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How to prepare grape juice for the winter


Monday, November 3, 2014

In the season of recipes for various preparations for the winter, the Internet is just full of. Most often hostesses stock up on all sorts of vegetable seams, sauces and jam. But many people are looking for proven recipes for homemade compotes and other drinks.

Today I want to offer you a simple compote recipe for the winter, or rather, it is natural grape juice, which you need to dilute in winter with some water and drink. The juice of grapes for the winter is quite concentrated, so its taste and aroma are very saturated. Due to its own high acidity, it is very well stored, but if you make this preparation for the winter from homemade grapes.

Naturally, few people will prepare the juice from the purchased grapes, which at any time of the year costs a lot, and is processed with all sorts of means for better storage. How is it your grapes grown on their own private plot! It is clear that in countries not intended for the cultivation of this plant (too harsh climate), even fully ripened grapes turn out to be quite sour and difficult to eat fresh.

That is why it is possible to make excellent grape juice for the winter - without preservatives, dyes and other harmful filth. Ingredients such as water and sugar are additional, that is, it all depends on the sweetness and juiciness of fresh berries. You can not add them. We will prepare the grape juice using a juicer, although you can use a juicer (but this is a different recipe). I managed to prepare a total of about 4 liters of delicious homemade grape juice for the winter out of so many ingredients.

For adults

Due to the significant content of vitamins, glucose and fructose, the drink has a tonic and antioxidant effect on the body. It is effective for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, has a mild laxative effect, and also reduces cholesterol levels.

Useful juice with neurosis and anemia. Also, its unique chemical composition has a positive effect on the brain.

It is not recommended to enter this drink into a children's diet earlier than two years of age. In general, it is indicated for use in children with underweight and weak immunity. In addition, grape juice is a good natural energy drink that can increase the mental and physical activity of a child.

Home or packaged: advantages and disadvantages

The main argument in favor of a drink made at home is its naturalness. By preparing it at home, any housewife can ensure that any chemical additives or dyes and stabilizers harmful to the body are completely absent in this drink. But fresh juice is a perishable product. The oxidative processes in it begin almost instantly. And sterilization and boiling destroy a lot of nutrients. At the same time, the process of preparing a drink for the winter is very laborious.

But, despite all these drawbacks, compared to homemade, the drink in the package is one sheer flaw. The most important thing to think about when acquiring it is how much preservatives, flavor enhancers and flavorings that are dangerous to the body are contained in it.

In addition, the composition of these drinks is often a very high percentage of sugar, which is also not very good for health. Well, the packaging itself leaves much to be desired. Glass containers are optimally suited to preserve the beneficial properties of natural juice, since paper still has micro cracks.

Top Grades

The most popular among the dark varieties have "Cabernet", "Isabella", "Moldova", "Cardinal", "Purple Early". The berries of these varieties produce very fragrant, moderately sweet drinks, as these grape varieties have very low acidity.

As for the white varieties, then it is best to choose nutmeg grapes. But a large number of other varieties are quite suitable for the preparation of this drink. Among the huge variety of options worth paying attention to the following varieties: "Bianca", "White Delight", "Tukay", "Muscat Katunsky", "White Mask". Juicy and tasty, the sweet pulp of these varieties is ideal for making juices. Very tasty and unusual drink will turn out if you mix the berries of dark and white varieties.

The recipe for making grape juice for the winter manually

To prepare a tasty and healthy drink at home will take a long time, because without the use of technological advances, this process becomes quite time-consuming.

What you need: kitchen appliances and equipment

The following tools will be needed to make homemade grape juice manually: a large basin, two pans: to sterilize and to collect the finished drink, glass bottles of any size, a watering can, a kitchen towel (we cover the bottom of the sterilization pans), a dipper, a fine sieve.

When preparing this beverage, it is imperative that you use rubber gloves manually to prevent grape acid from damaging the skin of your hands.

Step-by-step recipe

Preparation of the drink at home is done in several stages:

  1. Bunches of grapes are washed and berries are separated from the branches, cutting them off into a large basin.
  2. Ready berries gently squeeze hands, carefully, trying not to miss a single berry.
  3. The resulting liquid with pulp is filtered through a fine sieve into a saucepan.
  4. Using a scoop, the product is poured into prepared clean bottles, filling them about 3/4 full (it is not necessary to sterilize the bottles).
  5. At the bottom of the pan lay a towel, set the bottle and cover them with lids, not twisting.
  6. Water is poured into a saucepan with bottled liquid.
  7. Sterilized for 20 minutes from the moment of boiling, then twist the lid.

Recipe for juicing with a juicer

In order to make a drink using a juicer, 0.5 kg of sugar is needed for 7 kg of grapes.

  1. Grapes are sorted, washed and separated berries from the twigs.
  2. All grapes are passed through a juicer. If the power device allows, then you can re-scroll and pulp.
  3. The resulting foam should be allowed to stand for an hour. Then you can collect from her foam.
  4. The result is about four liters of finished juice. Add sugar to it and bring to a boil, but do not boil. It will be enough to warm it to 85-90 degrees and wait until the liquid begins to emit a characteristic noise.
  5. The finished drink is poured into sterilized jars and ordered tin lids.
  6. Banks to turn and wrap a blanket overnight.

How to make juice with a juicer

The advantage of this method of preparation is that there is no need to pick berries from the twigs. Whole bunches are quite suitable, the taste of the drink will not spoil it. So:

  1. The grapes are washed and placed in a bowl of juice cookers.
  2. Set the bowl in place and turn on the fire.
  3. After at least half an hour, you can pour hot juice into pre-sterilized jars and roll them in tin lids.
  4. Optionally, add some sugar. In this case, the drink is first collected in a saucepan, sugar is added and, not boiling, poured into cans.

Terms and conditions of storage blanks

Store the finished billet must be in a dry and cool place. The optimal solution is an ordinary basement. The drink will retain its natural beneficial properties for 3-5 years. Do not be afraid if, after some time, a solid crystalline precipitate appears at the bottom of the jar. This is tartar. Its appearance is natural for grape juice.

More about healthy juices

Natural juices are extremely healthy. Biologically active substances contained in them have a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body. But the composition of each vegetable, fruit or berry is unique, therefore, the effect of beverages prepared from them is different.

This juice has a positive effect on the work of the intestines, because it contains pectin. It is also useful in diseases of the kidneys, liver and bladder.

You can consume apple juice in unlimited quantities without damage to health. But it should be borne in mind that it is quite sour, and people with high acidity should refrain from it.

This juice helps fight colds and diseases of the cardiovascular system. He is also a real find for a strong half of humanity. It has a beneficial effect on reproductive function and, with regular use, allows for a long time to preserve men's health.

But you should not forget that pumpkin juice has a good cleansing effect. It is not recommended to use in severe disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

This drink occupies a leading position in the content of nutrients among their own kind. It contains beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, vitamins of group B and many more useful substances. The juice from carrots favorably affects not only the vision, but also all the metabolic processes of our body. But you should not drink it uncontrollably. This can adversely affect liver function. Harvesting grape juice at home allows you to personally provide your family with delicious and natural vitamins for the winter.

This process is technologically simple, and spoiling the product is almost impossible. And the effort and time spent on cooking, this useful drink is fully justified.

Grape juice for the winter at home: how to do it correctly? The best recipes of grape juice for the winter from the pan or juicer

Grape juice is a unique gift of generous nature. Its value is invaluable, especially for children and weak adults. The drink is able to cure and protect against many diseases, strengthen the immune system and just deliver pleasure. Its fresh, tart, sweet-sour taste improves mood.

In grapes mass of nutrients. The most amazing thing is that almost all of their properties are preserved in the natural juice of the wine, not only freshly harvested, but also harvested for the future, for the winter. The main thing - strictly follow all the requirements of the technology of preparation of the drink.

More juicy wine varieties are ideal for spinning: Cabernet, Lydia, Bianca, Siegerb, Isabella, Armalaga, Illichivsk Early, Yohaniter, Golubok. Table grades are drier, the juice from them is less. Most often, the drink is made from black grapes. However, it is worth trying to mix green and black grapes: the result will be amazing.

Grape juice for the winter at home - the general principles of preparation

Preparing grape juice for the winter is easy. the task is to squeeze it from the pulp (crushed bones and peel). In the wine-growing regions, the juice of the very first spin, which is obtained after crushing berry raw materials, is appreciated. Pasteurization makes it completely ready to eat.

The taste qualities of the final product also depend on other conditions: color, variety, degree of maturity, quality of the grapes, method of its pressing and preparation.

If there are a lot of raw materials, you can get grape juice in a regular city kitchen.

Raw materials can be pressed in two main ways: manual (the most inefficient) and mechanical (using a juicer, screw press, blender or meat grinder).

With manual mode squeezing berries stretch their hands, and then filtered. Gauze, sieve, nylon stocking - the filter can be used any. If the raw material is crushed in a blender or meat grinder, the grape juice is pressed in the same way.

Juicer with spin function - almost perfect. It is convenient to use a special nozzle for the meat grinder, although working with it is very long. But the juice is excellent, clean, and the pulp is squeezed out almost dry.

Convenient solution - juice cooker. Nothing is needed. You load the berries into a special compartment, cook according to the instructions, periodically kneading the steamed grapes with wooden tolkushka, and roll the finished product into the jars. However, cooking in a juice cooker is very long: if there is a lot of raw materials, cooking will take several days.

Sugar in the finished drink, you can not add. However, the general principle of sweetening requires to take a hundred grams of sugar per two kilograms of sweet wine berries. For sour varieties, the amount of sugar should be increased.

Dark-grape twigs can not be removed: they will give the drink tartness due to tannins. Sprigs of green or white grapes must be removed: they will make the color of the drink ugly.

Pasteurization of grape juice is required! Otherwise, he will ferment in a matter of hours. Banks with ready-made juice should be placed in a saucepan with slowly boiling water, setting on a wooden board or a dense woven backing and heated at 80 degrees for fifteen minutes. You can pasteurize and before pouring into a glass container.

Full result gives double pasteurization. After the first half-hour warm-up, which prevents fermentation, the juice should cool down. The second pasteurization will make the juice transparent. Immediately after the clarified product can be preserved.

Grape juice for the winter at home "Classic"

To separate the juice of their wine berries, you can use a blender, combine or meat grinder. Juice must be separated from the pulp and crushed bones with a colander and gauze.


• some sugar (optional).

Cooking method:

Many believe that nothing but wine at home can not be made from grapes. In fact, these fruits make a very tasty and healthy juice. The process of making this drink, though painstaking, but absolutely everyone can do it. It turns out very saturated and fragrant, and most importantly - useful.