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What is zabrus in beekeeping and how to treat them


In order to fully understand what is at stake, it will not be superfluous to deal with basic concepts.

So, what is zabrus, what is its benefit and harm? Zabrus bee (honey seal) is a by-product of beekeeping, which is formed in the process of extracting honey. Nobody delivers it specifically. Everything happens as if by itself in the production of a sweet delicacy adjusted by the bee.

Honey, as it is known, is stored in honeycombs sealed with wax caps (or seals), which the bees themselves seal. As soon as they appear on the comb, this is a signal to the beekeepers that the honey has matured completely, it's time to remove it from there and start pumping out the honey.

Before starting pumping, beekeepers cut off the upper part of the honeycombs with these special tools - these bee seals and corks are called zabrus. If we consider the issue in more detail, then literally the name of this product can be deciphered as “that which is beyond the bar of the hive frame”. After removing the wax caps, liquid honey flows freely into the honey extractor.

Most zabrus usually melts, and bees build new cells from it. In fact, if it were not for the unique properties of this product, which is a mixture of wax, the secretion of the salivary glands of bees, bee bread, propolis and pollen, it could be attributed to the waste that is obtained in the process of obtaining honey. But in reality, wax caps with stuck honey particles are a natural and useful beekeeping product with enormous potential.

Composition of zabrus

The composition, the concentration of various compounds, the color of the backwood is determined by weather conditions, the location of the apiary, the type of bees and honey plants.

When there is no layer of air between the wax film and the honey layer, it turns out that the “dry signet” is often cloudy opaque white. If air is present, a brown color product is obtained, which is called a “wet signet.”

To taste, bee zabrus is sweetish, sugary honey. When chewing mass is formed into small lumps.

In fact, bee zabrus is an integral part of honey comb. But in composition, it is somewhat different from other bee products. The composition of its diverse, consisting of a mixture of different bee products. As a result, zabrus can detect beneficial substances in the honey itself, pollen, propolis, perge, and even wax, which is its basis. So how is it useful?

Wax film contains a lot of different vitamins, which are used in pharmacology, traditional medicine and cosmetology.

So, zabrus contains:

  • E (tocopherol) - one of the best female vitamins,
  • carotene,
  • retinol,
  • ascorbic acid
  • vitamins of group B.

Honeycomb caps contain many different macro and microelements, such as:

  • potassium, necessary for stabilization of pressure and normal heart function,
  • iron and calcium,
  • manganese and phosphorus.

Among others, zabrus contains protein compounds, organic acids, lipids, resins, antioxidants, chitin (a unique substance that is especially valuable in the treatment of male diseases), essential oils, monosaccharides, bee glue, an active enzyme contained in the secretions of the salivary bee glands. , lysozyme, which boosts immunity.

What zabrus is useful for?

By following very simple guidelines for consuming zabrus (you just need to chew it), you can help the body cope with a large number of diseases.

Effective recognized its use:

  • as a chewing cleansing and massaging agent of the oral mucosa and teeth (eliminates bleeding, strengthens and disinfects the gums and teeth during periodontal disease). Zabrus is sometimes called the favorite product of dentists.
  • as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent against viral infection and catarrhal diseases (reduces the risk of infection, promotes recovery from influenza and ARVI),
  • with diseases of the nasopharynx, throat, respiratory system (eliminates pain and nasal congestion)
  • in diseases of the stomach and intestines,
  • with problems with the spine, osteochondrosis, arthritis of varying degrees,
  • with impaired metabolism
  • with allergies
  • in diseases of the heart and blood vessels,
  • to eliminate the symptoms of a hangover (vomiting, nausea, dizziness). For this, folk healers recommend in the morning, after a hectic fun, to chew on a little zabrus.

Quit smoking is also very useful to chew wax caps - it reduces the craving for smoking and clears the lungs and bronchi.

How to apply zabrus?

The beneficial effect of the use of zabrus is due in part to the simplicity of its use (prolonged chewing) and the fact that the simple monosaccharides contained in it do not require additional exposure to them with gastric juice and immediately enter the blood.

Already in the mouth in the process of chewing through the peripheral vessels located under the tongue close to the surface of the gums, useful substances and microelements from wax caps penetrate into them. At the same time, the sweet product does not completely destroy the tooth enamel and does not irritate the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and gums.

The benefit of the body brings involuntary entry into the stomach when chewing a small amount of zabrus. Interacting with gastric juice, a film is formed inside the stomach itself, which protects it from an aggressive acidic environment, which is important for ulcers and gastritis. When constipation wax caps increase intestinal peristalsis, helping to get rid of fecal masses.

You can use honey signets and children, respectively, somewhat changing the dose and rules of administration. For the prevention of colds and its treatment, children can be given a mixture of wax gloves with honey (1 dessert spoon) as a useful and tasty gum. Or 1 teaspoon of zabrus 1-2 times a day.

In folk medicine, there are many recipes for using zabrus for various diseases.

Here are some of them:

  • With a strong cold (rhinitis), you need to chew bee medicine for 15 minutes two or three days a tablespoon every hour. This method helps to effectively cleanse the nasal passages and suspend heavy discharge from the nose. If necessary, and so that the disease has receded completely, you can use it longer, switching to prophylactic doses of consumption - 1 to 2 times a day, 1 tbsp. l (several days).
  • When sinus chew zabrus as well as with rhinitis - once per hour for 8-10 hours. Next, to consolidate the therapeutic effect and to prevent recurrence, chew another week 1 time a day.

Allergies use different recipes using this honey product (depending on the severity of the disease).

  • With a mild degree of intolerance to plant pollen, you should start using zabrus two weeks before the start of flowering.
  • With moderate severity - before the start of flowering (2 days) to use the product 5 times a day. And then during the entire flowering period - every 8 hours.
  • With strong symptoms - actively chew Zarus a week for 2 before the start of the adverse period and after its termination.
  • In case of bronchial asthma, to which the advanced form of allergy often leads, zabrus should be used as a prophylactic before the onset of exacerbation.

Important: when broncho-pulmonary spasm is necessary to use medications. In this situation, the beekeeping product is not able to help and eliminate the spasm.

  • For diseases of the oral cavity and dental health (stomatitis, periodontal disease, caries, tooth loss, bleeding gums), wax balls (1 tbsp) should be chewed after eating at least 3 times a week in the morning and evening for 10-15 minutes.
  • When treating a cold and maintaining immunity, popular doctors recommend chewing bee medicine 4 times a day for 10 minutes. The rate per day - 4 tsp.
  • When coughing, volatile essential oils contained in wax caps help to gently remove the painful focus in the respiratory organs, penetrating into the bronchi and lungs, eliminating unpleasant irritating throat. To do this, chew wax balls every hour. With a prolonged dry cough, warm tea with dissolved zabrus will help.
  • In angina, a powerful antibiotic contained in zabrus increases local immunity and destroys infection and inflammation in the airways, which make coughing and swallowing difficult. To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms of zabrus, you need to chew ½ tsp every 30 minutes for 15 minutes.
  • For stomach pains, zabrus, which has anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates unpleasant symptoms and helps relieve inflammation, partly replacing antibiotics. If you experience unpleasant and painful sensations, chew ½ tsp before meals. In chronic diseases - use the course every day.
  • Pancreatitis uses the healing properties of propolis and pollen, which are partly present in wax caps. Their daily chewing (2 times a day for a teaspoon before a meal) helps to relieve inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum.
  • With radiculitis and articular pains, zabrus applications are applied to the affected areas. For treatment, you can use and pharmaceutical ointment or cream on the basis of bee swag, which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Zabrus during pregnancy

In the absence of an individual reaction to a bee product, zabrus is allowed to be used by women in this position. The variety and concentration of useful elements helps in the period of carrying a child to protect him from the effects of flu and colds, without causing harm. To do this, you need to chew 2-3 teaspoons of zabrus per day.

Zabrus use in cosmetology

On the basis of wax caps, therapeutic ointments are prepared, which are used for skin diseases (for cleansing from acne, acne, treatment of suppuration and wound tightening), for removing rough calluses, furunculosis, corns, and also cosmetic rejuvenating masks for hands and face, added to balms and hair shampoos.

Useful properties of a zavrus at weight loss

Zabrus properties quickly saturate the body, replace the need for high-calorie sweets, reduce appetite, have a pleasant taste, are used when there is a goal to lose weight. For its implementation to use wax balls should be regularly.

Having a rich composition and the necessary substances for the body, zabrus is included in the diet, providing an influx of strength and energy. In addition, the product increases the secretion of saliva, forcing the stomach and intestines to work better, more intensively removes bile, which accelerates the digestion and absorption of fat, removal of toxins from the intestine.

Zaprus bee: what is it and who discovered its healing properties

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To begin with, it is worth giving some more or less clear definition so that everyone can immediately understand what bee honey zabrus is, which is not according to merit, was among the almost forgotten products of beekeeping. In fact, everything is quite simple, and it does not need seven spans in the forehead to understand that zabrus is simply the lids of honeycombs that the bees themselves seal. Because of this, this product has another, as it were, a name that is closer to the people - signet. Moreover, the appearance of such lids on honeycombs shows just that honey is ripe, oh, it can be removed and applied.

At the time when honey begins to be pumped out, beekeepers, including me, cut off these bee corks with a special tool, and then liquid honey can flow out in a centrifuge, which is a conventional honey extractor.

It is remarkable that our distant ancestors knew much more about medical treatment than we did. The ancient Novgorodian bark annals say that the prince was selling bee zaprus to Swedish ambassadors, and the number was not calculated by grams, but by pudas. The clever Swedes knew exactly what was good for their health, but they still managed to go astray in every campaign against the Russian Empire.

Most often, modern beekeepers send most of the backwood to be melted down so that the bees can then make new honeycombs out of it, but it is better to keep some of them. Thus, the question of what zabrus is in beekeeping is completely understandable - these are the wax caps to which a little honey has stuck, cut off for pumping honey, and this substance has simply enormous potential.

Zabrus bee: medicinal properties due to the unique composition

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Many people ask me a completely natural question - what is zabrus and how to treat them, and besides, how can it actually differ from honeycomb, being its integral part. The answer to this question is simple - the whole point is that the usefulness of this beekeeping product is determined by its truly unique composition, which is somewhat different from all other bee gifts. Everything up to that, a beekeeping product Zabrus consists of several components and you can find traces of a wide variety of substances that are present in the honey, propolis, bee perge and pollen, and even in the wax itself, of which, in essence, consists in the most part.

As for the chemical composition of zabrus, it is extremely rich in various substances that are incredibly useful for the human body. Firstly, it just has a huge amount of a wide variety of vitamins of various groups:

  • Tocopherol (vitamin E), which is also called the best "female" vitamin.
  • Vitamins of the PP group.
  • Keratin, that is, a vitamin A group.
  • Ascorbic acid, which is essentially vitamin C.

This is far from everything that is contained in the zabrus, because it is worth being extremely careful in the dosage, as the Poles say, that too is not great. If you use this surprisingly useful product excessively, hypervitaminosis may occur, which will then be difficult to cure, so I advise you to comply with the norm, which I will tell you about below.

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But not only vitamins of honeycombs are rich in vitamins, they are full of various micro and macroelements, for example, it is rich in potassium, which is necessary for normalization of the heart and pressure regulation. There is calcium and iron in it, phosphorus and manganese are present, and a striking chitinous substance that “showered” from the bees themselves, for which it is especially appreciated by men, since it is a powerful tool for combating male impotence, prostatitis, adenoma and others, not more pleasant diseases. In addition, it contains monosaccharides and essential oils, which are also very useful.

Honey Zabrus: the benefits and harm of bee seals

It is interesting that so many different substances and antioxidants are included in these caps for honeycombs, that it is considered a valuable product not only for traditional medicine, but also for cosmetology, used for pharmacological purposes, and so on. And it is necessary to mention that zabrus, and any other beekeeping products do not cause dysbacteriosis at all, that is, it differs favorably from chemical preparations, in every sense.

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Zabrus is useful, the photo of which can be seen above, also for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, it is used for osteoporosis and osteochondrosis, for arthritis of any degree and osteoarthritis, osteomelitis and other problems with the spine. Moreover, the timely appointment of this medicine to prevent the transition of the disease into its chronic phase and this is really great news. And zabrus is inseparably connected with such a beekeeping product as perga and flower pollen, which can also be found on my blog, that is, it is twice as useful. The benefits of zabrus are obvious and you should pay attention to it, although getting it is not at all easy, and its cost is far from a penny.

Zabrus bee: use, indications and contraindications

Non-traditional and traditional medicine, as I have already said, actively applies zabrus bee because of its extremely high healing qualities. It is clear that this is not a panacea for all diseases, but something like that. The one who once tried to undergo a course of therapy with zabrus, will no longer want medical treatment, of course, provided that the attending physician gives the go-ahead to such experiments.

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  • A variety of respiratory diseases, in the same number of their chronic forms.
  • Viral as well as bacterial infections.
  • Diseases of the paranasal sinuses, with chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinus, and so on.
  • With infections in the oral cavity, with periodontitis and caries.
  • With bowel disease and so on.
  • Good zabrus in the treatment of erosion of the stomach and other diseases.

Among other things, it is bee zabrus that is used, if the cold is your middle name. That is, if you periodically use this unique product of beekeeping, then catarrhal diseases recede, and then completely stop storming weakened organisms, fortified by the force of nature itself.

It is also worth talking about contraindications, as they, despite the amazing healing properties of zabrus, he still has. Однако не стоит думать, что их так уж много. На самом деле, практически единственным противопоказанием может стать непереносимость любого из продуктов пчеловодства. Однако стоит сказать, что беременным нужно применять забрус с осторожностью.Do not recommend to use zabrus and in the final stages of cancer, as well as other bee products. They may have a sharply opposite effect, causing cancer cells to divide more actively.

Honey Zabrus: medicinal properties, how to take, dosage

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In its structure, beehive zaprus resembles honeycomb honey, but there is less wax there and much more nutrients. The fact is that the bees not only line the cells with antiseptic propolis, pollen and other substances, but also seal them in the same way as you already understood. As a result, the cut off top lump of honeycombs turns out to be very fragrant, as well as sweet to the taste, thanks to the sticky honey.

It is very simple to apply this product, it is necessary to chew it simply, until the sweet aftertaste completely disappears. Moreover, the wax itself can be spat out, and you can swallow it, the main thing is not to get too carried away. There is also a multitude of useful substances in wax, which are simply impossible to extract completely by chewing. Therefore, in the stomach and intestines, this wax will work as an absorbent, collecting all toxic substances, and helping the body quickly get rid of them.

Zabrus dosage for children and adults

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For an adult, for example, when treating a cold or even an ARVI, it will be enough to take a tablespoon four times a day and chew about 10-20 minutes approximately. It all depends on the quality of the grain, as well as on the amount of honey that has stuck to it. However, for kids, the dosage should be halved, and if the child is not seven, then three times.

In other diseases, the dosage of zabrus for chewing may significantly or slightly fluctuate. You should definitely discuss them with your doctor, as soon as he can give a sensible answer what's what. In addition, for those who are on a diet or suffering from excess weight, you can chew on a teaspoon of zabrus every time you want to sweetie. Moreover, it will qualitatively replace sweets, and besides, it will also reduce the appetite. That is why it is recommended to consume after a meal, but not before it.

Zabrus and therapeutic properties: use and storage

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It should also be mentioned how to properly store such an extremely valuable product, as zabrus, so that it does not lose its useful qualities and properties. There is nothing complicated, zabrus must be carefully placed in a glass jar, neatly tamping with, for example, a tablespoon. Now it is enough to place the banks in a dark cool place where he will stand.

However, the most experienced beekeepers, including myself, try to fill high-quality, fresh honey jars with zabrus, there will be more confusion, and the storage period will last significantly with this kind of “conservation”. It is not necessary to roll up the jars with honey and zabrus, a simple nylon cover will suffice, however, you should choose a newer and tighter one, and pre-pour it with boiling water. The shelf life of zabrus filled with good honey is approximately one and a half to two years.

Zabrus - a product of honey, wax and pollen

Anyone who has ever encountered the pumping of honey knows perfectly well that before placing the sealed frame into the honey extractor, it needs to be opened - to release the honeycombs from the caps. A beekeeper does this with a knife or special fork. Wax caps with some honey are zabrus. After removal from the frame, the product is folded into a glass container, where it is stored until consumption or reflow. Although most beekeepers are aware of the healing power of zabrus, for the most part it is used to obtain mead and further reflux to wax. In fairness it should be noted that one and the second product are of excellent quality.

The high value of zabrus consists of the strength of its components:

All these bee products are enriched with bee enzymes and even (according to some beekeepers) a minimum amount of bee venom. The fact that only mature honey is sealed, that is, of superior quality, and therefore, in the bee product, its value is also increased, indicates the value of zabrus.

Medicinal properties

Having a composition of such healing power, Zabrus itself, of course, has enhanced healing properties. However, to a greater extent the product owes its action to the high content of lysozyme - an antibacterial natural enzyme, most of which is concentrated in the upper part of the honeycomb, which explains the long-term preservation of honey in a sealed form. Chitin found there is also added to zabrus - its anti-toxic effect on the body is widely known.

In addition, bee zabrus contains:

  • Carotene - vitamin A provitamin, which has an adaptogenic and immunostimulating effect,
  • Retinol - fat-soluble vitamin, contributing to the normalization of metabolism, increase immunity, slow the aging process, as well as necessary for the formation of bone tissue,
  • Potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and other trace elements that are actively involved in a variety of biochemical processes,
  • Vitamins (B, C, E), organic acids, essential oils, antioxidants, enzymes - the presence of these substances makes the beekeeping product unique and easily digestible.

The content of certain components in the zabrus may vary depending on weather conditions, the type of honey plants, the breed of bees, but the value of the product does not become less of this.

Having a whole complex of substances useful for the human body, bee zabrus has a number of health-improving properties:

  • antibacterial,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • astringent
  • regenerating
  • antispasmodic,
  • antiallergic,
  • adsorbent,
  • whitening

Important! One of the most valuable properties of zabrus is that, unlike synthetic antibiotics, bacteria cannot adapt to it. So, the product is equally effective both at the first use, and at the subsequent. Another unique property of zabrus - in comparison with other bee products, it has an almost complete absence of allergenicity, which makes it possible to use it in the treatment of all categories of the population.

How to chew zabrus

Since the main component of zabrus is still wax, and the remaining components (honey, pollen, propolis) are in smaller quantities, it is recommended to chew it until all the substances in the saliva are completely dissolved. Of course, besides wax. The lump remaining after chewing should be spit out, although nothing terrible will happen if a certain amount of this medicinal product gets into the stomach. Some use zabrus as a sandwich component: spread on bread and eat with it. Undoubtedly, there should be more honey in such a pick-up than wax.

It is possible to chew zabrus both for the purposes of prophylaxis and for the treatment of various diseases. As a preventive measure, it is better to do this in the offseason (spring and autumn), when the body's adaptation to a change in temperature makes the work of the immune system more vulnerable. The duration of the procedure is 10-15 minutes, from 2 to 3 times a day. After the end is not recommended to drink and eat at least 30 minutes. , and it is better to carry out the treatment after a meal - sweet ingredients can reduce the appetite.

Zabrus application

Zabrus for medicinal purposes is used mainly for the improvement of the oral cavity and is used as a means for chewing. The result of its use are:

  • Disinfection of the oral cavity,
  • Massage and mechanical cleansing of the gums, oral mucosa,
  • Enhanced salivation, as well as motor and secretory functions of the gastrointestinal tract,
  • Normalization of intestinal microflora, activation of metabolism, improvement of blood circulation and cardiovascular system,
  • Enhancing the functioning of the immune system, increasing resistance to infections and colds.

Application of a zabrus is recommended also in the following cases:

  • Infections and diseases of the upper respiratory tract: rhinitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, adenoids,
  • Diseases of the oral cavity: stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease, caries,
  • Lymphadenitis (inflammation of the lymph nodes): submandibular, ear, occipital, cervical,
  • Allergic pathologies: respiratory allergies, food allergies, bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis, allergies to medicines,
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, osteomyelitis, osteochondrosis of the spine.

Important! Chewing zabrus is recommended for diabetes mellitus and pregnancy - indeed, as part of this unique product there is a mass of biologically active substances in the most balanced form. However, in severe cases of any disease, consultation with a doctor is obligatory - only he can take into account the complex effect of all factors and recommend an effective regimen.

Zabrus treatment

Application of a zabrus, as well as other products of an apiary (pollen, wax), has to be strictly dosed and carried out according to a certain scheme. At the initial stage, you should not use the maximum recommended dose: although Zabrus and has a reduced allergenicity, still the manifestation of unwanted reactions is not excluded. Zabrus is allowed for children after 1 year: the child should understand that the wax should be spit out after chewing.

Reception of a zabrus at various diseases is carried out in the following order:

  • Runny nose Chewing zabrusa scheme - 1 tbsp. l every hour for 15 minutes The remaining ball spit out. After a few hours, the mucous membrane returns to normal: congestion disappears, and discharge stops. Intensive use continues up to 2 days, after which enough prophylactic doses (1-2 p. Per day),
  • Sinusitis Zabrus treatment regimen is the same as with a cold, only the initial, most intense stage is extended from several hours to 10 hours. Subsequently, zabrus is consumed in prophylactic doses,
  • Prevention of SARS. To protect against viruses and bacteria in the autumn-spring months and periods of epidemics, the use of zabrus in 1 tbsp is recommended. l once or twice a day. It is enough to chew about 5-6 minutes, then spit out the remains,
  • Prevention of diseases of the oral cavity, breath freshening. For this purpose, zabrus (and the constituent honey and pollen) is consumed, as in the previous scheme. After 40 years, periodontal disease prophylaxis is carried out - the wax seal is chewed every other day for about 15 minutes. ,
  • Absistent syndrome. To eliminate post-alcohol poisoning (nausea, headache, unpleasant odor), use Zabrus in an intensive mode: several Art. spoons within 3-5 hours. With a decrease in unpleasant symptoms, the frequency of administration is reduced,
  • Smoking. Zabrus chewing is useful for both smokers and those who quit smoking - the combination of anti-toxic action with an acceleration of metabolism leads to a cleansing of the body and relieves craving for smoking,
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In the complex, all components of the swamp (honey, wax, pollen, propolis) have anti-inflammatory and some analgesic effect. In addition to use in its pure form, the product is the raw material for the production of numerous pharmacies.

Important! When treating children, some honey is added to the zabrus to improve the taste and give it to the child in the amount of 3-5 dess. l during the day.

Zabrus for the prevention of SARS

In the autumn-winter period, when there is a risk of infection with the flu or a viral infection, beeswax is taken at least thirty - forty days once a day. Prophylactic administration will strengthen the immune defense and ease the general condition, in the event that infection could not be avoided.

When losing weight

Zabrus is an integral component of the diet. It quickly gives the body a feeling of fullness. After its use, appetite is noticeably reduced, and the need for sweets disappears.

For those who face a goal to lose weight, regular use of bee medication is necessary. The substance provides the body with energy and vigor, increases efficiency. Production of saliva is activated, metabolism is accelerated, toxins are eliminated.

Homemade Zabrus Ointment

For half a cup of olive oil, it is enough to take 30 grams of seal and 20 propolis. On a water bath, the ingredients are heated. After the wax is completely dissolved, crushed propolis wrapped in cheesecloth is added. It can be frozen in the freezer for about 20 minutes and grated. You can grind in a coffee grinder. Keep on fire for another half an hour. After cooling, the composition is ready.

Indications for use:

  • scratches, abrasions,
  • herpes,
  • sinusitis,
  • psoriasis,
  • eczema,
  • burns without damage to the epidermis,
  • varicose veins,
  • arthritis
  • arthrosis,
  • bruises, etc.

Zabrus in childhood and during pregnancy

Almost all kids love bee caps. The product has a very pleasant taste and aroma. The dosage of treatment depends on the age characteristics:

  • from birth to two years old - use is not recommended,
  • from two to six years - a single dose is equal to a quarter of a small spoon,
  • from six to twelve - the volume can be doubled.

When treating young patients, one must be especially careful. A weak immune system may produce an allergic reaction.

Doctors do not give strict contraindications to women during pregnancy. Everything is solved individually. Useful substances during gestation period help protect the fetus from the harmful effects of infections and viruses.

Harm and contraindications

  1. The only prohibition to the use of bee medication is considered an allergic reaction to waste products of bees.
  2. You need to be careful when giving a sign to a child for the first time and to observe changes in the condition.
  3. When exacerbation of chronic diseases and during pregnancy, it is recommended to take the drug after consultation.
  4. A large number of elements and vitamins is quite capable of leading the body to hypervitaminosis with its excessive use.
  5. Doctors do not advise using “chewing gum” as an additional means of treating cancer of inoperable form. This can cause an intensive growth of malignant tumors.
  6. Be careful in the use of honey remedies, if the doctor has diagnosed "gastritis", accompanied by an increase in acidity.
  7. You do not need to self-medicate during the period of exacerbation of the disease and rely only on the products of beating. Follow the doctor's recommendations, and use “miracle chewing gum” as a supplement.

Useful properties of zabrus in cosmetology

Zabrus has great potential and potential to make a person younger and more beautiful. It reduces skin irritation, relieves redness. Due to the high content of quality wax eliminates dryness and itching. Signet perfectly heals eczema, sunburn. Vitamin "A" levels and smoothes the scars after acne. Conducting regular cleansing procedures removes from the skin not only black dots. The result will impress even the most demanding beauties:

  • pores are released,
  • blood flow improves
  • cover is enriched with vitamins, microelements, oxygen,
  • normal lipid metabolism,
  • fine wrinkles are smoothed, the skin looks young and healthy.

Zabrus masks are non-toxic. The most noticeable healing effect on loose, dehydrated, aging skin.

Mask making rules

  • dishes should be only clay or glass,
  • any liquid or solid oil is taken as a base,
  • solids must be ground to achieve more precise proportions,
  • the wax containing the component dissolves in the water bath,
  • when adding wax, the rest of the ingredients need to be heated,
  • the duration of the procedure is determined by the recipe,
  • Leftovers can be stored in the refrigerator.

Homemade Mask Recipes

  1. Carrot juice and olive oil are perfect for sensitive skin. The seal is melted and added 2 tsp. each ingredient. Apply for 20 minutes.
  2. The nutritional mask consists of 5 grams of ascorutin, five milliliters of oil, 15 grams of cap. Means with vitamin "C" will make the skin surface velvety, elastic, heal microcracks.
  3. For smoothing wrinkles, use the composition with the addition of five grams of starch per 10 grams of seals and 5 ml of oil.

Zabrus perfectly retains its qualities, both in the refrigerator and in a dark, cool place. The glass container in which the remedy is located must be tightly sealed. About two years, it does not lose its healing properties. Subsequently, the efficiency drops.