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How to cook Korean cucumbers for the winter


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Korean cucumbers are another savory homemade billet that is cooked simply, quickly and turns out to be just as delicious as Korean zucchini.

The main ingredients of this dish are cucumbers, carrots and seasoning. Adding tomatoes, bell peppers, mustard and other spices on your own will only enhance and add a lot of flavor, make the snack more appetizing.

These salads can be eaten immediately after preparation, or left for the winter.



2 kg of cucumbers, we need:

  • carrot - 500 gr.
  • garlic - 1 head
  • vegetable oil - 125 gr.
  • Vinegar 9% - 15 gr.
  • chilli pepper - 1 pc.
  • salt - 50 gr.
  • sugar - 100 gr.
  • black pepper peas - 5-6 pcs.


In this delicious recipe you will learn how to quickly cook real Korean-style cucumbers with carrots. In order to make the cucumbers crispy, pour them with cold water and withstand 3-4 hours. If they are just collected from the garden, it is enough to hold them in the water for 1-2 hours.

We wash the cucumbers, cut the asses from both sides and cut them into middle cubes. Do not forget to try them on the bitterness, so as not to spoil the salad.

We rub young, juicy carrots with a long straw grated for Korean carrots. Fold to the cucumbers.

Squeeze the garlic a little flat side of the knife. We prisalivaem, so he quickly give away his juice and unique flavor. Cut into thin slices.

Spicy red pepper cut into thin slices. I do not clean the seeds, take a third or fourth part of the pod, depending on its bitterness. Salat is not hurt, just to sustain your stomachs.

All we put in one large container and gently mix.

Crush black peppercorns with the flat side of the knife, and immediately feel its flavor.

Vegetable oil is used without the smell, it is preferable to take vinegar from the apple.

In a separate bowl, prepare the marinade. Mix salt, sugar, black pepper, vinegar, vegetable oil.

Pour the marinade with vegetables and leave to infuse for 2 hours. Each ingredient has its own taste and aroma, and when they combine, and complement each other, something amazing turns out.

Periodically mix and remove the sample. It turns out delicious, very tasty - yum fingers.

While the vegetables are pickled, prepare the jars. Wash, sterilize, boil lids.

After the time expires, fill the sterilized jars with lettuce. Seal and top with marinade. Cover with lids, sterilize in a pan with water. Half-liter cans - 20, liter - 30 minutes.

Look, what a nice color they got, our cucumbers!

We got 3 liter cans. Two tightly closed screw caps. And we send to sterilize another day under the covers, we will leave them for the winter. And the remaining salad is cooled, folded into the floor liter jars, closed with plastic covers and sent in the refrigerator. I think not for long.

In order to open a jar of cucumbers in winter and not to spoil the screw cap, it is necessary to turn the jar upside down and place it in a deep plate with hot water. After a minute, let’s be a little click, the lid is pulled off, air enters the jar, and it opens easily.

Korean cucumbers with peppers, delicious recipe for winter

In this recipe, the addition of Bulgarian pepper will complement and enrich the taste of the final product. How to put red or green pepper does not matter in principle. It will be tasty in both cases. Red Bulgarian pepper enriches the color scheme, gives an appetizing look to the dish.

A quick recipe for cucumbers in Korean:

Well, and finally, I want to share with you a recipe for cooking cucumbers, which will take quite a bit of time in preparation, but will surprise and delight your loved ones with an unexpected combination of ingredients such as sesame and soy sauce, as well as a pleasant taste and aroma.