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Quick and easy: 30 impressive ideas for your garden


Let's look at such an element of vertical gardening, which is made on the basis of a two-wheel cart axle. If you repeat exactly the presented option, then the product will look just gorgeous, however, to reduce the price of it, you can use plastic buckets from under the paint or ice cream, paint them with paint, paste over with a self-adhesive film imitating wood or small dostochkami. So you will have more work, but the cost of raw materials will be several times less.

Lighting in the evening in the country is very important, because we often spend on the open terraces or verandas for a long time. To make such extraordinary crafts with your own hands for the garden, you can take small jars with glass lids, which you can empty by eating delicious contents, or you can buy empty jars in the store. Choose products with thick glass, as the tablet candle warms up quite strongly, and thin glass can crack. Since the design crafts for the garden and garden, photo one of which you see above, provides for the suspension of lamps, you need to make the attachment of thin flexible wire. One of its pieces is wrapped around the neck of the jar, twisting sideways in “ears”, and the second - a kind of rocker, with which you can hang the product to any base.

Banks can be applied no less beautifully, if you make such an unusual flower bed. For similar crafts for garden and garden do it yourself photo- An example of which you see, again, you need to stock up on banks and metal clamps, which can be bought in hardware stores. They are screwed to the board with one hand, insert the jar and tighten the clamp. Inside the pot is placed with a plant for which the size of the capacity for growth is not fundamental. Do not plant flowers in the glass jars themselves, since it is impossible to drain there and water will begin to accumulate inside, leading to the imminent death of the plant. If you want, you can use plastic or ceramic pots instead of cans, for greater elegance, paint them manually.

And a few more illustrations of how to create a real fairy tale at your summer cottage is possible and necessary. This decor will certainly appeal not only to children, but to all adults as well. The funny caterpillar that adorns the fence is made with the help of old plates painted with paint, and the rest is easy to make decoration for it from plywood by painting it with paints. To ensure that a stuffed soft caterpillar lasts longer, it is advisable to use a waterproof, dense fabric, such as a raincoat fabric or an old umbrella, to make it, and only fill it with synthetic filler.

Wooden crafts for garden and garden

We already recalled with you about a beautiful mosaic when we talked about handicrafts from garden discs. If you take a regular disk, cut it with metal scissors (wear gloves, splinters can be sharp), glue the fragments as a mosaic on any surface, and then paint with paints, then you will get an elegant weather resistant surface.

Armed with a good saw, you can make thinner cuts and make such beautiful ones. crafts for garden and garden do it yourself from wood in the form of cats. Large cuts are interconnected through small pieces of wood to create volume. It is best to fasten with nails or screws that will be able to fix the wood tightly. For the muzzle, you can paint the cuts with paint, as shown in the example. To settle crafts for giving from logs - your new cats can be anywhere in the garden, but if you make a themed corner for them with a fence or in the form of a house roof, it will be just fine. But the branch of a large tree is also perfect.

Interesting ideas for your garden:

We bring to your attention a number ideas for your gardenwhich will help him become more original and interesting:

  • Summer candlestick

Use garden peonies to decorate small candles. Such a simple decoration will look even more impressive if you put a candle in a glass a la margarita.

  • New life of old tools

Another original idea for a garden with your own hands: tools that you no longer use can be used right on a flower bed. From several garden tools you get a great stand for climbing plants. This will surely add charm to your garden.

If space permits in the garden, an improvised awning for daytime rest will look great.

You can make a canopy using an inverted and suspended round frame from the chair, and of course, bright curtains.

Adding an optical illusion with a mirror is a breeze. This effect will add depth to your garden. Simply attach the mirror to the fence between the branches of the tree and watch as the space around doubles.

  • Change the viewing angle

Try to look at ordinary things from a different angle. So, the usual garden bucket can turn into an original stand for candles.

  • And once again a rarity!

An old garden spatula can add charm to your garden by making part of the handle of the gate.

  • Winter candle holders

Not all garden ideas are designed only for spring and summer, for example, using a simple plastic bottle and leaves that suit you in color you can easily make such lamps with your own hands. Such lamps can meet guests on the way to the house, setting them up for a festive mood.

  • Hanging saucer

Such a saucer can act as a birdbath or serve as a grate for a winding vineyard. You can paint it according to the overall style of your garden.

  • Unusual bench

New life of an old bench as a stand for flowers. This bench is just the perfect place for plants in flower pots.

With the help of a flexible wire, you can create an unusual arch for climbers.

  • Installations from branches

With the help of dry twigs or logs, you can create small natural installations. For example, it can be a creative entrance to your garden.

  • Unusual table

Unusual table, made by hand, can be an original decoration for the garden. For example, in this photo, the outdoor container for plants serves as the basis for the table, and a round plate as the tabletop.

  • Decoration for gazebos

Decorative curtain lifts will gain new life in the open air. Attach them to a hedge or pergola to guide the growth of grapes or climbing roses.

  • Decorate your hedge

Hanging bouquets are a great idea to make your hedge more lively or to decorate it with a garden party.

  • Make a hedge or gate

Creative solution - the creation of a living gate to the garden. For example, in this photo - a container on wheels.

Romantic idea: a charming hedge for climbing plants, assembled from just a few fence panels.

Antique furniture will add a special charm to your garden. The unusual solution in this case is “moss upholstery”, which will be the number one topic at your garden tea parties 🙂

In the garden decor I will look great all kinds of lattices. Antiques, ventilation grilles and others will add refinement to your garden.

  • Suspended fence

Such an unusual suspended fence can be considered not only as a basis for climbing plants, but also as part of the decor of your house or gazebo.

Many gardeners believe that the fountain can become the center of the composition of your garden. And it is not necessary to use it for its intended purpose ...

  • Cheerful greeting

The garden does not have to be serious, especially during various events. Show the funny side of your garden by meeting guests with such multicolored gloves on the fence.

  • Ocean of opportunity

Another creative idea for the garden - the original flower beds, painted in bright colors. Perhaps you decide to decorate them into unusual figurines that fit the style of your garden. Do not forget that when painting you should use waterproof paint.

Unusual flower bed - a box attached to the leg of the bed. Cheap, and most importantly easy to do yourself!

  • Strokes and accents

Add some light strokes, such as this watering can on the hedge. This can be a kind of calling card of your garden.

  • Use of things for other purposes

Do not be afraid to experiment and feel free to use things that were originally created for a completely different use. How, for example, this umbrella stand looks very organically as a holder for garden tools. Such unexpected finds will help your garden to stand out.

  • Beauty in simplicity

Simple design helps the garden seem more complex. A well-designed plan will help create a masterpiece in a small space.

  • Room in the garden

Make a simple canopy, using garden acrki and ordinary curtains. Here you can relax comfortably in a hot afternoon or gather for a small tea party.

  • Creative collection!

Your collectibles do not have to be dusting in a closet or lying under glass. Here's how in this case: both beautiful and practical

  • Hide not needed

In this case, we can not do without decorative garden covers. They will help to take out of sight, everything that does not fit into the overall concept of the garden, but it should be there.

  • Homemade greenhouse

And in this case there is a place for creativity - in this example, used old attic window frames.

We hope that we managed to wake up your imagination and, perhaps, in the following publications of thematic sites, we will be able to see photos of ideas from your garden!

What you can do crafts for the garden with their own hands: all the new

Decor garden with your own hands is a great opportunity not only to decorate the territory in an original way, but also get rid of many unnecessary things in the house. For crafts suitable various unused items that can find a new life as a garden decoration. Here are some options that you can use as a baseline:

  • used tires
  • old waste furniture and vehicles
  • dishes, plastic bottles, cans,

Handmade bird feeders

  • old household appliances
  • clothes and shoes
  • pipe or fittings,
  • stumps, twigs or snags.

All this we used to throw away as unnecessary trash, while with proper design of any of these elements can be a worthy decoration of the garden.

Variants of crafts for the garden, garden, yard with your own hands

To begin the design of the site is to study the photos of handicrafts for the garden and vegetable garden. Looking through the available options, you can exactly repeat the solution you like or, on the basis of it, come up with your own, adapting it to the existing conditions, opportunities and preferences.

The simplest traditional design option flower beds involves the use of pots, flowerpots or ordinary wooden boxes. For the same purpose, suitable and old tires.

Beautiful vases from old shoes

Another option for garden decoration is to use garden sculptures made from natural materials or any unnecessary items. Here are a few simple ideas, the implementation of which does not require too much effort:

  • The easiest way to use the branches and stumps, which are always enough on the garden plots. With their help, you can create animal sculptures, castles and more. Such an element will be an excellent decoration of the flowerbed, the area around the gazebo or lawn,
  • you can make a sculpture of concrete or cement, using a special form for this, in which the composition is poured in a liquid form,

Helpful advice! Any cement or concrete structures require additional reinforcement. To avoid the destruction of the sculpture or the appearance of cracks, it is necessary to lay reinforcement in the base.

  • abstract shapes can be made using wire or reinforcement elements. Two options are possible here: leave the construction hollow inside or fill it with earth, previously wrapping it with a sacking or mesh. In the second case, you can use the sculpture as a basis for planting,

Stylish wooden crafts

  • traditional garden dummy can be made using unwanted clothes. Contrary to prejudice, such an element may well become a worthy decoration of the site, especially if you use the image of a famous character as an idea of ​​its design.

In order for the made element to retain its original appearance for a long time, it is very important to choose the finishing materials for it. First of all it concerns used paints and varnishes. Acrylic paint, cold enamel or paint designed for working on glass is best. A resistant varnish will provide reliable protection of the coating.

Look through the ideas of garden crafts out of waste material. So, you can get rid of a lot of things, which is a pity to throw away, giving him a new life and at the same time decorating the local area. A great example would be garden crafts with your own hands from computer disks.

Crafts from stones and flower pots

Crafts for giving their own hands: photos and instructions for creating painted stones

To use stones for garden decoration is a classic technique that has been used for a long time. However, it is not necessary to preserve their original appearance. The elements decorated by original drawing will look much more interesting. For example, you can paint the stones for cacti, thus creating an interesting element of decor.

Beautiful cacti from painted stones

Technology of making cacti from stones:

  • With the help of dark green paint applied to the stones, the base of the cactus is created,
  • then, using a lighter shade of green and thin brush, characteristic stripes and dots are applied,
  • dried stones are covered with a layer of lacquer and placed in pots or pots, pre-filled with stone chips.

Another option involves the use of larger stones for registration suburban area. With the help of paint on their surface you can depict various animals, houses, cars, etc. The easiest way to initially draw a picture with a simple pencil, and then decorate it with acrylic paints.

Helpful advice! Such elements will be an excellent decoration of the territory, if you have a decorative pond at your dacha.

Stones, painted under the snails

The original design of flower beds and flower gardens with their own hands: new items of all crafts

Speaking about the decoration of flower beds, it implies a number of the most diverse elements that can transform the look of even the most common flower bed. The sizes, as well as the color solutions are practically unlimited, and you can choose such an option that will look most advantageous on your particular site:

  • using ordinary bricks or stumps, you can create flower beds, which are called "alpine hills." The main thing is to provide the elements with a good connection between each other so that the design is strong and reliable,
  • using a small motor, you can make a small fountain, decorated on all sides with flowers,
  • crafts made from tires for the garden are very popular. Variants of flowerbeds with their help, many as the simplest, and suspended and multi-tiered,
  • You can fill with earth and plant flowers inside virtually any unnecessary item, including torn boots, ceramic dishes or furniture.

Homemade bed of gypsum palms

Helpful advice! Be sure to consider using hanging elements for garden decoration. Decorations placed on several levels look much more advantageous.

Palm tree from plastic bottles for registration of the seasonal dacha

In order to make a palm tree from plastic bottles, you will need the following set of materials:

  • bottles of brown and green plastic (preferably several different shades),
  • sharp scissors,
  • awl,

Palm and birds from plastic bottles

  • rods for the base length of at least 25 cm (you can use metal or willow),
  • metal bushings
  • tubes with a diameter of 2 cm
  • high voltage cable (preferably 12-14 mm).

The first step is to cut the brown plastic bottles in two to get their bottom plus a small supply. In the lower part, you need to make a hole of such diameter that a twig of your choice will pass into it. Green bottles are also cut, but in such a way as to separate the bottom and about 1 cm above it. After that, the bottle is cut lengthwise into 3 equal parts (up to the point where the narrowing to the neck begins). At the same time you need to save the neck.

In order to give the leaves similarity with the present, the edges are cut in such a way as to make jags. After that, the finished elements can be put on the cable. As a result, we get the branches, which will later be attached to the trunk. One tree must have 7 branches.

Павлин из пластиковых бутылок

После этого можно приступать к сборке конструкции: пруты надежно закрепляются в земле, образуя основание. Проще всего этого достичь, если предварительно приварить их к листу металла, расположив под различным углом наклона. После этого к ним крепятся трубки и надеваются втулки. The length of each rod should correspond to the number of brown parts, which will be located in a row and another margin of 3 cm for the leaves.

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Photo examples for registration. Plants and garden designs in decoration. Optimal zoning options.

Having assembled the structure, it is securely fastened in the place where it will be installed. Most often, such an element is located near small artificial reservoirs or flower beds.

Helpful advice! If you use rods of different diameters, you can create a whole composition that mimics an oasis.

Dwarfs from plastic bottles with their own hands: a photo of garden articles with a step-by-step description

How well the garden gnomes look in the design of the plots, we know from fashion magazines and modern films. But not everyone knows that such beauty can be made from scrap materials. Consider how you can make such a decoration, without spending a lot of effort and money.

Plastic bottle gnomes

Since the gnome should be large enough to be visible in the garden, you need to take a plastic bottle of 5 or 6 liters as a base. In addition, you will need paint for decoration, brushes, awl, glue, which can glue together plastic parts, as well as various small things that you want to decorate your creation: a beard, eyes, strap, etc.

First you need to paint the bottle in the main color. This should be done from the inside to avoid flushing and damage to the layer. The easiest way to do this is to pour the paint inwards and twist the container so that only the lower 2/3 of the container is painted. It is important to wait until the paint is completely dry.

At this time, you can do the preparation of parts for registration. Plastic bottles of smaller volume are perfect for making them. By applying paint with a brush, a gnome can be made from small containers. If you paint the bottom of the bottles with a beige color, you can give them a similarity with the hands.

You can create a lot of original jewelry from bottles.

The connection of these elements is made by cutting holes of a suitable diameter and additional fixation with wire and special glue. In the same way we fasten the gnome with a nose made from a regular cap.

Helpful advice! It is easiest to paint eyes and lips using a regular brush and paint, but for the best effect, you can purchase ready-made elements designed for dolls.

In order for the figure to be sufficiently stable and not fly away at the first gust of wind, sand or earth should be poured into the barrel.

The original design of the site: crafts for the garden of mayonnaise buckets

It is possible to make beautiful and original decorations for the street using such an unusual element as plastic buckets from under mayonnaise. The main condition - that the design was resistant to external factors and looked beautiful. Therefore, it is imperative to open the finished craft with a waterproof lacquer.

For crafts, you can use any buckets and banks

Other subtleties that must be respected - consider the future location of crafts. For example, if it is located under a shed or in a gazebo, then it is acceptable to use various fabric or paper elements.

Installing or fastening flower pots from a mayonnaise bucket also matters. By themselves, they are light enough, so that to ensure sustainability they must be filled or fixed. If you fill buckets with earth and flowers, they, on the contrary, will be quite heavy, so if you plan to hang them - make sure in advance of the strength and reliability of the rope.

Helpful advice! You can always attach the installed bucket to the surface with screws or glue, thus ensuring the strongest possible fixation.

Old kettles can be used instead of buckets.

Prepare in advance all the necessary materials for work: paints, brushes, waterproof lacquer, napkins, if you want to make decoupage, as well as other small items that will serve for decoration, such as beads, pebbles, beads, or small insect figures that you can buy in the store.

Ideas for the garden and the garden with their own hands: pots from a bucket for mayonnaise

Making pots out of mayonnaise pots is the simplest and most common option used for decorating a garden. In this case, the best design is obtained if you use the decoupage technique. So, you can not just create bright colored pots, but also make whole works of art: unique and inimitable. Moreover, this technique will be an excellent solution for those who are not very good at drawing.

In order to make the original pot this way, you need to follow the following algorithm:

  • the bucket must be degreased, wiping it with, for example, alcohol,
  • then use a sponge and apply one or two layers of white paint on the surface,

Capspoons from a bucket for mayonnaise and burlap

  • while the paint is dry, prepare the elements of napkins that you like drawing. Thematically it can be anything: flowers, animals, patterns,
  • separate the top layer from the cloth, the one on which the drawing is applied,

Helpful advice! For a more aesthetic appearance of the finished pot, the edges of used napkins are recommended not to be cut, but neatly cut off. So, the joints will be almost invisible.

  • put a layer of PVA glue on the bucket and gently attach and flatten the pictures on top,
  • after complete drying, open the finished product with varnish.

Handicrafts from tires for the garden

Spheres in which old automobile tires can be used cannot even be listed. And the design of the suburban area is no exception. Self-made playgrounds made with this material, as well as flower beds and flower beds are very popular. In the network you can find many different workshops of handicrafts made from tires for the garden and vegetable garden. Consider a few simple design options.

Donkey in a harness made from old car tires

The most primitive option is a round bed of a car tire. To call such a creation a masterpiece is difficult, however, with proper design and it can serve as a decoration of the garden. A little harder, but much more impressive - a flower bed of several tires located one on another.

To give interesting effects, you can use tires of different diameters, placing a large bottom and gradually reducing the size. Hanging flower beds of tires look great too. If you leave the disk inside and fix it properly, then the ground can be poured in. The main thing is to take care of a reliable fastening, since the total weight of this design will not turn out too small.

Handicrafts made of polyurethane foam for the garden and kitchen garden: photo examples and tips

Another unusual material, which also found its use in the decoration of the garden exterior - mounting foam. Due to a number of characteristics, such as low weight, ease of processing, insensitivity to rain and temperature changes - make this material extremely suitable for garden crafts. This solution will be an excellent alternative to hand-made plaster crafts for the garden.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the manufacturer's recommendations, indicated on the cylinder with the purchased mixture. By itself, the assembly foam in the cylinder has a liquid consistency and hardens due to contact with air. As a rule, it takes 10-12 hours to completely dry it.

Figures made of polyurethane foam, covered with plaster and enamel

Helpful advice! Do not forget about the measures of personal safety in the process of working with mounting foam. How exactly to defend yourself - you will also be prompted by the information provided by the manufacturer on the container.

Here are some simple tips for working with this material:

  • polyurethane foam does not like cold, so it’s better to work with it at above zero air temperature,
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly before starting work.
  • in the process of extruding the foam, hold the bottle cap down. So, the gas from the cylinder will not come out, and you can use all the foam that is in it,
  • observe the recommended (usually 10-15 minutes) time interval between the application of the layers. Otherwise, uncured foam may fall off under the weight of the following layers,
  • To work with foam was more convenient, you can use a special mounting gun.

Garden DIY Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Looking through the photos of the garden with your own hands, for the design of which figures from the foam are used, you can see that the possibilities of this material are almost unlimited, and with it you can create a variety of sculptures. However, in order for the figure to turn out to be durable, it is necessary to provide it with a durable and reliable frame. For this purpose, you can use plastic or tin bottles, as well as wood, wire or fittings.

Spectacular bird of foam and fabric

For example, to make a snail, it is enough to follow a simple algorithm:

  • on the prepared surface (you can do it on a regular table, covered with oilcloth), apply the first layer of foam, which will become the base,
  • after drying, apply a second layer of foam and insert a plastic bottle into it that will act as a snail neck,
  • cover the plastic bottle with foam and shape it with your hands,
  • the snail's head and horns are also molded by hand,
  • To make a shell, apply foam on the body of the snail, giving it the appropriate rounded shape. At this stage, you can insert into the shell a small bucket or pot, designed for planting flowers,
  • using the same foam, make characteristic curls on the snail shell. With the help of paint and foam, decorate the resulting crafts.

The frog made of polyurethane foam can be made as follows:

  • Use an old saucepan and jar as a base. Fill them with foam and let them dry. The pot will play the role of the body, and the bank will become the head of the frog. In order for the design to be solid, it is recommended to fasten the parts with wire,
  • in order for the frog to have legs, use a sufficiently strong wire, also covered with mounting foam,
  • give a characteristic form with hands that are not frozen yet,
  • Use paint to give the frog the desired color and make it eyes.

Making lizards from foam

To make the resulting figures stable, sand can be poured inside the containers used. Then it will turn out more stable and will not succumb to strong gusts of wind. All inaccuracies and unnecessary pieces of foam can be easily removed with a stationery knife, giving the sculpture the most accurate shape. And in order for the foam figure to serve you longer, you can additionally put a layer of putty on it, which will perform a protective function.

Helpful advice! In the process of making garden sculptures, you can use LED lighting. So, in the evening, the figure will glow and create a unique festive atmosphere in the garden.

Independently decorating a garden is easy, and many ideas can be used for this purpose. After all, not only flowers and trees can help you properly arrange the territory. Hand-made crafts will be an excellent alternative to purchased models, giving your site uniqueness and adding a unique zest to its appearance.

Crafts for the garden, how to create a border for a flower bed or garden beds using plastic bottles

Personal creation of handicrafts will not only allow you to realize your creative abilities, but also attract children to work. Naturally, you can buy ready-made decorations, but how nice it will be to implement your own ideas for the garden with your own hands!

An excellent solution, for example, would be to create a border for a flower bed or a bed of seemingly useless plastic bottles. For this uncomplicated business, you can use both colored and unpainted bottles.

Did you know?You can give any kind to your border.

To install a fence, you need:

  1. Dig a small trench along a previously marked contour. The width of the trench should be equal to the diameter of the bottles.
  2. Fill the bottles with sand, earth or rubble and insert them into the trench alternately.
  3. Bury the bottles in half so that they fit well.

Important!Place the bottles as tightly as possible, do not leave gaps.

As you can see, the work is not difficult at all, but you will have a stable and original fence for a flower bed or bed.

Bee out of the bottle

An excellent decoration for giving will be a plastic bee. To create this decor you will need:

  • bottle,
  • scissors,
  • plastic glass 0.5 l,
  • glue, paints and brushes,
  • insulating tape (black)
  • knife and wire.

Important!Use acrylic paints - other types of paint will dry for a long time and worse will fall on the surface of the bottle.

By following the simple instructions, you will get great DIY handicrafts for the garden:

  1. Cut bee wings out of a plastic cup.
  2. Insert the wings into the small holes made in advance in the bottle, attaching them with tape.
  3. Paint the bee's body: paint the bottle in black paint, and after full drying, draw yellow stripes.
  4. Now proceed to the drawing of the face of your bee. On the bottle cap that is pre-painted in black, paint the eyes with white paints and the mouth with red paints.
  5. If you wish, draw a contour on the wings.

That's all, your bee is ready. As you can see for yourself, making bees from plastic bottles is no big deal.

Bottle lamp

If you have empty glass bottles, do not rush to throw them away. From such a bottle you get a great lamp, especially if it has an unusual shape. To do this, you need only a little time, accuracy and a few simple materials:

  • a bottle (better than a dark color)
  • protective glasses,
  • drill,
  • a small Christmas garland,
  • glass cutter and insulating tape.

Having prepared all the materials, you can get to work:

  1. Unhurriedly, carefully drill a small hole on the side or bottom of the bottle.
  2. Thread a garland through the hole (only the plug should remain outside the bottle).
  3. Put the bottle in the right place and plug it in.

Important!Do not close the neck of the bottle. While the garland is running, its lamps will glow, and the hole in the neck will allow them to cool slightly.

How can old tires be used in the garden

Crafts made from tires and plastic bottles can greatly change the usual cottage. If your tires have already served you, and you are thinking of throwing them away, stop immediately. Of the old, already seemingly unnecessary tires, you can make a lot of beautiful things, such as a flower bed, a swan, a stand or furniture. In order to build a beautiful flower bed, take the tire and paint it in some bright, eye-pleasing color. Cut one of the sides. You can make a smooth edge, patterned line, teeth or fringe. Put the resulting flowerbed in the space reserved for it, cover it with soil and fertilizer and plant flowers. As you can see, from the bus you can build various crafts for the garden.

How to modernize a wooden pallet and store garden tools

From wooden pallets excellent boxes for garden tools turn out.

Did you know?For the manufacture of the box under the tools will need only one pallet.

So, let's start:

  1. First you need to cut the pallet into pieces and remove unnecessary boards.
  2. Assemble the parts together as necessary and fasten them with screws.
  3. Make the legs, if necessary, of wooden cubes, which probably remained after sawing the pallet, and fix them with screws too.

As a result, you get a convenient, and most importantly, cheap tool box.

How to make a swan from the bottle

When choosing which crafts for the garden you want to do with your own hands, be sure to pay attention to the flower swan from the bottles. Swan - a symbol of beauty, grace, grace. In order for such a bird to “float” in your lands, you must:

    Cut a plastic bottle in two. Remember that for planting flowers need to leave most.

  • Bend the wire to match the swan neck. Insert it into the hole you previously made in the cork.
  • Fix with glue and cover with stones.
  • Fill the hole with moistened sand.
  • Knead the putty at the location of the future swan.

  • Place the bottle on the solution and level it with a spatula.
  • With wet hands, shape the neck. Coat the rod starting from the base, glossing over the base itself, that is, the body of your swan. Wind the wet bandage around your neck and press it down with your hands.
  • Prepare a grid under the wings, bend it under the wing shape and press it to the side of the swan.
  • After the putty has dried, coat the swan wing.

  • Bend a piece of the grid and fix it with a solution behind it - it will be a swan tail.
  • After the putty has completely dried, apply several coats of white enamel to give the swan color. Прорисуйте клюв и глаза. Когда краска высохнет, залакируйте лебедя, чтобы он как можно дольше радовал глаз.

    Что можно сделать из старой посуды или бочек для полива

    Сооружая поделки из покрышек и бутылок, не думайте, что это все, что можно использовать для облагораживания дачного участка. Old pots, bowls and barrels for watering can be easily turned into excellent flower pots. This does not require special knowledge or technology. Just repaint the old utensils in the color you want, fill it with soil and set it in a place that will please your eye with flowering plants.