General information

How to choose a snow shovel

A snow shovel is a purely seasonal tool, without which it is very difficult to manage in temperate and northern latitudes. It so happens that the high snow cover makes it impossible to leave the car out of the garage or leave the house. A snow shovel is an indispensable tool in the winter. Therefore, it is better to take care of the acquisition and preparation of this tool for the winter season in advance.

Types and description of spades

Immediately I must say that there are many varieties of snow shovels. The most common is probably plastic inventory, but first consider wooden shovels. This toolkit is the cheapest. The bucket of such shovels is made of plywood (and not always of good quality). Among the advantages of plywood shovels can be identified only their low cost.

The main drawback of wooden snow-removal tools is their fragility. After a certain period of time (from several days to 2-3 weeks), the plywood is stratified and splits, or it breaks even earlier due to heavy loads. The same applies to the cutting.

Self-made snow shovel from such material will be fragile and inconvenient. This can be explained by the fact that plywood is fastened with the help of nails and screws, which do not guarantee reliable fastening.

Plastic shovels

They are the most common snow removal tools. Plastic is a modern material that has many advantages. Plastic shovels are lightweight, have a comfortable handle and a pleasant look, they are inexpensive. The lack of plastic shovels is the same as that of wooden ones - a short service life, caused by low resistance to mechanical stress, causing rapid wear of the shovel part of the shovel.

Aluminum Shovels

This type of snow plow is almost universal. The price of aluminum snow shovels is quite high, but the product is worth the money. The aluminum spade is slightly lighter than plastic, has an excellent appearance, comfortable handles, as well as balanced blades.

Also there is an inventory made of another metal. Such products are characterized by high strength, are suitable for a long time, but weigh a lot. Titanium shovels are modern and comfortable products for throwing snow. They are not heavier than plastic inventory, have high strength, but their price is many times higher than the cost of the cost of plastic products. There are even snow shovels on wheels.