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Tomato Evpator F1


Farmers and homeowners who grow tomatoes, especially for sale, are constantly looking for varieties of tomatoes that would be best suited for their purposes - yield, disease resistance, keeping quality of fruits and their good transportability are important for them. Tomato "Evpator" according to the characteristics and description of the variety is ideally suited to their requirements.

Inference history

Tomatoes "Evpator" - one of the most popular greenhouse tomatoes, a hybrid of the first generation, known for its resistance to major diseases of nightshade and a fairly high yield.

The hybrid is entered in the State high-quality register in 2002. The originators of the variety are the selection agrofirm “Gavrish” and “The Scientific Research Institute of Protected Vegetable Husbandry”.

Description of the bush

The bush is powerful, tall, with dark green dissected leaves of medium size, up to one and a half meters high. The "Eupator F1" is a hybrid with unlimited growth (indeterminant), therefore it needs a garter so that the fruits do not lay down on the ground. For the first eight leaves every three leaves, this tomato begins to throw out the brush of the inflorescences, on which up to eight fruits are formed.

Description of the fetus

Fruits of medium size, weighing 130-150 g, dense, round and slightly flattened, all very close in size. The smooth smooth skin of a beautiful bright red color gives the tomatoes of this variety a good presentation. The fruits are not very sweet and fragrant, with a slight sourness.

Advantages and disadvantages

The peculiarities of Evpator tomatoes determine that they have significant advantages and specific disadvantages.

The advantages of this tomato are:

  • high yield and vigor, which saves space, so the variety is ideal for growing in greenhouses and greenhouses,
  • a short period before maturity,
  • high productivity
  • disease resistance
  • good transportability.

The variety does not have pronounced defects; its negative aspects include:

  • in the open field it bears fruit much worse, not giving the same crop as in the greenhouse,
  • the plant must be tied up periodically, the first time - a few days after planting,
  • requires frequent pinching,
  • not very high taste.
With good care juicy beautiful tomatoes "Evpator" will delight any gardener, and the ripening and high yield varieties make it even more attractive.

History of the variety

This hybrid is not so many years. He was born in 2002 through the efforts of Russian scientists from the Gavrish breeding center and was entered in the register. Thanks to its impeccable and unique properties, it quickly became popular. The demand for its seeds is always and constantly growing. It is derived for planting in greenhouses and greenhouses. Permitted to cultivation in the open field, but the yield is slightly lower.

Description and characteristics

Eupator is a mid-season variety, the time from planting to harvesting is approximately 100-110 days. An important feature - the hybrid is high-yielding. This indicator is equal to 40 kg per 1 m2, but on condition that the cultivation took place under the film.

The tomato grows rather large in size, 150-180 cm tall. About him we can say that he is tall and medium branchy. Differs in high generative abilities. It belongs to the cultures:

This means that the hybrid is characterized by unrestrained, rapid growth. In addition, it grows in the form of a small tree, that is, a trunk. Leaves are saturated green. All fruit-bearing branches grow every 3 leaves. Only the first brush is laid over 9 sheets. It provides an abundance of beautiful and equidistant brushes.

In terms of ripening, the tomato is medium. From the moment of growing the seedlings to picking the first tomatoes, it takes 100-110 days. Differs in good resistance to fungal pathogens. Requires mandatory fixation to the support, as the large size makes it defenseless against the winds. Specialists genetically increased resistance to fusarium, cladosporia, nematode.

Its yield is worthy of a real record holder. 1 m2 can give 40 kg of ripe fruit. Properly organized shelter will help to harvest crops on an industrial scale.

Advantages and disadvantages

Reputable farmers are very pleased with this variety. But it cannot be otherwise, since a hybrid is a beautiful embodiment of virtues. It is typical for him:

  • record yield,
  • excellent resistance to fungi and viruses
  • simultaneous ripening of a large number of fruits,
  • good size and shape of tomatoes,
  • excellent taste.

There are no disadvantages and disadvantages of the variety. The only thing you should pay attention to is pruning of actively expanding shoots. In this case, you need a certain skill, which will have to master the beginners. And also do not forget about the garter. As brushes ripen with tomatoes can begin to break off or lie on the ground.

Fruits that you should know

Ripe tomatoes have an attractive and appetizing appearance. Mature neat friendly brush. They are beautiful rounded shape, slightly elongated. Ribling is not expressed. Color is red, saturated. All fruits are even, smooth, equidimensional, as per selection.

Their average weight is approximately the same and ranges from 130 to 170g. The pulp on the break is juicy. The chamber structure, the number of structural elements is 4-6. The skin is dense and prevents cracking. Important advantages for growing large volumes for sale are:

  • long storage,
  • excellent transportability.

The output of beautiful, commercial tomatoes - 99%. This means that all fruits have an excellent market appearance. For sellers, this is an important nuance. Tomatoes have a universal purpose, they are tasty fresh. But they do not have pronounced sweetness and sugar content. About them we can say that they are slightly sour.

Salads and cuts for the holidays and buffets from them are bright and juicy. Tomatoes are ideal for preservation. All the tomatoes in the jar look excitingly appetizing, thanks to the rich red color and the same size. Of these, you can prepare sauces, pastes, juice, lecho. As well as dry and wilt.

What is useful to know when growing?

If you want to get big yields, you need all the information about growing. Hybrid Evpator grows best and bears fruit under the film. Therefore, if you plan to keep it in the greenhouse, you can safely sow the seeds for seedlings. Even if the terrain is cold and does not indulge in hot weather, film cover will help to obtain a consistently high yield.

Forming and staving during care is paramount, as the hybrid is characterized by unlimited apical growth. To do this, a tomato lead in 1 stalk. From the main shoot, cut off excess branches and form a bush like a tree. Stems should be spacious. You need to make sure that everyone has enough sunlight, and there is no thickening.

Planting seedlings correctly

March on the threshold, seeds in boxes. With the onset of spring, it is time to sow seeds and grow seedlings. The soil is taken light, but at the same time fertile. It must contain compost, garden soil, sand, and ash. For the prevention of disease treatment is carried out with a hot solution. It includes:

Seeds are laid out to a depth of 1.5 cm. The distance between them should be 2 cm. Small and weak plants, when shoots appear, will need to be cut, since you cannot expect a high yield from them. On day 10 after germination, the first feeding is carried out. Use complex fertilizer. Better if the nitrogen in it will be the minimum concentration. Picks are carried out in phase 3 of the first true leaflets. Plants are transplanted into larger pots, preferably with a clod of earth.

Planting under the film: in the greenhouse or greenhouse

The best time to spend landing work is the middle or the end of May. When exactly, everyone decides individually. It all depends on the climatic conditions and weather, as well as the characteristics of the greenhouse. In the wells add compost or humus, as well as complex mineral fertilizer. The optimal distance between tomatoes is at least 50 cm. Since they cannot stand thickened. The best option for planting is considered, when per 1 m2, 3 plants grow.

Fertilizing tomatoes, do not get carried away with nitrogen salts. They can lead to unlimited vegetation. Plants stretch as much as possible, spending all their strength on the growth of leaves and stems.

Diseases and pests: control and prevention measures

Evpator resistant to many diseases, but there are those from which even a strong hybrid can not defend themselves. One of these diseases is fomoz. To help the plant, you need to cut off the affected fruit. And a bush to process a special agent "Hom". In addition, it is important to reduce the frequency of irrigation. For a time limit or stop the introduction of nitrogenous minerals.

When infected with dry blotch come to the aid of special drugs:

Of pests should beware of a scoop. Caterpillars of moths can cause a real invasion. Therefore, you need to carefully inspect the plants and collect all newly emerging pests in a timely manner. If the infection is extensive, then Strela will quickly help to cope. From the whitefly, another greenhouse pest, you can get rid of with the help of "Confidor".

Long before planting, all gardeners begin to determine the varieties of tomatoes that they plant in their greenhouse. The selection is very strict and serious, since there is no place to take the extra space. Not all tomatoes can pass it with dignity. But for Evpator, there will be no difficulties. He has many highlights, thanks to which he has long become a universal favorite.

Reviews who planted

Having studied reviews gardeners, we collected the most informative and presented them on the website at the end of the article, so that you can familiarize yourself with them and make the right decision about growing the Yupator tomato variety.

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