General information

Agrokiller against weeds: instructions for use and reviews

This is a very effective systemic herbicide of continuous action - it destroys all types of vegetation on the plot treated by it. With it, you can destroy all the evil weeds, which, despite the annual manual weeding, appear in the same places all over again. That's just in those cases when, well, nothing takes them and the herbicide Agrokiller is needed.

Where and why to use

We managed with it to get rid of hogweed, blackdew, couch grass, horse sorrel, plantain, dandelion, nettle, burdock and many other weeds that haunt us for 2 or 3 years. We have a big plot and we couldn’t manage to pick out all the roots of the weeds pulled out of the soil and the plant began to tangle with a new force.

This tool can be considered ideal for use on a site that has not been processed for a long time, that is, almost on virgin soil. Then Agrokiller can handle all the grass indiscriminately. Moreover, 2 weeks after the treatment with this preparation, you can already plow the plot and plant and sow cultivated plants on it, since in the soil Agrokiller quickly loses activity and decomposes into natural substances. It does not interfere with new shoots of seeded plants.

When applied strictly according to the instructions, this drug is not dangerous to humans and the environment. It is also not acutely toxic to honeybees.

But! Be sure to carefully read the instructions and take the security measures indicated there.

Remember! Agrokiller does not affect the plant through the soil and does not prevent seed germination; it can only penetrate through leaves, stems or young shoots.

How does the weeds

after treatment with Agrokiller

When it comes into contact with the green part of the plant, the herbicide is absorbed by it and is self-distributed throughout the entire body of the plant, including the roots. Violating the process of synthesis of amino acids in a plant, glyphosphate (the active ingredient of Agrokiller) destroys all its parts - both the root system and the vegetative mass.

How to prepare a working solution

To eliminate the usual weeds diluted 30-40 ml. funds for 3 liters of water. For malignant, difficult-to-remove weeds, take 40-50 ml per 3 liters of water. 3 liters of solution is enough to handle 100 square meters. m plot.

The working solution is not to be stored, it should be used immediately after preparation. It is sprayed on the green part of the destroyed plants. Carry out the treatment in the morning or in the evening in calm weather. In order for the solution to be absorbed into the leaves of weeds, it takes 5-6 hours. If it has started to rain before this time has elapsed, then it will wash away a part of the preparation from the leaves and its effect will no longer be as effective. Therefore, choose to destroy the weeds of clear, calm weather, morning or evening - so that the solution does not dry quickly under the scorching sun.

Agrokiller is produced in containers of 40, 90 and 500 ml for amateur gardeners, and packing in 1 liter and 5 liters will suit more large farms.

Agrokiller Reviews

Those who used this tool celebrate its high efficiency. Manages to get rid of weeds that could not be weed out with roots. Usually, large areas are captured by nettle, wheatgrass, and blackmail, precisely because of the abundance of a large number of roots under the ground. It is never possible to tear them out completely - some of the roots will still remain in the soil. And the herbicide Agrokiller will destroy these weeds completely in just 1 treatment.

Video on the use of Agrokiller and other herbicides

This video clearly shows how to properly use herbicides, how to destroy weeds, if cultivated plants are already growing close to full swing. How to be in the event that a tree or shrub literally weedy weeds with powerful roots.