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Effective control of wasps


Each summer resident is faced with problem insects, most often it is wasps and hornets. Today there are many ways to deal with them. And the easiest is to call in specialists. Less - a fairly high price for the work.

But do not be upset if you do not have the opportunity to call such workers or you are limited financially. This problem can be solved independently. To do this, there are several methods of struggle:

- the use of special chemicals from insects,

- struggle with wasps by national methods.

How to destroy wasps? Method one - the use of chemicals.

There are several types of such chemicals:

- Troapsil. It is a professional insect repellent,

- “Moskito - Protection against wasps” is a very effective and long-lasting aerosol that is able to destroy wasps and their nests both in the street and in non-residential premises,

- “Gett” is a modern professional preparation, which was specially developed for extermination of bedbugs, ants, wasps, cockroaches, etc.

- “Smilnet” is a microencapsulated anti-insect agent, it does not possess a smell. Designed for self-use in the fight against mosquitoes, fleas, wasps, flies, cockroaches, ticks and so on. Validity up to 8 months.

The method of application of all the above means is the same: carefully and carefully handle the place around the wasp nest, as well as the nest itself and the entrance to it by any of the above means. When the wasps crawl into the nest, they will carry the drug microparticles into it. This will lead to the death of them and the entire population. If the nest is not available, but you can see where the wasps crawl into it, treat this place with a large amount of the drug. The effect is the same: literally in a couple of days the insects will die.

Wasp control will be effective if you use the following drug. It does not require significant costs. But it is necessary to have a certain skill in spraying the drug, as there is a possibility that wasps may bite you during the “stripping”.

"OtOs" is a drug that attracts hornets and wasps. It is the only drug officially approved for use in summer cottages. This is a multi-component bait, attracting wasps, in contact with the solution which they die.

The method of application is very simple: just pour the bait in a bottle, add water and hang it on the trees, fence and so on.

How to fight with wasps? Second way

For centuries people have destroyed these insects with the help of improvised means. So, the struggle with wasps folk methods:

1. Fill the bucket to the brim with water, bring it to the wasp's nest and immerse it so that it is completely in the water. And within five minutes the nest will get wet and all the wasps inside will die. To accomplish this, you must wear special clothes and a fly insect to avoid bites. You can also use a saucer with jam in order to divert the attention of the wasps.

2. Prepare a trap from a plastic bottle. Cut the neck of the bottle on the label. We turn over and pour inside the soured compote, and insert the cut part into the bottle with the neck down.

3. If the nest is located in the ground, then it should be poured boiling water. You can, of course, boil water in a kettle or saucepan, but this is not always effective, there is little water in them. But if you have a summer water supply and the water in it is warming up well, you can safely take the hose and fill the socket. After falling asleep and ramming.

4. You can also use vinegar to spray curtains so that these insects do not fly into the house.

To prevent the wasps from returning to their original place, the nest should be scraped off with a knife and the place should be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate, sprinkled with any insecticide, and the adhesive tape should be hung. The fight against wasps is always relevant in the summer, so knowing how to destroy them is necessary.

What is the danger?

The bite of a wasp is similar to a bee, but is accompanied significant burning sensation. This is a large red spot with a puncture site in the center. Often these bites are accompanied by extensive swelling and an allergic reaction of the body. It depends on the site of the bite and on the sensitivity of the human body to the poison of the insect. Wasp venom contains components that destroy cell walls and cause swelling and inflammation.

It also contains toxins that affect the nervous system. Therefore, the site of the bite hurts for a long time, heals slowly (as the cells recover) and itching very much.

Bites to the area are very dangerous for humans. neck, face, tongue, genitals. Swelling can cause choking or inability to urinate. Massive bites are a big danger.

They are characterized by the manifestation such symptoms: dizziness, heartache, confusion, a sharp decrease in blood pressure. In such cases, you must contact the medical institution for help. It should be noted that the allergic reaction of the body to wasp venom is the most dangerous. It may be accompanied by an increase in body temperature. 40 ° C, nausea, vomiting and in 10-15% of cases lead to death. You should not be sure of the absence of an allergic reaction, if once after a bite, everything turned out to be ok.

The body's sensitivity to poison can develop gradually and does not depend on the time between bites: everything is very individual. But if this happens, you must carefully consider the consequences.

These yellow-black arthropod insects sting only in self-defense. They show the greatest aggressiveness on hot days with a large accumulation of sweet fruits.

They are attracted not only by sweet smells, but also by perfumery aromas and bright colors of clothes.

Wasp control methods

The fight against these insects can serve a few reasons: a large hornet's nest in an undesirable place, an apiary, a large accumulation of insects that can sting or damage the crop. Before you get rid of wasps in the country, you must put on protective clothing, plan a plan of retreat, choose a means of destruction. You should be aware that insects are less aggressive in spring or at night.

It is not expedient to destroy the nest in late autumn, since insects will die from winter frosts, and the nest can be destroyed in winter without danger to health.


Chemical control agents are user friendly and effective. It is better to use a pesticide spray aerosol container in the evening, so that it will take effect at night. Spraying must be carried out throughout 10-15 seconds. How to get rid of the wasp nest in the country, if access to it is limited? In this case, it is better to use insecticidal dust. In the early morning, 40-50 ml of dust spray a hole in the nest.

Dust covers the legs and wings of the wasps, which penetrate into the center of the nest and pollute other individuals with it. After 1-2 days, the wasps die.

Folk remedies

To combat the wasps, use a soap solution prepared from dishwashing liquid: 50 ml of the gel is dissolved in 1 liter of hot water. The solution is sprayed onto the nest for 10-15 seconds. The liquid settles on the wings of insects, preventing their movement. The process must be repeated several times so that each wasp is treated with soapy water.

A long hose vacuum cleaner can be used to combat insects. After catching, close the suction pipe so that the wasps do not fly out. If the buzz in the vacuum cleaner has stopped, then it can be open and clean.

You can fight in the open with smoke. To do this, you need to make a fire under the nest and smoke it for a hour in the wasp smoke from the nest. When the nest is empty, you must knock it down with a stick. How to deal with wasps in a wooden house? For this you can use water and a fabric bag with a cord. A bucket of water must be placed under the nest.

The bag must be quickly and carefully put on the socket and tightened with a cord. Next, quickly dip the bag with the nest into the water and leave it there until complete destruction.

Use traps

The simplest way to catch wasps is a trap. It is effective when you can not find a nest: in apiaries, vineyards and gardens.

Before you fight the wasps in the country with this simple tool, you need to design it. For this fit a plastic bottle, wire or adhesive tape. Use a sharp knife to cut off the top third of the bottle.

Pour the bait into the lower part and close tightly with the cut part (neck in the middle). The design can be hung, if you make a wire handle. The principle of the bait is simple: the insect easily gets inside, but cannot get back. Attach the trap can also be with scotch tape.

It should be noted that the bait must be prepared so as not to attract bees. As bait use sour compote, kvass or beer. Sugar syrup will not work. The bait level should be below the inlet. If an insecticide is added to the bait, the captives will die quickly.

Effective number of baits - one approximately 100 square meters. The industry offers sticky tapes, but their use in the apiary brings little benefit.

Do wasps benefit?

The fight against wasps is pushing the question of the benefits they bring to the outside world. Their utility for the garden in pest control - they hunt caterpillars, leaf beetles, weevils, flies and other insects, feeding them their larvae.

By destroying pests, these insects increase yields and maintain ecosystem stability. In the food chain, they are an important link, since they themselves become food for many birds. They also take an active part in pollination. For example, wasp-blastophagous are the only insects pollinating figs.

The life cycles of this species fully correspond to the flowering cycles of the plant. Communication insect with a plant so strong that figs can not survive without a wasp and vice versa.

First aid for bite

To minimize the effects of the bite, you need to suck out no later than 60 seconds from poison poison and apply cold - With this help it will be possible to narrow the vessels and reduce the spread of toxic substances into the blood.

Later, the affected area can be smeared with ointment, reducing capillary permeability and reducing skin-allergic reactions. Such products include Fenistil-gel, Dermadrin ointment, Psilo-Balsam, Ketocin ointment and others. The effects of a bite can be of varying degrees of severity:

  • light - The general condition of the body is normal, but redness, swelling and itching persist at the site of the bite. In this case, the place is treated with one of the antiallergic ointments, taking into account the peculiarities of use,
  • average - edema has spread to nearby tissues, the place is painful, but there are no allergy symptoms. In this case, a cold compress can significantly ease the situation. Antiallergic ointments should be applied to the skin constantly until the tumor disappears. In case of severe pain, it is necessary to take painkillers and antihistamines in pills. Patients need to take more fluids to quickly eliminate toxins
  • heavy - there are signs of an allergic reaction of the body. They manifest themselves in the following symptoms: fever, headache, shortness of breath, heart pain, rapid tumor growth and severe pain. Such an injured person needs qualified specialist help, but allergic reactions can develop so rapidly that failure to provide emergency help can lead to the death of the patient. You must give a pill any anti-allergic systemic agent. If unconsciousness and breathing is impaired, artificial respiration should be promptly carried out with an indirect heart massage. Delivery of the patient to a medical facility is mandatory.

Fighting wasps is a dangerous undertaking. Perhaps you should not risk your health, but rather resort to the help of experts.

Types of funds from wasps

According to the method of application of the agent against wasps can be divided into two types. The first type combines drugs that are intended for the preparation of poisoned baits and traps.

Such funds must meet the following requirements:

  • do not have a strong smell
  • to be highly toxic for wasps,
  • not dangerous for warm-blooded animals and people.

The second group of drugs is the means by which you can quickly, safely and safely for your health destroy all insects in the nest. The main requirement here:

  • high rate of action of the drug on insects,
  • ease of use (aerosol or spray),
  • low toxicity to humans.

Depending on the form of release of the insecticidal drug, there are:

  1. Concentrates for dilution and subsequent use in the form of a spray - some such means to combat wasps are very effective and at the same time quite economical. Concentrates are well suited for the preparation of poisoned baits, and for the treatment of wasp nests (after diluting the preparation according to the instructions).
  2. Aerosols sold already ready for use (in cylinders with dispensers). They are usually treated with insect nests.
  3. Insecticidal agents in the form of powders that dissolve in water or are poured immediately into the bait in order to get poisonous for the delicacy. This group includes, for example, borax and boric acid - perhaps the most famous folk remedies for wasps.
  4. Special gels with insecticides, which were originally created as good bait for insects (especially for cockroaches and ants).

And also note the glues for insects, to which the wasps just stick.

Poisoned baits for wasps can also be divided into two types: the first are intended for baiting exclusively adult insects, and the second - oddly enough, for the larvae as well.

The effect of lures of the first type is based on the taste preferences of adults: they will never “pass” past the available sweet syrups or fermented preserves - in our case insecticide poisoned. The wasps readily flock to them, and after feeding quickly die.

The action of poisoned baits of the second type is not aimed at the immediate destruction of insects - they must first bring poison into their nest and feed the larvae and the uterus with a “delicacy”.

For example, meat treated with a suitable insecticidal preparation is laid out in a prominent place, and very soon attracts the first “victims”. The poisoned bait wasps are carried to the nest, where they chew themselves zealously, and then feed the larvae, which leads to the death of both adult insects and brood. The treat goes to the queen wasp nest.

To date, there are quite a lot of different insecticidal drugs, suitable as a means of wasps. Below we talk about the most effective and well-established in practice.

The drug Geth (Get) is widely known as a powerful remedy for bedbugs and cockroaches, however, it also shows very good results as a means to destroy wasps. Geth is not dangerous for humans, and, very importantly, has virtually no odor. This tool can be used both to destroy the nest itself, and as a poisonous substance in the composition of baits for wasps.

To destroy the nest, Geth is diluted in water at a ratio of 100 ml of the preparation (one bottle) to 2 liters of liquid. Next, the tool is poured into a large plastic bag that slips over the nest at night, and its neck is either tightly wound with tape (if the dwelling of insects hangs on a tree branch) or is glued to a flat surface (if the nest, for example, is suspended on the ceiling of a room) . You can remove the package only after a couple of days, when all adults are already dead.

A nest located in the ground or hollow of a tree is simply filled with the same solution of the Geth means as in the previous case, and the exit is plugged with a cloth soaked in this solution.

To prepare a poisoned bait, a beer is added to the fermented jam or kvass. The geth from the vial is mixed in a ratio of 1:10, after which such bait is poured into poisonous plastic bottles. It is also possible to process a piece of meat with an aqueous emulsion of the preparation, which is placed near the wasp nest.

Due to the fact that the Get tool is odorless, wasps absolutely calmly eat baits based on it. The drug has been repeatedly tested by many people in practice, and in general it can be characterized as a fairly effective poison against wasps.

Perhaps the main drawback of Geth means is its relatively high price. This drug costs about 800 rubles per 100 ml bottle and is sold mainly through the Internet.

“The wasps came to us at the beginning of spring, and then they became awfully many. It turned out that they built their nest near the toilet. Even then, we didn’t know what wasps could be poisoned, we went to our neighbors, but they recently poisoned cockroaches, and they still have poison. We lit her, her husband took a sprayer and in the evening he treated the entire nest. Под утро под ним был целый ковер из мертвых ос, но и живые ещё летали. Потом мы их тоже добили».

Ирина Витальевна, Волгодонск

Борная кислота как компонент отравленных приманок

Борная кислота – пожалуй, самое известное народное средство от ос. В составе различных приманок она широко используется также как отрава против тараканов и муравьев.

The main advantages of boric acid:

  • high enough poisoning capacity with respect to insects,
  • relative harmlessness to humans (earlier, boric acid was even used for disinfecting wounds),
  • total absence of smell
  • availability and low price (you can buy it at any pharmacy).

Usually boric acid (as well as the Get tool described above) is added to fermented jam or beer, after which the prepared bait is poured into a suitable container. You can also process a suspension of boric acid pieces of raw meat and lay them near the wasp nests.

Borax is also a well-known remedy for wasps and other insects. By chemical nature, it is the sodium salt of boric acid, which has almost the same insecticidal properties as the acid itself.

Wasp control with Dichlorvos

Dichlorvos against wasps was used even when it was practically the only means of salvation from domestic insects. This aerosol remedy is also used today, although since Soviet times the active ingredient of the drug has changed a long time ago (now, in different brands of Dichlorvos, pyrethroids are used instead of organophosphates).

Dichlorvosom, as a rule, spend processing wasp nests. Choosing this tool, you need to understand that it will be necessary to approach the nest and spray it from a can more than once. Each treatment will lead to the death of a sufficiently large number of insects, and within a few days it is possible to achieve the destruction of the entire aspen family.

Applying Dichlorvos (however, like any other tool) do not forget about the precautions. To destroy the nest should be only at night, when insects are inactive. Be sure to wear tight clothes with sleeves, thick gloves and a beekeeper's mask.

Buy Dichlorvos various brands (Eco, Neo, Varan, etc.) today can be almost any hardware store. It is inexpensive drug, and in most cases, one balloon is enough to destroy the average wasp nest.

It is possible to replace Dichlorvos with other similar aerosol insecticidal preparations: Raptor for crawling insects, Raptor for moths, Combat, aerosol for insects Pure House, etc.

Delta Zone

Concentrate Delta Zone is another well-known and very effective drug that can be successfully applied from wasps and hornets. A characteristic feature of this tool - the presence of a very weak odor, which makes it quite suitable for the preparation of poisoned baits.

A bottle of the drug per 100 ml costs about 650 rubles. In general, the effectiveness of Delta Zone and Get against OS was about the same.

Malathion is an insect poison known for its efficiency and low price, although it is somewhat outdated. It is sold in powder form, or in the form of a concentrate for the preparation of an aqueous emulsion. The latter form of this tool is more convenient for the preparation of toxic wasps compounds.

Famous karbofos and its very sharp and unpleasant smell. That is why it will not work to use it in the composition of poisoned baits - the smell of the product will simply scare away most insects.

Apply the tool in two ways:

  • dilute 100 ml of a concentrated solution of Karbofos with a liter of water, pour it into a large plastic bag, and then (at night) pull it onto the nest from below,
  • or simply spray the nest with the resulting emulsion (in this case, the procedure sometimes has to be repeated more than once).

Traps and drug Otos

Traps - widely known folk remedies against wasps. They are usually made from simple plastic bottles: they cut the top part and insert it with the neck down into the bottom half.

Jam, beer, mash or kvass are poured into the finished trap. To increase the effectiveness of the bait, you can add Geth, boric acid, chlorophos, or any other suitable insecticidal, odorless.

This trap can be used even without the upper part - the wasps that have flown out of it will die anyway. In the case of a standard design, the presence of an insecticide in the bait greatly facilitates shaking out insects from the bottle - by this time they are all dead (otherwise, you might have to think how to quickly destroy a hundred grams of live wasps in a crowded trap).

As a poisoned bait, the drug Otos can also be used - both insecticides and flavored sugar have been added to it. The drug is sold in ready-to-use form. There is only one problem - not every store can buy this remedy for wasps.

Gels from cockroaches to fight wasps

Get rid of wasps in the house or at the dacha can be and with the help of gels from cockroaches. The peculiarity of insecticidal gels is that they are both bait and poison, so to speak, in one bottle (although this bait is not as attractive for wasps as for cockroaches and ants, but often also works). In addition, it is convenient to apply gels to almost any surface.

When applied to wasps, it is especially effective to apply gels to different places near their nest - this greatly increases the likelihood of insect being detected.

Practically any gels from cockroaches, for example, Absolute, Globol or Fas, which are spread either on a sheet of paper and are laid out somewhere near the nest, or are applied directly to a wall or tree trunk, are suitable for the destruction of wasps.

Glue for insects and traps based on it

And in conclusion, we note another effective type of agent from wasps - special adhesives, which are also used to trap cockroaches and ants. Glue is put on a piece of cardboard, and a sweet bait is placed in the very center of the resulting sticky spot, for example, a piece of meat or watermelon. The wasps that fly to the treats naturally stick to the cardboard and can be destroyed without any problems.

Glue like Alt, Apcoll, Kapkan and some others can be used against wasps: there is no particular difference between them, they all have about the same efficiency.

Using glue as a means against wasps, you need to consider two things:

  • it will take more than one day to fight insects, because all the inhabitants of the nest cannot be destroyed by this method at once,
  • In addition to wasps, other insects can be trapped in a glue trap.

In general, if the wasps do not terrorize the inhabitants of the site and do not particularly harm it, it is not worth fighting off individual insect specimens. It must be remembered that they are of great benefit, destroying agricultural pests, and therefore the thoughtless destruction of wasps can lead to the fact that part of the crop will be threatened. Be prudent and use the appropriate means only when it is really necessary.

About wasps, their habits and hive

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In appearance, the wasp cannot be confused with any insect. Her black and yellow abdomen with stripes and thin "waist" can be recognized immediately.

Interesting! The wasp has three eyes. Thanks to a tiny eye on the back of her head, she can see everything that is going on behind her.

Whiskers, at the ends of which taste buds are located, help the wasp to look for sweet substances on plants. They mostly eat nectar, but they will not refuse to eat honey, sweets and other sweets from the table.

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Dissatisfied individuals sting ovipositor. Also, this body performs the function of reproduction. Wasp bite is very painful. However, there is a more terrible reason for a bite to be afraid of it. The fact is that many people have an allergic reaction after the attack of this insect. Anaphylactic shock can occur from the poison of a wasp that can lead to death. Also, a serious inflammation may develop at the site of the bite, since these insects do not disdain to feed on waste from garbage cans.

Wasps wake up on warm spring days. First, a couple of individuals fly around several territories in order to find a place for arranging the organization of the nest. Then they create a house in which a small number of insects live. In this case, they do not carry any danger to man.

For several weeks the group can grow 7 times. By the end of the summer, the population reaches the peak of its breeding. It was in August that the wasps change their character radically. They have aggression, they can attack a person without any reason.

Meeting with the wasp. rules

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If uninvited guests settled in the country, you must follow some rules of living with them:

  • You can never threaten the wasp, and even more so - to kill. If a person is at rest, then she will fly away herself.
  • When people eat sweets, be careful. Here, from bees and wasps nobody is insured. Also, all sweet foods and drinks should be kept sealed.
  • In the presence of wasps in the country, it is better to walk on the ground in shoes.
  • Wasps like liquid, so after swimming in the river or under the shower, you should immediately get wet with a towel.

What to do when you bite

If a wasp still stung a man, you should immediately:

  • examine the wounded skin area,
  • when a sting is detected, it is immediately removed,
  • then the problem area should be treated with special antiseptic agents that will help reduce inflammation and prevent infection,
  • At first, the drugs will not save you from pain and swelling, but will save you from serious consequences.

For some time you need to monitor your overall condition.

Important! At the first sign of poor health or the development of allergies should urgently seek help from doctors. Aspen venom can manifest severe symptoms.

The first signs of allergy:

  • swelling in the face, neck, limbs,
  • pain in the back and joints,
  • it's hard to breathe when you inhale and exhale,
  • fatigue and pain in the heart.

Ways to fight

For the destruction of these insects in the country there are various methods:

  • professional pest control,
  • the use of chemicals on their own,
  • a lot of folk ways.

Some of them may carry a certain risk, so not every person can do it.

Traps and lures

As shown, even with a simple trap can be fought with wasps. It can be made by hand from improvised means:

  • a plastic bottle, which is available in any house, has a neck cut off,
  • the cut is smeared with vegetable oil,
  • turn the cut off part and insert it into the main part of the bottle,
  • Aromatic and sweet substance is poured at the bottom.

For insects, a wide entrance to the delicacy is obtained, and the exit is narrow. In addition, the oily edge of the device does not allow the wasp to crawl back. When enough insects are collected in the bottle, it can be filled with water to make them drown.

Experienced gardeners are advised to add to the sweet substance any insecticide that adversely affects the digestive organs. For example, you can use the tool to fight the Colorado potato beetle Aktar, Confideline. Also, you can use a special drug for wasps (Rubit, etc.), from which they die after some time.

Many gardeners use watermelon peels that are watered with odorless poison. Such bait can be placed in the habitats of insects, as well as in any part of the garden. Sweet crusts attract wasps, and a poisonous drug kills them.

Watch the video! Simple and effective way to deal with wasps

What to do if you are already bitten

When the fact of the bite took place, the first thing that needs to be done: carefully study the wound, if there is a sting in it, be sure to remove it. Next, you need to reduce swelling and reduce pain. With this, the cold of any kind will cope perfectly.

What to use next - everyone chooses himself. Basically the choice depends on what is at hand. For example, in the summer cottage it will not be difficult to find parsley (it needs to be rinsed and a little rubbed with your fingers in order for it to start giving out its juice), onions (onion is enough to cut in half and attach to the wound), garlic (all the same as with onions ).

If there is a first-aid kit at the dacha and there is any ointment containing prednisone in it, you can smear it with swollen skin and bite.

Effective will be lotion from the following solutions:

  1. ammonia with water, in the ratio 1: 5
  2. Soda with water, in proportion 1 hour spoon per half glass of liquid.

To reduce the risk of complex allergic reactions need to take a pill diazolin, loratadine or suprastin. It is necessary to take special measures in the form of an ambulance call, if the bitten one has the following manifestations: