitions can serve as a source of necessary substances and be used as an additional treatment after consultation with the doctor. The cores themselves have a positive effect. They are a valuable food product, contain an impressive amount of protein, acids, vitamin E, magnesium, etc.

Face and body benefits

Perhaps the only sensible use of a stiff shell is making scrubs for the skin. The benefits of walnut shells are due to the abrasive properties of ground sclerenchyma. It is better to buy the finished product, with home grinding, large particles will help you to cut the skin.

If, after all, you just want to make a home remedy, you can use the following advice. It is necessary:

  1. Take 5-6 ground shells.
  2. Add a spoonful of butter. Perfect coconut, pumpkin, linseed or oil from the same walnuts.
  3. Stir the ingredients.
  4. Apply with light massage movements, without affecting the tender areas.
  5. Carefully rinse off the product, and wet the skin with a towel.

After the procedure, you can not use the cream. The oil can be replaced with chopped strawberries, bananas or apples, then the peeling will be double: mechanical and chemical.

Is it good for hair?

A popular recipe suggests rinsing hair with a decoction of a nutshell. Regularly following the advice will have a positive effect on the beauty of the hair. In fact, the use of walnut shells will not benefit the hair. Of course, the recipe does not cause harm, but such a procedure is a waste of time.

To combat dandruff or excessive oily scalp will help the use of scrubs with the addition of crushed walnut shells. Well, if they contain an extract of aloe, chamomile, thyme, peppermint, etc. These natural ingredients are able to stop inflammation, get rid of dead cells. It is recommended to apply means before washing of the head.

Is it effective to use a decoction?

The tool on the basis of stiff shells is positioned as a universal cure for many diseases. A decoction of walnut shells is recommended for diseases of the heart and joints, iodine deficiency, to maintain the health of the prostate gland, etc. However, this recipe does not help get rid of any diseases. In addition, the consumption of such funds can be dangerous.

The most popular tincture or decoction of walnut partitions

What can be made of walnut shells?

After collecting and processing the harvest from hazel leaves, a large number of stiffened shells remain. That is why many people are interested in how to use such amount of walnut shells. As mentioned earlier, they should not be treated. It is better to find another application, for example, for the replacement of expanded clay in flower pots. Shells can be laid on the bottom. They will be a good way to prevent stagnant moisture at the bottom of the vessel.

Также с помощью частей ореха можно декорировать абажур, создать рождественский венок или настенное панно. Очень оригинально выглядит коробочка для помолвочного кольца, наполненная мхом. A separate topic - entertainment for children. Crafts from the shells will allow you to develop fine motor skills and imagination. From the stone-dregs there are more wonderful ships, mushrooms, animals. What can be made from walnut shell depends only on fantasy.

Walnut shell - used in traditional medicine, in household and in the country

For example, in plant farming, broken shells can be used as drainage, which will allow excess water to leak from the pot soil, while the ground will remain in place.

Walnut shells contain glucosides, tannins, alkaloids, iodine, and vitamin C. We can use the shells to make it better for cleaning vessels. It is not difficult to prepare, you need to pour a small amount of vodka in the shell, so as to cover them and insist for about a week. Then you can apply every day on a tablespoon on an empty stomach before eating.

If you burn the shell on the fire, and then knead the coals of walnut into ashes, then it can easily become a candidate for the replacement of activated charcoal. In addition, this ash can be rubbed in places of the skin, where a lot of hair grows. Pre-diluting it with water, which significantly slows down the growth of unnecessary hair. Another ash nut can be obtained in another way. To do this, pour the crushed shells on a dry frying pan and fry for 20 minutes on a slow fire, stirring occasionally, after which you can detail fried with a hammer. In this way, you will have an absorbent that can be used to treat your gastrointestinal tract from accumulated radionuclides by a week course. To do this, add one tablespoon of cooked shell coal to a clean glass of water and drink it twice a day.

Modern fuel briquettes are compressed walnut shells. In their production, chemical bonding agents are not used, therefore, when burned, only natural and natural elements get into the atmosphere. Raw materials for the manufacture of fuel briquettes can be a variety of waste woodworking and agriculture, but walnut shells are the most suitable and optimal material. ANDuseindoor fuel briquettes. The presence of fireplaces, stoves and boilers in the room has not only positive aspects in the form of independent heating and its low cost. The products of burning wood or coal literally settle on the walls, ceilings of the house, on furniture, personal belongings, food, houseplants, in the lungs of people and animals.

Walnut partitions

The benefits of walnut kernels are known to many, but not everyone knows about the properties of partitions. And in vain. This seemingly waste, can help in the fight against diseases of the thyroid gland, compensate for the lack of iodine in the body and restore the nervous system after prolonged stress and overload. In addition, partitions strengthen the immune system and help stabilize weight.

In their composition are included

  • iodine
  • vitamin c
  • glucosides
  • many organic acids

From the partitions you can prepare alcohol, water tinctures and all kinds of decoctions.

Spirit tincture on partitions

For alcohol tinctures we need partitions from 30 nuts.

Fill them with 400-500 ml of alcohol (vodka can be) and put in a dark place.

Partitions will be infused for 14 days, while it is advisable to shake the jar 3 times a day.

Take the tincture of a tablespoon before breakfast and after dinner.

You can be treated for 2 months, but after that you must take a break of at least 10 days. Then you can continue the course.

This potion is used to treat hypertension, gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, insomnia, headaches and diabetes.

People suffering psoriasis, acute gastritis, eczema and neurodermatitis such tincture is contraindicated!

Another useful ingredient that we traditionally throw away.

How to apply walnut shell for medicinal purposes

It is in vain, because the alcohol tincture from the shell is able to protect vessels from blockage and tumors, remove parasites, prevent thrombosis. Plus, it stabilizes hormones and restores the balance of sugar in the blood.

For external use, treats ulcers, wounds and cuts.

Alcohol tincture in walnut shell

For a start, we will need 15 nutshells. It is desirable to crush them as small as possible so that the shells give away more nutrients.

We take half a liter of vodka and pour it into a tightly closed vessel (a jar or bottle with a wide neck) along with the shells.

Insist on for two weeks. Strain and take also a tablespoon in the morning and evening.

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Walnut has a very wide range of effects on the human body, with proper preparation of medicines based on it, we can get rid of many ailments and carry out disease prevention.

Avicena, Herodotus, and other representatives of ancient medicine believed that the fruits and nut shell have amazing properties and unique vitality.

Meet the Walnut Shells

Unfortunately, not many people know about the benefits of the shell, and after eating nuts, they are in a hurry to throw it away. Such carelessness is not justified; having learned its use, you, of course, will act differently. The same applies to the green shell, when walnuts are just beginning to ripen.

Surprisingly, the shell is used in the process of making charcoal, tar and linoleum, but in addition, of course, people have learned how to benefit from the shell for their health.

They just don't do it with the shell - they boil it in milk, burn it, dry it, grind it into powder, use it for depilation, with green peel make tincture on vodka, alcohol and honey.

In our article, we will introduce you to what properties the shells, infused with vodka, have, and what can be the use of walnutshells for medicinal purposes.

The shell, like the walnut kernels, contains a large number of beneficial components - vitamin, minerals and trace elements. If we had remembered this, it would hardly have deprived ourselves of the opportunity to replenish the body with useful components, throwing the shells into the trash.

Using walnut shell, you can clear blood vessels, prevent thrombosis, normalize pressure, restore the functions of the liver, kidneys, organs of the urine - the reproductive system, strengthen the immune system and fight the parasites living in our body. Long ago, from this part of the nut, people learned to make a healing drug - tincture.

Preparing tincture on walnut shell

On the basis of the useful component of the walnut tree is made tincture.

Make the tincture is not difficult. Take a clean container, prepare the nuts, the shell is crushed as far as possible. The shell of walnuts should fill the glass container at 2/3, fill it with vodka to the edge. The tincture should last two to three months.

If you take the tincture of vodka is difficult because of the specific bitterness, it can be sweetened.

The composition and beneficial properties of partitions and walnut shells

Iodine is a biologically significant chemical element whose concentration in the composition of walnut partitions is unusually high. This component is indispensable for the full functioning of the endocrine system, its deficiency leads to disruptions in the immune system, which can provoke diseases such as mastopathy, fibroids, colds, as well as mental disorders, fatigue and other ailments. It is precisely as a source of iodine that traditional healers most often use membranes.

To check whether the body needs this component, you can conduct a simple test: before going to bed, apply a small amount of iodine solution purchased at the pharmacy on the heels - if by the morning the traces disappear or are practically imperceptible, it means that the substance is not enough.

In addition to iodine, the membrane contains:

  • glycosides,
  • organic acids
  • alkaloids.

The use of partitions provides:

  • bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect,
  • astringent effect
  • normalization of blood sugar and cholesterol concentrations,
  • improving the functioning of the cardiovascular and digestive system,
  • strengthening immunity
  • stabilization of the thyroid gland,
  • decrease in the excitability of the nervous system,
  • activation of metabolic processes,
  • sleep improvement
  • lowering blood pressure
  • smoothing pain in diseases of the joints. Walnut partitions and shells - a healthy product, not trash

Walnut shells contain:

  • carboxylic acid
  • tannins,
  • phenol.

The robust shell of tasty kernels is valued in folk medicine for such healing properties as:

  • normalization of the skin condition in various dermatological diseases and wound healing effect,
  • cleansing of blood and lymph,
  • increase the body's vitality and strengthen immunity,
  • antitumor effect,
  • restoration of hormonal levels,
  • antimicrobial effect.

Broth from iodine deficiency, mastopathy, ovarian cysts, prostate adenoma

The easiest way to cope with iodine deficiency with the help of home remedies is to take a decoction of walnut partitions. Half a glass of membranes fall asleep in any heat-resistant container and pour 400 ml of water, boil and hold, stirring, over low heat for about 10 minutes. After that, let cool and strain through cheesecloth. The tool is recommended to use a sip before meals 3 times a day. Course duration - 1-4 weeks. To control the effectiveness of therapy, you need to lubricate your heels with iodine before bedtime: when it is no longer absorbed, you can stop taking the decoction. The same method can be used to treat mastopathy, various gynecological diseases (including ovarian cysts), prostate adenoma.

Remedy for conjunctivitis and other infectious diseases of the eye

Grind the membranes in a coffee grinder and half a glass of raw material into 1.5 cups of water, after boiling, keep the liquid on low heat for about 15–20 minutes. When the decoction has cooled, it must be drained through gauze folded in 2 layers. This tool is supposed to moisten cotton pads and apply them to the eyelids. The duration of treatment is usually 1-2 weeks.

Broth broad-spectrum (including parasite) from the green shell

To get rid of worms and other parasites, green shells of unripe walnuts are used: pour 20 g of raw material with a glass of water and simmer for 15–30 minutes over low heat, ready to drink the decoction as tea 1 cup 3 times a day. The same remedy can be taken for avitaminosis, diabetes, scrofula, diarrhea, rickets, catarrh of the intestine and stomach.

Tincture on vodka, shown in diabetes and colitis

2-3 tablespoons of raw materials are placed in a glass container and filled with high-quality vodka so that the liquid level is slightly higher than the membranes, cover the container with a lid and put in a dark place for 7-10 days. Dosage means and duration of administration depends on the disease for the treatment of which it is used:

  • in case of colitis, 6–10 drops of medication should be dissolved in a tablespoon of water and drunk 3-4 times a day for 3-4 months,
  • in diabetes mellitus, 5–6 drops of tincture are diluted with 2 tablespoons of water and applied for 3 weeks-3 months (the effectiveness of treatment is monitored by diagnosing the level of sugar in the blood).

Tincture of thyroid problems (including nodes) and other ailments

Burlap 30 walnuts poured into a glass container and pour 500 ml of good vodka. Place the container in a dark place and, occasionally stirring up the liquid, insist for 2 weeks. It is recommended to take the drug in a tablespoon before meals 3-4 times a day. This tincture is used for the following diseases:

  • hypertension,
  • thyroid disease (including the presence of nodes),
  • mastopathy (tincture is necessary to take 1 teaspoon, diluting it with a small amount of water, 3 times a day for 2 months),
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • nervous system disorders
  • sleep disturbances
  • pancreatitis,
  • radiculitis and diseases of the joints (the tool is used for external use: they rub the painful areas of the body).

Tincture to improve brain function

Walnut partitions can be used for stroke, headaches, to clean the brain vessels, improve memory. To do this, pour a glass of membranes with a bottle of vodka and leave in a dark place for 14 days. It is recommended to drink the resulting tincture 3 times a day, 5-6 diluted in a tablespoon of water for 10 days. After that, you should take a week break and, if necessary, repeat the treatment.

Tincture for treating uterine fibroma

With uterine fibroma, it is recommended to chop the shells and membranes of 1 kilogram of walnuts and add 500 ml of high-quality vodka to the raw materials. Let it brew for 14 days and take 1 tablespoon 15 minutes before meals 3 times a day for 2 months. Then you need to take a break, and then repeat the treatment.

Improvement and hair coloring

To strengthen the hair, restore their structure and give the curls a healthy shine, you can make lotion. 50 g of walnut membranes fall asleep in a jar or a bottle of dark glass and pour a glass of vodka or alcohol (be sure to dilute 1 to 2 with water), tightly close the container and leave in a dark place for 2 weeks, then add 3-4 drops of essential rose oil and a teaspoon of honey, carefully mixing the composition. Before each hair wash with this tool, you should lubricate the scalp, then put on a shower cap or a regular plastic bag, and wrap the hair on top with a towel. After half an hour, you need to wash your head in the usual way.

Rose oil is added to the mixture intended for healthy hair

The shell of green walnuts is used for dyeing hair in rich chestnut color. To do this, you need to dissolve the raw materials crushed in a coffee grinder with water to a state of gruel and evenly apply to hair for 15–20 minutes, then wash your hair with shampoo.

Often used to dye hair composition containing not only walnut shells, but also other components.

Face and body care

Walnuts and walnut shells are used to create scrubbing agents. There are several ways to prepare a composition that will cleanse the skin of dead particles and impurities, make it soft and smooth, and also serve as an excellent measure for the prevention of cellulite:

  • Combine powdered shells and walnuts partitions with any shower gel, liquid soap or shampoo.
  • As a basis, any unrefined vegetable oil can be used. For example, for dry and normal skin, olive or wheat germ oil is suitable; for oily skin, it is better to choose a product with a light texture, for example, peach, apricot or sesame.
  • To prepare a more delicate composition, you need to combine and thoroughly mix 2 tablespoons of crushed shells, membranes and radish, half a cup of sour cream and 3 tablespoons of strong chamomile broth. Then the container with the agent must be removed for 10 minutes in the refrigerator. Apply it as a normal scrub, and preferably wash off with warm milk.
  • You can add other hard particles, such as ground coffee, sugar or salt, to your homemade mixes with crushed shells and membranes. It is also recommended to enrich such products with essential oils. For example, citrus oil will help with cellulite, and aromatic lavender will soothe the skin.

When using the shell and partitions in the home scrub it is important to thoroughly chop the raw material, so as not to injure the skin.

For the preparation of facial scrub, it is advisable to use only walnut membranes, since hard shell pieces can injure delicate skin. It is necessary to mix the crushed partitions with any face cream (non-greasy, suitable for children) or unrefined vegetable oil and add 1-2 drops of a suitable essential oil to the product. This scrub should be applied with massaging movements, avoiding the area around the eyes, and then rinsed with warm water or herbal decoction.

Teeth whitening and tartar control

Prepare a medical paste to strengthen the tooth enamel and gums is very simple. It is necessary to grind with the help of a small float the shells of green walnuts, add a spoonful of honey and a little grape juice.

Therapeutic toothpaste from walnut shells is prepared with grape juice

Get rid of the yellow plaque and tartar will help decoction: 40 g of crushed walnut shells placed in a saucepan and pour a glass of water, boiled for 20 minutes. Several times a day to carry out such a procedure with the means: wet the brush in the broth and carefully brush your teeth. The result can be expected in about 2 weeks.

Epilation means from the shell

Burn the shells of 30-40 walnuts and mix the resulting ash with water to a thick slurry. This paste should be applied to those areas of the body from which you want to remove unnecessary vegetation. This procedure is recommended several times a day. Ожидать быстрых результатов не стоит, однако при регулярном применении волоски будут становиться более светлыми, тонкими и незаметными.

Ещё один способ — измельчить на тёрке скорлупу зелёного грецкого ореха, переложить массу на марлю, выжать сок и смазывать им участки тела, покрытые ненужными волосками.

Epilation using a nutshell can cause the skin to turn a greenish-brown color, so it’s best not to use this method to remove facial hair.

Reviews the benefits of membranes and walnut shells

Used ash of walnut and decoction of shells. She simply shaved her hair, went to the shower, first applied ash with water, waited 5 minutes, washed off and cleaned it with broth. Smeared hands, legs, bikini, armpits. On the fifth day, I noticed in the armpit a spot in the 50-kopeck coin, before it was not accurate! But I started to get irritated, a rash on my body. 100% not sure from the nut, but stopped to use, and the rash was gone. The bald spot was about 2 months, then, I see, the hair appeared. I'm thinking again to try this method.


2 years ago, the thyroid gland was enlarged (about 0.8), now 0.7. They say that now it is even slightly smaller than the correct size. Previously, they made a clear diagnosis - adenoma, now they say that there are small nodules, like everyone else, as they say, and adenoma does not smell there. They said that the isthmus is crammed and can not do without resection. And now it is absolutely clean. The treatment, carried out in 2 years, - 1 course of walnut emerald tincture, several targeted exercises according to the method of Norbekov. True, completely changed the way of life, nutrition. We dealt with such problems as panic attacks, and in the areas of gynecology (mostly) and dentistry.

Dmitry P.

My mother always made a spirit tincture of the immature walnut fruit - 15 nuts per half liter of vodka. Immature soft nuts quickly, so as not to oxidize, cut into thin slices, put in a glass jar and pour vodka. Insist 14 days, then strain, pour into a bottle and close tightly. This tincture helped with indigestion. I remember that even the local pediatrician approved such a recipe - the dessert spoon of the tincture is diluted with half a glass of water and drunk before meals.


Broths, spirit tinctures and other means from the shell and walnut partitions will help to cure many ailments, take care of hair, teeth and gums, as well as remove unwanted vegetation on the body. One has only to remember, by applying them, that in matters of one's health one should not rely solely on people's opinions and, if possible, consult with a doctor in advance.

Walnut shell: application in traditional medicine, in the garden and in the economy

On a half-liter jar put a teaspoon of sugar, but only when the tincture is ready. After cooking, it must be passed through a filter (gauze folded in several layers).

You can use another recipe - eat 15 nuts, wash the shells and dry. Fold in a jar and pour vodka. Leave the tincture for two weeks. After the time, reach, strain and take a tincture on health.

Extremely rich in vitamin C, green shells, in the process of maturation its quantity decreases. Green shell tincture is recommended in traditional medicine for dysentery, kidney, bladder and ureter diseases.

Pour with a liter of vodka the peel of forty nuts in a dark glass dish. Dishes endured in the sun for 10 - 14 days. After that filter, separating the skins and debris, and take one tablespoon three times a day not on an empty stomach.

This tincture strengthens the body's defenses, improves the condition in cardiovascular diseases, improves digestion and relieves indigestion.

The use of such drugs will give a good result in the complex prevention of blood clots, in the treatment of advanced bronchitis, will help with insomnia and colds.

If you drink the tincture on an empty stomach, one tablespoon, then the blockages, tumors and cysts will resolve.

In order not to harm health, consult your doctor about doses and duration of treatment.

The use of folk medicine

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that the use of the shell plays the same role for our body as the use of walnut kernels. Tincture on the shell strengthens the body, improves memory and general well-being, it will accelerate recovery from colds and normalizes the thyroid gland. For its normal operation requires natural iodine, which is so rich in this plant.

Tincture fights female infertility, improves potency, good effect on the skin, hair and nails. Weakened patients who have undergone heavy operations and have lost their vital forces should be taken very carefully, starting with a few drops.

Tincture on the green shell is indicated for uterine fibroids, mastopathy, ear inflammation, mucosal inflammation, diseases of the joints and blood. She treats gastritis, colitis, it improves the condition of patients with diabetes of the second type.

Taking the medicine is recommended for neuroses associated with relocation and place of work, menopause, puberty, etc.

Walnut Shells - Application

Walnuts are a tasty and healthy product, but in traditional medicine and home cosmetology not only its kernels have found wide application, but also the shell, partitions, and green shells of fruits. They contain a large amount of coloring and tanning enzymes, coumarin, phenol, which is an excellent antiseptic and other substances.

Recipes for the use of green walnut shell inside

Alcohol tincture of walnut shells

Fill a glass jar or bottle half with a green shell and pour vodka on top, insist for a month in a dark place.

In folk medicine, this walnut shell tincture is used for diarrhea, pain in the kidneys, inflammations of the urinary tract, and for cleaning vessels. Take it to 1 tablespoon, up to 3 times a day or courses, or once with indigestion.

Walnut shell tincture

  • walnut shells - 15 pieces,
  • alcohol or vodka - 0.5 liters.

The shell is pre-washed, dried and crushed into small pieces, then folded into a glass jar, poured with vodka and insisted for two weeks, shaking regularly.

This tincture is used in the same cases as the tincture of green shells, as well as an external remedy for skin inflammations and for the preparation of gargling for oral inflammations.

Walnut shell decoction

  • walnut shells - 50 g,
  • water - 250 ml.

The crushed shell is placed in a pan, filled with water and boiled until the broth becomes brownish in color (30-40 minutes). After removing the broth is filtered, diluted with water in a ratio of 1:10 and used for douching for cervical erosion.

In addition, undiluted or diluted 1: 3 decoction of walnut shells is used for washing wounds and various inflammations on the skin.

The use of tinctures from walnut shell

They need to burn, and the resulting ash diluted with water at the rate of 200 ml per teaspoon of ash and insist 12 hours. The resulting solution 3-4 times a day, lubricate the places where they want to get rid of hair. The method is quite long, but it is safe and is considered effective.

Cherry leaves - beneficial properties and contraindications

Sweet and sour cherries are loved by many.

Almost every person knows how useful this berry is, and tries to eat it in summer, and sometimes even freezes it for the winter. But the fact that vitamins are full of cherry leaves is a surprise for many.

Sea buckthorn leaves - useful properties and contraindications

Sea buckthorn is useful in all its manifestations. Even leaves can be effective. Herbal medicine has long discovered this secret and uses them in the fight against a wide variety of ailments. Read more about the beneficial properties of sea buckthorn leaves and contraindications to their use - in the article.

Eggshell - how to take?

Normal egg shells contain calcium in the form that is absorbed by the human body most quickly. We will tell you how to properly prepare the shells for treatment and according to which regimen you should drink the drug for various diseases.

Pine nut shells

We all know about the benefits of nuts, which exist in nature quite a lot - it is walnuts, and hazel, almond, pistachio, cashew and others. However, not many people know the benefits of pine nuts. Let's talk about the beneficial properties of the shell of these Siberian fruits.

The composition and properties of walnut shells

The kernel of a walnut is covered with a very dense layer of lignified shells, divided into two equal halves. It would seem that the useful can be contained in the light brown fabric? What forced sorcerers long before studying its biochemical composition to use walnut shell for medicinal purposes, for the preparation of medicinal decoctions, ointments, rubbing and tinctures?

The study of the composition of modern means has revealed that the hard shell of the kernels of walnut is quite rich in biologically active compounds, including:

  • 0.81% fat,
  • 2.53% of proteins
  • 35.64% extractives,
  • 60.90% fiber,
  • 1.64% ash.

The composition of the walnut shell is alkaloids and amino acids, coumarins, phenol carbonic acids.

In contrast to compounds that determine the use of ripe kernels, substances important for the human body are more difficult to extract from the lignified shell. Therefore, for medical use, decoctions are made from walnut shell, alcohol tinctures, as well as various preparations based on them.

The use of therapeutic properties of walnut shell

Turning into a liquid, bioactive components give it antibacterial, tonic, anti-inflammatory properties. Alcohol tincture of walnut shell is used for compresses for varicose veins. Traditional medicine uses water decoction and vodka infusion of crushed raw materials as a mixture for thrombosis and other problems of the vascular system, for example, in hypertension.

It is believed that walnut shell helps with female diseases of an inflammatory nature. The shells are dipped in water and boiled until the liquid becomes saturated brown.

Usually it takes about 15 minutes to prepare such a decoction. The raw materials are pure pieces of walnut shells that have no traces of fungus or mold. A glass of water requires 40 grams of shell. The finished product is cooled before use, filtered and diluted with boiled water.

A decoction of the shell on the milk of Kalmyks is considered an excellent sedative to sleep after debilitating insomnia, to strengthen the strength of the field of hard work or illness.

Walnut shells from tartar and other dental problems

A walnut shell decoction prepared according to this recipe can be used as a preventive and therapeutic agent for sensitive teeth and gums.

Tannins, gently drying the mucous membrane and the foci of inflammation and irritation present on it, are indicated for stomatitis and periodontitis. A decoction of the shell helps to soothe tissues and enhance their healing after tooth extraction, during the installation of prostheses.

Traditional medicine claims that when a dental calculus walnut shell is quickly, safely and painlessly:

  • softens and removes plaque,
  • cleans enamel from petrified layers,
  • returns teeth whiteness and healthy appearance
  • due to the antibacterial action reduces the likelihood of the formation of a new layer of stone.

For the procedure, use fresh decoction, in which the toothbrush bristles are immersed for 10 minutes before cleaning. Regularity is important for the best result, so the teeth with walnut shell decoction are carefully treated up to 3 times a day.

Walnut shells for the beauty of skin and hair

The use of walnut shells is also used in cosmetology. Here, in addition to extracts, use crushed shell, which becomes part of scrubs, peels, home masks:

  • perfectly removes dead particles from the skin surface,
  • softens the horny areas
  • polishes the surface layer, improving regeneration, gently eliminating skin imperfections, traces of scars and the effects of acne,
  • It has a massage effect that activates the blood supply and tissue nutrition.

In a mixture with bee honey, walnut shell powder turns into an excellent home body scrub, especially useful after a sauna, when the skin is steamed and its pores are opened. Together with wax, finely ground shells or ash after burning will cleanse the skin, not only from the dead layer of the epidermis, but also from unwanted vegetation.

Pure, sifted ash from the nutshell in folk medicine is renowned as a wound healing agent, capable of helping with peptic ulcer. The same properties of the substance are used in the treatment of walnut shell abrasions on the skin, eczema and other dermatological problems, including baldness. To keep the composition better, the ashes are mixed with vegetable or burdock oil. It is sometimes advised to add a few drops of wine or apple cider vinegar to an improvised ointment.

Ash from a nutshell is an excellent natural absorbent that helps to remove from the body all kinds of toxins ingested with food or drink. Here the tool works like the famous activated carbon, almost the same as its effectiveness.

Although there are no substances hazardous to the body in hard walnut shells, before using walnut shells for treatment, especially when taking decoction and tincture inside, it is necessary to receive expert advice.