General information

Mimulus (Gubastik) - growing from seed, planting and care


The original creeping plant called mimulyus can decorate any balcony, veranda and a small area in the garden. This flower is adored by many for the fact that it blooms for a very long time. Flowers in his bell-shaped flowers are collected in inflorescences and are of different colors. With it, you can create whole floral vivid compositions. It is very simple to grow flower mimulus from seeds, as the plant is a very unpretentious shrub.

Popular varieties

A mimulus or sponge is a garden plant, it is often planted as an annual, although in fact a perennial flower can withstand harsh winters. Attracts with its appearance and long flowering. There are about 150 species of mimulyus. Some of them are stunted plants and reach a height of 60 centimeters. But there are species that grow to two meters.

Most popular shrub varieties:

  • Mimulyus is red. Low, compact bush in height to 40 centimeters. Monochromatic flowers, red color,
  • Mimulus is coppery red. In height there will be no more than 60 centimeters. The diameter of the flowers is 3 centimeters. The flowers have all the different shades of red,
  • Mimulyus is yellow. The flowers are monochromatic yellow, and the plant itself is also low and reaches only 60 centimeters in height,
  • Mimuly speckled. The plant grows to 80 centimeters. The flowers of this type are yellow with red spots,
  • Mimulus orange. From the name it is clear that the flowers are orange, but in height the shrub can reach 1 meter,
  • Mimulyus hybrid or leopard. It is small in height, only 25 centimeters. Flowers resemble a snapdragon. Have a motley color. Usually it is a yellow base with large red spots.

Features of sowing seeds in seedlings and in the ground

You can buy seeds or collect them after the previous full ripening of the box, which will occur at the end of flowering. Everyone can grow mimulyus from seeds, the main thing is to always adhere to some rules:

  • Sowing of seeds is carried out in late February or early April. The temperature in the room where the mimulus will grow should be at least +18 degrees Celsius,
  • The soil should be slightly acidic and well hydrated,
  • The mimulus loves the light, so the seeds need to be provided with enough natural light,
  • After the seeds have been planted in the container, the container can be covered on top with a transparent plastic bag or glass,
  • Seedlings need to be watered only with a sprayer.

If everything is done correctly, then within three days you will see the first shoots after sowing. After 1-2 weeks there will be some real leaves. And this will mean that the plants need to be moved to a cooler room, where the temperature is only + 10-12 degrees Celsius. But the amount of lighting should remain the same.

After some time, there will be 4 full leaves, which means you need to pick and transplant seedlings in peat cups. Such seedlings need regular watering and two dressings with a weak solution of potash fertilizer. With such care for the seedlings, after 2 months, the mimulus can be planted in a permanent habitat.

Landing takes place in a semi-dark or well-lit area. The main thing is to ensure that the soil is loamy and contains a sufficient amount of humus and peat. Before landing, you need to loosen the ground and moisten it. The distance between the seedlings in the open field should be 20-30 centimeters.

If you use the plant as a perennial, it can be propagated not only by seed, but also by cuttings. They need to cut from a healthy plant and transplanted into the ground, and on top of the time covered with a transparent film.

Plant Care

In order for the plant to grow and delight you, you need to follow a few recommendations:

  • Be sure to pinch a young bush, so it will grow faster and become more lush,
  • Cut off all old and dried branches. Usually this procedure is carried out 1 time in three weeks,
  • Feed fertilizer with mineral fertilizers.

Mimulus blooms twice a year - in spring and autumn, and between these periods it is necessary to trim the shrubs. The shoots will grow quickly, and the bush will soon bloom again. On hot days, you need to water the plant more. The soil around the flower should be constantly wet. Filling the plant is also not worth it, otherwise it can provoke a number of diseases.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Sow the seeds of mimulyus must be no later than the beginning of April. These seeds are very small and even mixing them with dry sand will not give much effect, thickening cannot be avoided. Therefore, you should prepare for the subsequent picks. Due to the fact that the seeds of mimulus are very small, they are not embedded in the ground, but are distributed as evenly as possible over the surface of the ground, which should be light and loose. Before planting it should be slightly moistened. Seeds of mimulyus, after they are distributed on the surface of the soil, are also moistened with a spray bottle. Then the container with crops is covered with any transparent material to create greenhouse conditions. They should be kept in a bright place with a moderate (+ 16-18 degrees) temperature.

It does not take long to germinate. On average - a week. Often the first shoots appear on the third day.

Seedling care

If the shoots have grown too thick, then after a week you need to thin them so that they do not interfere with each other’s growth. To avoid stretching the sprouts of mimulyus, place them in a bright and cool place. When the seedling will give 4 true leaves, they can be smashed into separate containers. It makes sense not to allocate to each seedling a separate container, but to plant them in groups of 4-5 pieces. When the seedlings of mimulyus get stronger and take root after a dive, it can also be fed with weak potassium fertilizer.

Planting mimulyusa in open ground

Planted mimulyus seedlings in mid-May. But first you can (and it is highly desirable) to temper it, gradually accustomed to street conditions. In principle, the term of planting mimulus in open ground will depend on how quickly stable warm weather is established in your region. Therefore, the landing period may be shifted.

Place for planting mimulyus can be selected both in the sun and in partial shade. Ideally, the soil in the area under planting of this flower will be slightly acid, loamy with humus content.

Landing is carried out by the method of transshipment into prepared landing pits. The distance between them mainly depends on the size of the adult plant, but on average it is 20 - 30 centimeters. Before planting the soil in the pits is moistened. It is also well moistened and the land in containers with mimulyus seedlings, which at the same time and facilitate its removal for transshipment.

In regions with a mild climate and in early spring, the mimulus can be planted, bypassing the stage of growing seedlings - immediately in open ground. To do this, should establish a warm day weather (+ 16-18 degrees). Seeds of mimulyus, as when sown on seedlings, are distributed over the surface of the soil, moistened and covered with a film. With the advent of germs covering is removed. After a couple of weeks, when the sprouts get stronger, they can already be thinned out.

Care of mimulyus

He will not give you much trouble. The mimulus flower is unpretentious. Care of it will mainly consist in regularly maintaining soil moisture. It should be constantly wet. Mimulus poorly tolerates drought, but excessive waterlogging is undesirable to him, it is fraught with the appearance of various rot and pests. A sign of excess moisture - small holes on the leaves of mimulyus. You should also periodically plow up the land around it and fight weeds.

During the season mimulyus blooms twice - in spring and autumn. After the first flowering is over, the ground part of the flower is shortened, and complex fertilizer is applied under the plant. Pretty soon, mimulyus builds up young shoots, which will be even thicker and more magnificent than the previous ones.

Mimulus winter

Perennial types of mimulyusa can be saved until next spring. Even if there are harsh winters in your places, it can be cut off in the fall, dug out and transplanted into a flower pot along with a clod of earth. You can keep it on the windowsill at a low temperature. In the spring, with the onset of heat, mimulyus can be taken out and planted in open ground.

Planting of the grown seedling mimulyus on a flower bed

The seedling gubastika, though gentle, is easy to damage, but it has one big plus over other cultures: with proper planting and caring for young plants, they grow incredibly quickly. Due to this specificity, the mimulus blooms as early as 2-3 decade of May. Therefore, in order to enjoy long flowering, it is necessary to have time to transplant the young specimens into the open ground.

When to transplant seedlings mimulyusa

If the weather is favorable, and the grains for seedlings were sown early enough, the seedlings are transplanted into flowerbeds without conducting a preliminary dive. With a prolonged winter and low air temperatures, the planting of plants in open ground is carried out in the second half of May. Up to this point, young flowers should grow, grow strong, form good roots. The optimal age of seedlings for transplanting it on the street is 6-8 weeks.