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Cough Radish & Honey Recipes


Outside the window stands the cold autumn weather, cloudy, windy and rainy. In this wet weather, we all can easily catch a cold, and the result of a cold is a cough. Today, the topic of our conversation is tested and proven over the years, a folk remedy for cough - radish with honey. Surely, you yourself were treated more than once.

I remember well how I used to treat me as a radish medicine with honey, my granny. And when I became an adult, I used it more than once, because the old folk-tested recipes that have been proven over the years are good, natural, and completely harmless to the body.

In the autumn-winter season, old grandmother's prescriptions for treating colds can be very useful and help cure ailments quickly, efficiently, and without using excess chemistry.

Let's remember with you about black radish with cough honey, let's talk in detail about how to take it for treatment, and what you need to know about contraindications.

Black Radish - Health Benefits

Black radish in backgammon is respectfully called the queen of vegetables. And this name was given to her not by chance. Since ancient times, the root crop is used by herbalists and healers to cure various ailments. The history of this wonderful plant is rooted in the gray depth of ages.

In the world, she went to travel from Egypt, there they fed the slaves with this unpretentious and fruitful root crop. And later it turned out that the plant has powerful healing properties.

In Russia, radish was also in demand and revered, especially in the days of fasting. For the Russian person, it was an affordable food and inexpensive medicine that helps for many diseases.

The usefulness of the root for health due to its unique composition. Radish is remarkable in that it is just a storehouse of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are necessary for the full functioning of the human body.

The composition of black radish

100 g of black radish contain: about 2 g of proteins, 2.1 g of fiber, 0.2 g of fat, 6.7 g of carbohydrates, as well as water, organic acids, mono - and disaccharides, starch. According to the vitamin composition: C - 29 mg, beta-carotene - 0.02 mg, vitamin A - 3 μg, PP - 0.3 mg, B1 (thiamine) - 0.03 mg, B2 (riboflavin) - 0.03 mg , B5 (pantothenic acid) - 0.2 mg, B6 (pyridoxine) - 0.06 mg.

Our grandmothers also knew that only black radish should be taken to make healing juice. This is due to the fact that it is black radish that contains the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and beneficial essential oils, compared to other root crops.

  1. Essential oils help to fight against harmful bacteria, since they have a beneficial bactericidal effect, which is similar to the action of antibiotics.
  2. Vitamins of various groups, available in large quantities in radish, help the body in the fight against various inflammatory processes.
  3. Root contains a lot of vitamin C, and it contributes to the rapid recovery and recovery of a person after an illness.

Radish juice is used to treat such diseases: cough, bronchitis, whooping cough, and even for such serious illnesses as pneumonia, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis.

Why add honey

As you know, honey is also very rich in nutrients. It nourishes the human body with glucose, fructose, important trace elements and vitamins necessary for health - A, C, E, H, K, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9.

Honey is indispensable in the treatment of colds and cough, so nature has endowed it with special healing properties:

  • antibacterial,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • immunostimulating,
  • tonic.

It gives the person the necessary vitamins and energy to fight viruses and infection.

When honey is added to the root, it draws juice from the radish, which is quite difficult to obtain on its own. In addition, when mixing radish juice with honey, a very useful medicine is obtained, saturated with all the vitamins and trace elements necessary for humans.

Thus, radish juice with honey not only cures cough, but also strengthens the immune system, nourishes the body with all the vitamins, and beneficial substances that nourish all organs and systems of the body, support a healthy metabolism.

How to make honey medicine

To begin treatment, you need to know how to prepare our people's miracle remedy made of honey and radish. I bring to your attention the recipes for black radish with honey for cough, how to properly prepare, so that the treatment of the disease is successful.

There are several options for making this sweet medicine. To begin with, we will introduce a classic recipe.

Black radish juice with cough honey

  • honey - 50 grams,
  • radish medium or slightly larger.

In a large radish, it is convenient to cut a hole and get more healing juice.

  1. First you need to thoroughly and thoroughly wash the black radish and cut off the tip of it.
  2. Then cut out the middle of the radish, leaving 3 centimeters of flesh from the peel. We should have a small keg.
  3. In the resulting hole, we add natural honey and cover the barrel with a radish hat, which we previously cut.
  4. Do not pour honey over the radish to the top, because you need a place for juice that will stand out.
  5. We put the prepared root vegetable in a dark place for 12 hours in order to form useful honey juice, which we need for treatment.

The main thing is to know how to cook black radish with cough honey.

As you can see in the preparation of healing syrup is nothing complicated and you can easily prepare the medicine from the radish at home.

Simple recipe

There is also a simpler and faster to prepare a recipe of radish and honey.

  1. Root crop will wash, peel and rub it on a coarse grater.
  2. Then squeeze the radish juice through cheesecloth.
  3. The resulting juice is mixed with honey - 2 tablespoons.

Thoroughly mix the ingredients, and get a daily dose of radish juice with cough honey.

Economical recipe

I present to you a simpler and economical cooking option:

  1. Wash radish, peel and cut into small cubes.
  2. We put everything in a small ceramic pot with a lid and pour it with honey.
  3. We leave to insist our medicine for 12 hours, during this time the radish should put a lot of juice.

The resulting juice should be consumed in a tablespoon three times a day, 20 minutes after you eat.

Sweet medicine helps and has a healing effect in case of other ailments:

  • anemia
  • stones in the bladder and kidneys,
  • malignant tumors
  • flatulence
  • used as an antihelminthic and diuretic.

How to take healing juice

Now that you know how to prepare the sweet medicine correctly, it is time to figure out how to take this folk remedy correctly, which dosages of the juice are optimal.

  1. For adults, radish juice with honey should be taken at least 6 times a day and 1 tablespoon.
  2. You can drink medicine before meals, but if you have a weak stomach and you are afraid of irritation of the mucous membrane, it is highly advisable to take this remedy 30 minutes after you eat.
  3. Reception time is no more than three weeks.

Cough treatment for children

This wonderful cough remedy was also used by our grandmothers and mothers to treat their babies' cough. In any family where there are small children, only they begin to cough, prepare this sweet medicine. Radish with honey for children, cooked exactly according to the same recipes as for adults. You can choose any recipes that were given above.

At the very beginning of the treatment, the juice should be given with very great care, just one drop, then several drops. It is important to see if your baby is allergic. If an allergy to this remedy is present in a child, then in this case, add ordinary sugar instead of honey.

If your baby does not have allergies, then we give it to the child further, one teaspoon three times a day, half an hour before meals.

Kids usually like this sweet medicine. However, it is not necessary to give it to the children for more than three weeks in order not to damage the gastric mucosa by prolonged use.


Unfortunately, such a wonderful tool, like radish with honey, has its own contraindications. First of all, this is due to the fact that the radish is able to stimulate blood flow, and this is unsafe for people with brittle vessels.

People who have suffered a stroke, absolutely can not use honey and radish for the treatment of cough. Also, this tool, with long-term use, can harm the stomach.

Other contraindications are:

  • gout,
  • allergy,
  • gastritis,
  • pancreatitis,
  • enterocolitis
  • liver failure,
  • reduced acidity of the stomach,
  • stomach ulcer,
  • heart disease (myocardial infarction, angina).

Radish with sugar

For people who are allergic to honey, you can fill the radish with sugar and cook cough syrup in a simple way, as described above, or bake the root vegetable in the oven.

  1. The root is well washed, peeled and cut into small pieces.
  2. Put the prepared raw material in a saucepan and sprinkle with sugar on top.
  3. Cover the saucepan with a lid and put it in the oven.
  4. We bake radish with sugar at a temperature of 100 degrees, baking time is about 2 hours.
  5. When the dish cools down, it is necessary to collect medicinal juice, and the rest can be thrown away.

Prepared in this way, a remedy, taking cough 2 teaspoons, three times a day before meals.

During pregnancy

Good health of the mother is a guarantee of the health of the unborn child If a woman falls ill while waiting for a baby, you need to visit a doctor in this to get advice on the correct treatment and on the use of various folk remedies for recovery. Ask your doctor if you can take radish with cough honey during pregnancy. It is important to make sure that this folk remedy is suitable, namely, for your body.


When treating cough with folk remedies, it is worth considering that if a cough does not go away for a long time and becomes painful, you should consult a doctor.

The specialist will make the correct diagnosis, and this will help take all the necessary measures and start the appropriate treatment in order to prevent the complication of the disease and not to start it. After all, coughing is an alarming symptom that indicates disturbances in the respiratory system, and they can be serious.

Treat yourself carefully and be healthy!

We treat dry cough and wet

One remedy will help with wet cough: radish pulp is grated and juice is squeezed through gauze. It is mixed with warm boiled milk in the ratio of 1 to 2.

To the mixture add a teaspoon of honey, preferably buckwheat, and take medicine three times a day after meals. The dosage is equal to one tablespoon, and for children the volume is reduced to a teaspoon.

Buckwheat honey belongs to the dark elite varieties. Two other varieties, lime and acacia, are also elite, only they are light.

Now consider how to cure a dry cough. Black radish juice with honey mix in a ratio of 2 to 1. The proportion is given by weight.

The prepared mixture is taken before meals, and it must be stored in the refrigerator. The dosage will be the same - a tablespoon at a time. Recommended varieties: lime, also honey from acacia or yellow.

Here are two different recipes, and in both cases we use black radish with honey:

  1. In the first case, cough medicine is taken in a warm form, and it is prepared before use,
  2. With a dry cough, the drug is prepared only from radish and honey. "Warm" components are missing.

In the second case, the drug can be stored in the refrigerator. By the way, when coughing with and without phlegm, the remedy is taken in different ways.

Know that radish with cough honey helps children better than adults. But the dosage for them is reduced to a teaspoon.

Do not wash down the prepared broth or syrup with nothing! So coughing will go the most intense.

Another couple of popular recipes

Consider how to cook radish with honey in the classic way.

Take one root vegetable, washed it, cut off the top. Then cut the core to fill it with honey. Two tablespoons will be enough - the volume will be filled with juice. After 12 hours you get a mixture, which is consumed three times a day before meals. Dosage - one tablespoon.

The tip should be used as a cap. When the tincture ends, the honey is just poured inside. Then the vegetable is left for another 12 hours ... "Refueling" occurs in the evening, and it is necessary to take medicine in the morning.

What cough can help radish and honey diluted with its juice? Of course, only when dry. A glass of warm milk diluted with Borjomi water helps with wet cough, or honey in the amount of one tsp is added to the milk.

Accept this tool, of course, only after a meal.

Complicating the recipe, we will increase efficiency. Take the drug after meals before bedtime:

  1. In a glass with a volume of 250 ml they mix a raw egg, a spoonful of honey and cloves of garlic,
  2. Add warm milk.

A child is unlikely to drink this mixture, even if the volume is halved. Replace egg and garlic with a small amount of cocoa butter.

Garlic or cocoa butter will need to be grated. Otherwise, the solid product will remain in the milk.

The health benefits of radish with honey

Vegetable can be of different varieties, but traditional medicine more appreciates the black root vegetable, because it contains many useful and nutritious substances for the human body. In early spring, it is especially useful to use black radish juice with honey for coughing, since at this time of year the immune system of many people is weakened.

Vegetable beneficial effect on blood vessels and blood pressure due to the high content of potassium. People suffering from vascular diseases and increased blood pressure can use therapeutic pulp or juice as a preventive measure or therapy.

Dietary fiber normalizes the work and nourishes the tissues of the digestive tract, and also removes stagnation from the body.

Phytoncides give the vegetable a bitter taste. These substances are also part of horseradish and onions in considerable quantities.

Black radish contains essential oils that have a bactericidal effect

The essential oils contained in the dark-colored root crop can become competitors to antibiotics, since they have a bactericidal effect. For this reason, it is recommended to use for the treatment of:

  • bronchitis,
  • dysbacteriosis (to eliminate the pathogenic microflora),
  • pneumonia,
  • sore throats
  • flu
  • whooping cough.

With regular use of the drug eliminates chronic fatigue, nausea, pain in the head, conducts bowel therapy, and cleans the blood vessels.

The product can be eaten in order to prevent urolithiasis and colds, swelling of various localization, atherosclerosis.

The active ingredients of the medicinal plant help to dissolve stones in the bile and urinary ducts, to remove excess cholesterol from the body.

Despite the low cost, the healing vegetable is considered to be a mine of vitamins, micro and macro elements. He also warns of colds.

The composition of radish

The plant has a rich composition. It includes proteins, carbohydrates, glucosides, minerals, essential oils, vitamins B and C, normalizing the functionality of the body.

It contains organic acids, starch, water, ash, mono- and disaccharides, vitamins. Caloric value is 36 kcal per 100 g of product. Vegetables can be eaten even by people who are on a diet.

Black radish with honey for cough is used as a treatment for bronchitis, whooping cough, tuberculosis, pulmonary inflammation, bronchial asthma.

Useful properties of honey

Honey is rich in glucose, fructose, vitamins, microelements, and also has the following beneficial properties:

  • Antibacterial. It is often used to treat purulent wounds.
  • Tonic and restorative. These qualities are due to the unique composition.
  • Anti-inflammatory. The ability to eliminate both internal and external inflammatory manifestations.

It is added to the root crop in order to enhance the antibacterial and antiviral effect, to eliminate the taste of bitterness. He also gives the dish juiciness, as the vegetable pulp itself is rather dry.

Read in this article how to give antiviral drugs to children from 3 years.

Classic recipes

In unconventional medicine, there are several recipes for black radish with cough honey.

  • 1 medium root vegetable
  • 2 tbsp. l honey
Do radish need to cut off the top and make a groove. You should pour honey into it

First you need to cut off the upper part with a thickness of about 2 cm and make a funnel 2.5 cm deep. Pour honey into the hole and cover the vegetable with the cut top. Put in a dish vertically, insist for 4 hours at room temperature.

Black radish with cough honey for children give 1 tsp. twice a day (in the afternoon and in the evening), for adults - 1 tsp. 5 times a day. Store the product for no more than 24 hours in a cold place.

Grated radish juice

For cooking you will need:

The root crop must be peeled, washed and grated in large slices. From the resulting vegetable mass squeeze juice (you can use cheesecloth). Liquid mixed with honey to enhance the healing effect.

Рецепты подразумевают приготовление однодневной дозы лекарства, которое можно выпивать детям по 1 ч. л. 3 раза в день, взрослым – по 1 ст. l трижды в сутки. Сироп следует употреблять через 30 минут после трапезы или до принятия пищи. В качестве дополнительной терапии назначают массаж от кашля, что ускоряет вывод из бронхов мокроты.

See in this video how to cook radish with honey according to the classic recipe.

How to introduce therapeutic juice in the diet of children?

Children under 2 years old should not take medicine.. During this period, apply dry cough syrups. The licorice root syrup has proven itself well.

Two-year-olds need to give juice very carefully (drop by drop), mainly in the morning. It is necessary to identify possible allergies to one of the components.

If the child's body normally took the syrup, the dosage can be gradually increased to 1 tsp. If you are allergic to honey, sugar can be replaced. The therapeutic course is designed for 21 days.

Radish and carrot medicine

  • 1-2 tbsp. l sugar,
  • carrot,
  • root crop of medium size.

Rinse vegetables thoroughly, squeeze the juice out of them using a juicer. Add sugar to the vegetable liquid and shake. Ready syrup for children to take 1 tsp. every 2 hours, adults - 2 tbsp. l

Infusion of radish

  • medium radish
  • 2-3 art. l honey
Root need to cut into cubes, pour honey and insist 12 hours

Peel the root, wash, cut into small cubes. Mix the vegetable mass with honey. Leave for 12 hours. During this time, medicinal juice will be released from the pulp. Children take 1 tsp. 2-3 times a day, adults are allowed to increase the dosage to 1 tbsp. l three times a day.

Such a method of making a national antitussive is the most economical. However, when barking cough in a child, you should immediately consult a doctor - self-treatment is dangerous.

Radish with sugar

The following ingredients are required for cooking:

  • 2-3 art. l sugar,
  • 1 small radish.

Vegetable should be thoroughly washed and cut into slices of arbitrary size. Add sugar, mix, leave for 5 hours. Next, you should strain the healing juice. The medicine from black radish cough to use three times a day, adults - 1 tbsp. l., children - 1 tsp.

Baked radish

  • black radish - 1 pc.,
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. l

Wash the root, peel and chop. Fill with sugar, put it in the baking container with the lid closed. Bake in the oven for about 2 hours at 100–120 ° C. Black cough radish for children to use 1 tsp., Adults - 1 tbsp. l

Outdoor use

The treatment of black radish cough with honey is carried out with the help of compresses. By action they can be compared with mustard plasters. Pureed vegetable put on the bags of gauze (wreck) and put on his back. If redness and burning of the skin appear, gauze compresses should be removed.

The effect of black radish compresses is similar to mustard plaster.

You can make a compress with the addition of onions. For this you will need:

  • 0.1 kg of vegetables
  • 20 g badger or goose fat.

Stir vegetables in a blender, add fat, mix thoroughly until thick consistency. Rub into the chest and back in the evening before bedtime. Then it is necessary to cover the area with the applied medicine cling film and a wool scarf.

Can I take medicine during pregnancy?

Both black radish from cough, and honey have no contraindications during gestation. The exception is the individual intolerance of one of the ingredients. If the expectant mother is allergic to honey, it can be replaced with sugar.

In the case of an existing threat of miscarriage, the use of the plant is strictly not recommended. It consists of essential oils that increase the tone of the uterus. For a healthy body of a pregnant woman, medicine is considered an excellent method of dealing with colds.

Treatment of honey and radish for colds

The combination of honey and radish for the treatment of acute respiratory diseases is not accidental. Together, these two products are a powerful tool for killing bacteria and raising children's immunity. In fact, mixed radish juice with honey is a natural natural antibiotic that will help to cope with tonsillitis, prolonged bronchitis and even sinusitis. Consider each of the components of our remedy in more detail.

This herb can produce various fruits that are known to us as white radish, black and green radish. White radish fruits taste good, they are most often used for gastronomic purposes. Green radish does not have bitterness, it has the most tender fruits, which gourmets will also appreciate. The fruits of black radish are considered the most useful, although of all the varieties there are most bitterness and hardness in it. The healing properties of black radish cough were known to the ancient Greeks, and they successfully used the fruits of the plant in medicine.

On a note! In addition to the fact that black radish is a storehouse of useful substances and a valuable food product, there are phytoncides in its composition. They have a bactericidal effect and actively destroy pathogens.

This natural delicacy, bestowed by nature itself, is justifiably considered to be a real elixir of health. Medicinal properties of honey spread to many diseases, colds and lung diseases among them. If the child does not have an allergy to honey, then this product should not go off the table during seasonal periods of morbidity. The most useful is to use fresh honey, from the apiary, and the darker the coloring - the healthier the product.

Note! Chestnut and buckwheat honey have the most pronounced antimicrobial properties.

Radish and honey - we prepare cough remedy

With a cold of black radish with the addition of honey is good because it does not contain any chemicals and foreign artificial additives. After this drug does not need to restore the liver, immunity, or worry that the children's stomach will fail. Preparing a home cough remedy with natural and affordable products is very simple. You can choose one of two suitable recipes. So, how to cook black radish with honey for children.

Take the fruit of black radish (about 100 g). With my under running water and a sharp knife, we cut off the “cap” of the top. Putting aside, the peel from the fetus does not need to be cleaned. In a radish we make a hollow so that it looks like a cup. Pour liquid honey into the recess (1-2 tablespoons), the free distance to the top should remain. Cover with the tip and leave the fruit at room temperature for 3-4 hours. During this time, radish juice stands out. Mix it with honey right in the recess and use it as directed. Radish with the received means must be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.

The fruit of my black radish, scrape off the peel. Grind peeled radish into cubes. Put the sliced ​​radish into a glass container with a lid, pour in honey (2-3 tbsp), mix well and leave the medicine to stand overnight at room temperature. The resulting juice with honey stored in the same container in the refrigerator for up to three days.

How to give the child radish with honey

Having prepared the juice of the fruit of radish with honey, you also need to know how to take black radish with honey to children and from what age you can use this folk remedy in treatment. Radish with honey, you can start taking safely from the age of 4. Cooked medicine should be given to the child for 1 tsp. at the reception, drink during the day after meals. After receiving the funds can accumulate sputum plentifully. Drink syrup to achieve the effect correctly for at least 7 days, or until the symptoms of the disease disappear.

This tasty and natural remedy will help to cope with the following types of cough:

- dry cough - With this kind of cough, cough receptors are usually irritated and the child can be “choked” by coughing at night, causing harm to the nervous system and provoking constant non-coughing. Honey soothes the throat well and reduces the urge to cough, encouraging quiet sleep,

- moist cough - the body undergoes inflammation and the baby coughs, trying to get rid of constantly accumulating sputum. Radish juice helps to remove phlegm and improves its discharge, makes cough productive.

If the disease is in the acute stage, then the treatment of radish cough with honey will help to cope with the scourge and nullify it already in the first two days without medication. Protracted and chronic cough is a more serious problem, therefore it is better to use the syrup from radish and honey with long-term treatment as an aid, rather than taking it as a basis.

At what age can you give radish with honey?

Radish, in spite of its benefit, is a rather aggressive product for a children's stomach, which is contraindicated in infants. Honey in children at an early age can provoke an allergy, therefore, up to 3 years you need to wait with its introduction into the children's diet. Answering the question whether it is possible to give radish with honey to children, we say - it is possible, but after a year and with caution.

    At the age of 1 year old, children can be given 3-4 drops of radish juice at the reception, without honey. To the child did not resist to drink the juice, it is better to add it to the water, juice or tea.

Children 2 years old from coughing to give juice of fresh black radish 1 tsp. 2-3 times a day with a wet cough, be sure to combine the treatment with frequent and abundant warm drinks.

Upon reaching the age of 3 years, you can try to mix radish juice with honey and give a little, the amount of honey should not exceed 1 tbsp. on all the juice released from the radish.

Pediatricians to the means of traditional medicine are negative and do not encourage such treatment, but sometimes the parents simply have no choice - the advertised drugs play the role of a dummy. The juice of radish with honey in practice and in the opinion of many parents helps to cope with persistent cough in just a few days and is truly very effective, and most importantly - natural and affordable means of treating children's cough.

Useful properties of black radish

It is hard to imagine, but ordinary radish contains a huge amount of useful components:

For example, the last component contributes to expectoration, hence the assertion that a root vegetable helps to overcome cough well and not only: it can cure all colds due to its phytoncides, which perfectly fight bacteria and viruses.

With all the variety of varieties, black radish is considered the most useful for coughing and has such actions as:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • immunostimulating,
  • bactericidal.

Quick ways to cook radish with cough honey

In this recipe, everything is very simple, except that there are situations when it is simply impossible to wait half a day.

Well, or do not want. For such cases, there are simplified methods of preparing a wonderful drug.

Among them:

  1. • Wash radish, cut into cubes and sprinkle with one tablespoon of honey. It is still necessary to wait, but not for long at all - the selection of juice will occur very quickly.
  2. The second option: the vegetable is rubbed, then laid out, for example, in cheesecloth, and squeeze the juice. Honey is added to it - and you're done!

How to take radish with cough honey

How to cook clearly, it remains to figure out how to take.

After all, there should be nothing with “excess” or “deficiency”, otherwise the tool will not only be of no use, but even harm.

Juice drink before meals one tablespoon. Do it at least four and not more than six times a day. The maximum duration of admission should not exceed three weeks.

The recipe for a child is no different from the cooking methods described above. Reception begins with a few drops to identify a possible allergic reaction.

If there is one, it means that the baby cannot be given this. If not, children take the medicine in the same way as adults, but not with a tablespoon, but with tea, and the duration of treatment is less — a maximum of a week.

Such treatment during pregnancy is carried out with great care.

The point here, of course, is in the vegetable, in its juice. The presence of essential oils that are slowly eliminated from the body may contribute to the appearance of the uterus tone.

But with the product of bees should be more careful. Even if a pregnant woman does not have an allergy, she may have a baby.

For this reason, it is recommended to replace honey with sugar. Of course, before using this tool will require consultation with an obstetrician-gynecologist. And even if the doctor allows, it is impossible to be treated in this way for more than four days.

What is useful radish?

In the cold season walks around a lot of infections - SARS and flu. The human immune system becomes weak due to a lack of vitamins, a decrease in solar time of day, constant hypothermia and drafts. It is radish that will perfectly serve adults and children in this period:

  • Nourishes the body with vitamins
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase non-specific resistance to infections
  • Protects against disease due to the presence of phytoncides and lysozyme

Radish - a unique vegetable. Its composition is rich in important substances for the body, while it is available at almost any time of the year. The vegetable is well preserved until the end of spring, and the new crop of radish can be obtained already from the middle of summer, if you sow its summer varieties.

How radish helps health?

A delicious product contains many vitamins that are immunomodulators and antioxidants. These are ascorbic acid, carotene, alpha-tocopherol, as well as almost the entire vitamin group B. Root minerals are also important for health (potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and a number of others), but sulfur is especially valuable against infections and cough. Lysozyme is a natural immunomodulator and antiviral agent, and phytoncides protect against bacteria.. In the complex, all the components make black, green, white, pink radish a real cure.

What else is useful product? If you take juice or make salads with a vegetable, it will have a complex effect on the body:

  1. Improve appetite, restore the production of gastric juice.
  2. Increase intestinal peristalsis, cure constipation, display stagnant slags.
  3. Reduce cholesterol and blood sugar.
  4. It will help to improve the blood in anemia.
  5. It dilutes bile, relieves inflammation from the gallbladder and ducts.

Radish with honey - what a remedy?

The radish itself has a rather bitter taste. Its juice is also sharp and bitter, it is rather problematic to take it without additives. But when combined with honey, radish becomes a real delicacy - sweet, fragrant. But the main purpose of adding honey, of course, is not in taste, but in enrichment with additional benefit.

Any kind of root crop can be used for making medicine, but it is black radish that contains the largest amount of biologically active substances. If possible, for the treatment of cough, it is better to take a black winter radish.

The effectiveness of radish with honey cough

Radish - a great antiseptic. In addition to phytoncides, raphanol and mustard oil work on all types of microbes and viruses. After ingestion, radish juice disinfects the throat, fumes and essential oils penetrate the upper respiratory tract. As the juice is absorbed, medicinal substances enter the blood and begin to fight infectious particles.

Among other things, radish juice has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. After taking it, it will lower the temperature, reduce the production of mediators of inflammation and pain. Radish also has anti-edema properties, as a result of treatment of swelling of the nose, throat, larynx and bronchi decreases, the likelihood of bronchial obstruction decreases. It is important to mention sulfur - this substance has long been recognized as thinning sputum and expectorant. Cough after taking radish with honey becomes dry, wet, productive. A person recovers an order of magnitude faster.

Bactericidal qualities of honey are not less high than those of radish, antiviral effect is also noted. Honey consists of a huge number of active ingredients, many of which are not even fully understood. As part of the medication with radish juice, it stimulates the immune system, reduces inflammation and intoxication, anesthetizes, eliminates edema, accelerates the excretion of metabolic products. When coughing, honey suppresses this reflex, allowing you to sleep peacefully, eliminates hoarseness and dryness in the throat, and helps as an excellent mucolytic.

Radish and honey are useful against such diseases, accompanied by cough:

Of course, in case of serious infectious diseases of the bronchi and lungs, antibiotics are required. But radish with honey will replace anti-inflammatory and expectorant drugs in full, therefore it is indicated for any kind of cough. In severe cases and in the treatment of a child, consulting a doctor before using folk therapy is obligatory.!

Basic recipe

According to this recipe, you need to make a pot from a vegetable. To do this, take a few small radishes, rinse them thoroughly. Drain the roots (they must be raw, juicy). Next, cut the bottom of the radish, so that it conveniently stood on a plate.

The top of the radish, too, cut off like a lid, do not throw it away. At the top of each root crop, make a groove so that the wall thickness remains about 1.5 cm. You can cut the pulp with a knife or spoon, or other convenient device. In each radish put honey in the amount of 1-2 tablespoons (the larger the root crop, the more honey can be placed in it).

Radishes should be covered with lids, then put them in a warm place. It is desirable to keep the roots from the action of direct sunlight, which are harmful to biologically active components and essential oils. After a few hours (from 5 to 12) juice will appear inside. Mix it well with honey, pour it into a glass. Далее соком можно лечиться от кашля. Одну редьку можно применять трижды, добавляя в нее мед, затем сливая сок.

Ускоренный рецепт

Когда ждать выделения сока в «горшочке» некогда, на помощь придет более быстрый рецепт редьки с медом. Эффективность сока будет такой же, но его острота повысится. Порядок действий следующий:

  1. Cut the vegetable, pre-washed and peeled, diced 1 * 1 cm.
  2. Put the cubes in a glass jar.
  3. Add 3 tablespoons of honey to one radish.
  4. Close the jar with gauze folded in 3 layers.
  5. Leave the product without sun access in the heat for 2-3 hours.
  6. Drain the finished medicine.

After draining the juice, you can add the same portion of honey to the rare cubes and re-supply the means for infusion. Thus, the radish can be used twice.

Express recipe

Rinse small radish thoroughly, grate it on a coarse grater with skin (rot, dirt, damage or mold should not be allowed). Leave the grated vegetable on the table in the plate for 10 minutes. Then put the mass in gauze, carefully squeeze the juice. Ready juice combined with honey in a 1: 1 ratio. This tool can begin to treat cough immediately, without waiting for a long time.

Radish, honey and carrots

How to make radish cough medicine even more effective? If you combine radish juice with honey and carrot juice, then the resulting elixir will have a powerful antioxidant, antiviral and immunomodulatory effects. All the properties of the drug described above will be preserved and multiplied.

  1. Squeeze radish juice using a juicer.
  2. Do the same with carrots, getting juice.
  3. Mix 100 juices, add a tablespoon of honey.
  4. Shake, take until recovery a tablespoon of drink every 2 hours.

Treatment of radish with honey

The order of treatment of rare juice and the rate of its reception will depend on the age of the patient. If the cough is present in an adult, the reception should be carried out on a full tablespoon 6 times / day, 30 minutes after a meal. The course of treatment - before the cessation of symptoms, but not more than 2 weeks. By reducing the dose to 3 spoons per day, you can heal longer - up to 3 weeks. This may be necessary for chronic forms of cough.

For children, radish with honey is prepared in the same way. For the first time, the baby is given a ½ tsp remedy to test the body’s reaction. If there are no allergic reactions, treatment is continued on a teaspoon 3-4 times a day until recovery. More than 7-10 days, radish therapy in children cannot be continued. About the treatment of child radish is written here.

Drug Storage Features

Since the juice in rare pots has been preparing for quite a long time, the question of its storage arises. Indeed, it will be more convenient to immediately prepare more medicines. It can be stored in the refrigerator without loss of valuable substances and basic properties. Within 12 hours it is allowed to drink the juice with honey, not putting in the cold, and later it is better to cool it.

The duration of storage of radish with honey is 2-3 days. For storage, the juice is placed in a clean, water-dried jar, covered with gauze, tied with string. You can also cover the jar with a loose lid. Juice should be stored on the shelf for vegetables in the refrigerator - the temperature is the most suitable for it. As you receive the drink should be heated, but not on the stove or in the microwave. You should pour a portion of the juice into a glass, place it in warm water, then take it as you warm it.

Why add honey

When honey is added, the active secretion of vegetable juice occurs, the root crop together with the liquid releases its healing substances, vitamins, and essential oils. Salt and sugar are similarly affected. Of course, salty rare juice will not appeal to even an adult, let alone children. But sugar can be mixed with the juice of the root, to treat cough in people with allergies to bee products.

Folk recipes

The classic recipe for black radish with cough honey is to fill the fruit with honey, and then use the extracted vegetable juice. To do this, select a ripe fruit of medium size, cut off the top and extract the pulp. The walls of the natural "vessel" should be 2-4 cm thick. Honey is half poured into the cavity, then the root vegetable is left overnight. Root crop should be put in a pan or bowl, it is possible the selection of juice from the bottom.

After 12 hours, the cough medicine from radish with honey is ready. One fruit can be used up to 3 times. So the black radish, when coughing, was cooked back in the old days, when there were no various devices for chopping vegetables. There are other simpler cooking recipes.

For the whole family

There are cases when the disease mows down all family members, then it takes a lot of radish with honey from a cold. Further we will tell how to prepare a medical mix in large quantities, without making special efforts. Take mature roots with a total weight of about 1 kg, wash thoroughly of sand and earth, peel the skin. Small fruits with thin skin can not be peeled.

Next, rub the root vegetable on a grater, put it in a jar, pan or other food container, add 200 g of bee nectar there. Be sure to mix well to distribute the honey throughout the mass. Now cover the medicine with a cap and leave for 10–12 hours. During this time, the vegetable will give the juice, which is mixed with nectar.

There is an even faster way to cook black or green radish with cough honey. When you need to start therapy urgently, you can simply rub the fruit and squeeze the flesh through gauze. Mix the resulting juice with bee nectar.

If possible, use a juicer, so the amount of juice obtained will be more. It is important to respect the proportions of 2 parts of juice and 1 part of bee nectar, store the obtained drug in the refrigerator for no more than 3 days.

For treating baby cough

It is important to visit a pediatrician before starting treatment, to pass the appropriate tests. The physician must make an accurate diagnosis, coordinate therapy with the national method. Often the folk method is used in conjunction with taking medication.

The dosage of the cough remedy is indicative, if the child drinks the drug with joy, it is better to give less, but more often (5 times 1 tsp), if taking the drug is hard, then reduce the amount of intake, while increasing the dosage (1 dec L. 3 times).

Treatment of cough in pregnant women

As you know, while carrying a child a woman should be extremely careful when taking various medications. Many of them can negatively affect the fetus in the womb. The question arises - what is radish juice for pregnant women, benefit or harm? The only contraindication to the use of folk medicine - the tone of the uterus, the threat of miscarriage.

In the case of well-being and favorable pregnancy, a vitamin root vegetable with bee nectar is a safe means.

List of contraindications

If you are allergic to bee products, that is, to pollen, use a product with milk and Borjomi.

For the treatment of dry cough, another recipe fits: grated radish is poured with sugar, placed in a tray with a lid and melted in the oven for 2 hours. The temperature should be 120 C. It will be necessary to be treated with the liquid that is heated. The dosage is indicated in chapter "1".

Pregnancy, also increased acidity

Radish of different varieties contains about the same healing substances. But they are contained in different quantities:

  1. The properties of black radish are such that the juice of this plant should not be eaten if the body is weakened. The same applies to pregnancy and the period of feeding.
  2. Green cough radish helps not worse than black, but its effect will be softer.

All methods that were given above, during pregnancy, you can apply. Only the dosage should be halved, and the radish should not be black, but green. White radish with honey has an even less pronounced effect than green.

Now - with regard to acidity, high and low. Conducted experience:

  1. If you drink warm tea with honey before a meal, the acidity in the stomach decreases,
  2. Well, if the mixture is cold, the acidity will certainly increase.

We have all the means taken before meals, as a rule, are stored in the refrigerator. And it means that they cannot be used at high acidity. That is, from a dry cough, radish with honey in this case will not help.

So we called another contraindication.

Any pop tablet taken from cough to food increases acidity too. A medicine in this sense will not be better than folk remedies.

Shelf life and treatment

Know that the treatment of radish with honey is not always easily tolerated. The duration of the course should be short - 10 days for adults and 7 days for children. Black radish juice, which helps to cope with the disease, cannot be consumed in its pure form. And you can store it, including in the form of mixtures, in the refrigerator for three days. Do not be lazy once every 3 days to prepare the medicine again.

Ready infusion, if it is inside the root, will be stored for the same 3 days, but already at T = 20-25 C. Then fermentation can begin.

In principle, this applies to any root crops. Close the container with a “lid” and there will be no problems.