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Arsenal herbicide: use feature, main advantages


Any agronomist or amateur gardener is forced to resort to weeds in the garden, regardless of the extent of the farmland. Such funds are called herbicides. They are subdivided according to the principle of action into contact ones (they only process the soil) and solid ones (plants are subject to processing directly). Today we will talk about the demanded means in the agricultural sphere - the herbicide "Arsenal".

What is the herbicide used for?

When tilling the soil with these substances, a sufficient level of moisture is maintained, which does not allow it to harden. Apply funds from weeds and in the garden, and in non-farming areas. And also where vegetation is undesirable: it may be a runway, railway tracks, and so on. In agricultural activity herbicides are used in the following cases:

  1. During the period of fruiting crops, to remove weeds.
  2. After the harvest, when there is a need to preserve the land in a clean state.
  3. As a preparatory stage before sowing.

Herbicide broad-spectrum

Herbicide "Arsenal" has a wide spectrum of action. This explains the reason for its popularity. Often, this tool is used in the first processing of land areas. Its advantage lies in the prolonged effect, which persists for up to 5 years. It is effective in the fight against cereal, dual-weed weeds, trees and shrubs.

Ease of use of this tool is that it can be used in any weather - it does not affect the effectiveness of the drug. Even if there is dust or oily pollution on the surface of the plant, the herbicide will work properly. Literally within 1 hour, it is absorbed by the leaves and roots of the plant, as well as by the soil.

The principle of operation of weed

In Arsenal, the active substance is imazapir. When spraying plants, it penetrates the leaves, roots and soil. And at the level of the soil does not allow seeds to sprout. Imazapir destroys amino acids in plant cells, which prevents their further division and, accordingly, growth. Already after the first day, it will be possible to notice the result of the work of the Arsenal herbicide. But it is better to draw significant conclusions only after 1-2 weeks. Since at this time there will be a gradual dying off of the weed from the root system and to the top.

To achieve the maximum effect of the product, it is necessary to spray in the early spring. It is during this period begins the rapid growth of grass. Since the named herbicide has good phytotoxic properties, it can be used at any time, including frost.

Instructions for use

To avoid the spread of the drug to neighboring areas, spraying should be carried out in calm weather, in the morning or in the evening, when there is no direct exposure to sunlight. The active substance will penetrate into the plant and the soil, regardless of the level of humidity, but to achieve better absorption and a higher result, plant moisture is welcomed.

According to the instructions for use of the Arsenal herbicide, it is necessary to prepare a tank for irrigating the land area. In it you need to pour water on 1/3 and slowly, in a circular motion, to intervene means. The resulting solution is used immediately before use. It is not subject to storage. The process of spraying the area is carried out with the included mixer inside the tank. When the work is completed, it is necessary to rinse it with plenty of water. It is also important to observe the safety standards of the person taking part in the treatment (goggles, gloves, mask, change of clothes, rubber boots).

In large areas, the treatment is carried out with a tractor or motorcycle spraying. The solution consumption in the first case is much lower. Thus, with tractor spraying, the value ranges from 150 to 200 liters per hectare, and with a knapsack spray - from 150 to 300 liters per hectare.

The manufacturer of the herbicide "Arsenal" - Germany. To date, there are many representatives and intermediary organizations involved in the sale of this drug. In Russia, there is also its counterpart with the name "Arsenal New", which is produced by a domestic manufacturer.

Harm from weeds

The weeds in these areas bring a lot of inconvenience, as well as spoil the appearance of the land:

  • It is impossible not to mention the fact that many people are characterized by the manifestation of allergic reactions to some types of weeds.
  • All this testifies to the fact that weeds must be fought in all possible ways.
  • Among the most effective methods of weed control is the use of the herbicide Arsenal.

It is necessary to dwell in more detail on the composition of the herbicide, its mechanism of action and the rates of consumption.

What is this type of herbicide?

Drug continuous action

A distinctive feature of this drug is that it is mainly intended for processing non-agricultural land:

  • Herbicide has proven itself in the treatment of grass and tree-weeds.
  • Arsenal is a means of a new generation, which in a short time has gained popularity among users.

Note. In the commodity market, the product is presented in the form of a 25% concentrate soluble in water. Sold in a plastic canister.

The main active ingredient of Arsenal is nicotinic acid.

Features of the mechanism of action of Arsenal

The principle of action of this drug is based on the activity of the main active ingredient - nicotinic acid

When treating weeds with a herbicide, it is absorbed mainly by leaf leaves, stems and root system:

  • As a result of the effect of nicotinic acid on the plant's DNA, it stops its synthesis and development.
  • This means that the cells of all tissues stop dividing and the weed ceases to multiply. Herbicide is stored in the upper layers of the soil, which as a result prevents the development of new plants.

Note. The visible effect after using the drug can be observed approximately in a day, if it is herbaceous plants, and on artisanal and tree-like weeds, the effect appears in 2 to 4 weeks.

The plant fades slowly, from the root to the top of the stem and leaves. A distinctive feature of the action of the Arsenal herbicide is that nicotinic acid does not affect the process of photosynthesis, so the plant, dying off, remains green.

Herbicide Arsenal: instructions for use

If the herbicide is applied on large areas, it is rational to use special equipment (tractor) for this:

  • In this case, the cost of depreciation and refueling of transport is much lower than when using human labor.
  • Experts also recommend using this method of using Arsenal, such as treating stumps with a preparation or introducing a herbicide into the stem of a young plant with a special syringe.

Herbicide efficacy

How effective is the drug?

It all depends on such factors:

  • Properly selected dose of funds for a certain area of ​​land.
  • Compliance with dosage upon dilution.
  • Correctly chosen time working with Arsenal.

Herbicide Arsenal method of breeding in water, is also described in detail in the instructions for using the tool:

  • In determining the rate of the drug, experts recommend focusing not only on the density of vegetation and the area of ​​the land, but also on the method used to treat weeds.
  • For example, in case of tractor spraying of a herbicide, it is necessary to take 150-200 diluted products per 1 hectare of area.
  • If spraying is carried out using a manual knapsack method - 250 - 600l, with a knapsack motor spraying - 150 - 300l.
  • The special tank must be filled to 1/3 with clean running water, the temperature of which is approximately equal to 20-25 degrees.

Then gently introduce Arsenal into the water and mix thoroughly using a mixer. Then add water to the required amount and mix everything well again.

Safety rules when using

Despite the fact that the Arsenal herbicide can be prepared with your own hands, you must absolutely observe the safety rules:

  • Work only with gloves.
  • Wear safety glasses.
  • Only use mechanized methods for mixing.

Note. One of the advantages of the Arsenal herbicide is that it does not react with any metals or plastics.

This means that the working solution can be prepared in a container made of any material:

  • Plastic.
  • Plastic.
  • Aluminum.
  • Iron.

  • According to experts, Arsenal achieves the highest rate of efficiency if they process young shoots of weeds, bushes or young plants (in the middle or at the end of spring).
  • As a result of the fact that nicotinic acid stops the division of plant cells, the weeds after the first treatment in spring will not have time to throw away the seeds and spread to most of the territory.
  • But this does not mean that the herbicide cannot be used at other times of the year. Arsenal is suitable for use both in spring and in summer, before the onset of frost.

Council If we talk about weather conditions, it is best to work with a herbicide in windless or windless weather.

  • This is due to the fact that in case of gusts of wind, the working solution may fall on plants growing in neighboring areas, which will affect their growth and development.

As for the dew or precipitation that fell before or after the application of the herbicide, this in no way reduces the effectiveness of the Arsenal. If the weather is wet and warm, the absorption of the arsenal is accelerated several times.

Arsenal advantage

Advantageous features of the drug

Compared with other herbicides, Arsenal has some significant advantages:

  • Herbicide efficiency is 95 - 98%.
  • Has a certificate of conformity since 2006.
  • The level of activity and efficiency does not depend on weather conditions and precipitation.
  • Does not extend deep into the soil.
  • It is not washed off from the surface of the soil and plants by precipitation or during watering.
  • Belongs to the 3rd class of hazard (low toxicity).
  • The drug is absorbed not only through the roots and leaves, but also through the soil surface.
  • Practical in use: to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to carry out only 1 - 2 treatments per year.
  • Able to destroy plants whose surface is covered with dust or an oily layer.

It has the ability to use several methods:

  • Tractor spray.
  • Mechanical knapsack.
  • Knapsack manual.
  • Aviation.