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Guar gum (E412): effect on the body and use


Guar gum - what is it? This issue began to worry the population of the CIS countries after the public began to pay attention to the content of chemical additives in food. Among those causing concern are not only modified starch and citric acid, but also guar gum. What is it and how much can it harm human health? Let's understand and answer this question with all possible objectivity.

Guar gum - what is it?

To understand the properties of this additive, one should study the chemical nature of this substance. Guar gum, also called gum or guar, is a carbohydrate compound. It is extracted from the juice (exudate) in case of damage to the bark of the plant or in the processing of pea fruit. Substances like agar-agar and gum arabic have a similar chemical composition. Due to its viscosity, guar gum has the same properties as a thickener. What is it in terms of industrial use? In the production of both foodstuffs and various consumer goods, it is often required to thicken and gell various mixtures and solutions in order to impart viscosity to them. The ability to stabilize the consistency of various products, inherent in such a substance as guar gum (its use in the paper industry as an adhesive, emulsion and suspension has long become an integral part of the process), is very important in industry.

Where to add gum?

The food industry still remains the main area where this substance is highly demanded. Pea fruit extract as a stabilizer and thickener is also very popular because it has low calorie and does not have a pronounced taste. For example, it is added to dairy products in order to achieve a denser consistency, to ice cream, so that ice is formed in it at a higher temperature and the ice crystals do not spoil the texture of the treat, to preparations for making hard cheeses to increase the yield of finished products. In bakery products guar gum (its price is very affordable) can improve the taste and color of the crust. The meat industry uses this additive to make it easier to work with minced meat. Gum tends to improve plasticity, as well as increase the shelf life of products. This additive is approved for use in Russia and is recognized as safe. But you still need to bear in mind that its content should not exceed the recommended level. Otherwise, the gum may adversely affect human health.

Guara and the body

This substance is popular in various vitamin supplements and dietary supplements because of its ability to reduce appetite and cholesterol levels. Guar is also a laxative, can remove some toxins from the body. But an overdose of this substance threatens with nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the choice of food additives and give preference to more well-known and reliable manufacturers.

What is guar gum and how it is produced

Guar gum, or guaran, is an exclusively vegetable product, the use of which as a stabilizer, thickener and structurer is used in the food industry without harm to the body. This supplement can be found on labels in a supermarket or pharmacy under the designation E412 in various types of yogurt, ice cream, in confectionery, ketchup and mayonnaise, as well as in preparations for weight loss.

Guar gum is produced in the form of a white or yellow powder, which dissolves well in water and has a specific smell. E412 is obtained from the extraction of guar bean seeds, fruits of the Indian acacia. In each such 15-centimeter bean there are up to three small seeds that are rich in the highest polysaccharide - galactomine, or gum. Gum - is, in fact, protruding on the surface of the plant thick woody sap, or resin.

Its guar gum originates from the western regions of India and Pakistan, from where up to 80% of its supplies to the world market come. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, it was recognized as a plant suitable for human use, and on a production scale it was developed after World War II, mainly as a thickener: first for making paper and textiles, toothpaste, shampoos, and only later - in the production of food products.

The chemical composition of the guar gum

Guar gum as a plant polymer containing simple sugars (galactose) is a hydrocolloid, a substance which, when dissolved in water and other liquids, is capable of forming gel mixtures that are resistant to freezing. This property has a high benefit for the food industry and is actively used to thicken various products.

It is characteristic that the addition of salt or acids does not change the viscosity of the solution with guar.

Guar gum contains many beneficial fatty acids.

What is guar gum and what is it used for?

Guar gum is obtained from the pea tree, which is also called guar. Bean culture is grown in the USA, Africa, Australia and Canada.

In the same countries, resin is produced from pea beans (pea acacia), only the seeds are first dried, ground into powder, and then they go into production.

A pea tree actually resembles a shrub, but with more powerful stems.

Where can I find guar gum?

You can meet the gum in the composition, yoghurt, jam, jelly and other confectionery. Ice cream also almost always contains this stabilizer.

In addition to the ability to change the texture, guar positively affects the appearance of the finished product. So it is often used in the manufacture of ketchup, juice, canned food, etc.

Sometimes it is added to ready-made restaurant dishes to make them more appetizing and to attract the attention of customers.

Carefully studying the information on the package can see the additive E412 in the composition of dry soups, oils, various fats, and sometimes even in the composition of animal feed.

Also, guar gum is used in:

  • textile,
  • paper,
  • space,
  • gas and oil,
  • coal industry, as well as in the manufacture of explosives.

What is useful guar gum?

There are a lot of talk about food additives.

A closer examination of them begins, the facts become known, which even a couple of years ago no one could even suspect. So with the E412.

Consider the main useful properties:

  • It is scientifically proven that guar gum is indispensable in terms of cleansing the body. It not only effectively removes toxins, but also reduces the harmful effects of heavy metals, prevents the reproduction of harmful bacteria, and regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood.
  • Also this gel is a unique absorbent. He, like a sponge, absorbs all the dirt and debris in the human body and gently removes them.
  • Regular use of this natural remedy in food is an effective prevention of cardiovascular diseases, normalizes blood pressure, cleanses the blood, dilutes plaques in the vessels, prevents loss of vision and hearing.
  • A positive feature is that the supplement is practically not absorbed in the intestines, and therefore is completely harmless to humans.
  • At the same time, it contributes to the assimilation of useful substances that come with products, especially potassium.
  • Quite often, it is E412 that is used to control blood sugar levels, systematically adding diabetics to its diet, but such procedures should be carried out exclusively under medical supervision.
  • Another proven property is a marked decrease in appetite.

That is why it is often used for weight loss, but at this point we’ll dwell more.

Guar Gum Slimming

Eating an E412 supplement does help reduce weight.

This effect is due to rapid saturation, which occurs even after eating a small portion, a gradual decrease in appetite, combined with cleansing the body and normalization of metabolism.

There are guar gum and a light laxative effect, which also has a positive effect on the figure.

Calorie is 0.20 kcal per 100 grams of product

But at the same time I found such information that it was this supplement that caused many deaths.

These cases occurred after the use of slimming dietary supplements, which were based on guar gum.

People uncontrolledly took the remedy, wanting to accelerate the approach of a dream in the form of an ideal figure, acquired non-certified goods and used it without control, in dosages exceeding all possible limits, and without any consultation with the attending physician.

There were many hospitalized after poisoning with dietary supplements, all because when the recommended amount is exceeded, guar gum leads to serious disorders in the gastrointestinal tract: severe upset, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration.

Therefore, if you decide to use this dietary supplement for weight loss, remember about the possible side effects of an overdose!

Where is guar gum used?

Main areas of use:

  1. Used additive E412 for the manufacture of food supplements and drugs that are exclusive! on the recommendation of the doctor and under his control, patients with diabetes mellitus suffering from obesity, atherosclerosis, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, as well as having a predisposition to these health problems, are used.
  2. The most famous way to use a substance is to use it in the food industry.
  3. This gelling stabilizer is often used in combination with agar-agar, pectin and other substances that enhance the beneficial properties of guar. The additive looks like a powder of milky or turbid-white color. This is how it is introduced into products, and only after that, thickening occurs during mixing.
  4. In the drilling industry, gum is used in much larger quantities and is more important. Its use makes higher quality clay, which is used for the manufacture of the drilling fluid, prevents the loss of fluid from it. Guaru is injected directly below the earth’s formation to prevent a possible explosion and to make the contents of the well more uniform.
  5. The available cost of the additive is also important, although its quality is significantly higher than that of more expensive thickeners.

There are many ways for thickening (starch flour, food additives), but the result will still not be the same. In taste and appearance, it is possible that there are no obvious differences, but during chemical research it will be clear that there is a difference and quite substantial one.

Considering the fact that more and more women start to prefer natural means for personal care, and also learn how to make cosmetics at home, it is better to dwell on the use of E412 supplement for beauty.

Homemade Guar Gum

Guar gum is widely used for baking products without wheat flour, whole grains.

It is necessary for the dough to rise in the usual way, as when cooking from ordinary flour.

This product raises the dough to the desired consistency and prevents the outgassing of gas that occurs during normal kneading.

It is especially needed as a binder in baking gluten-free flour.

Guar gum in cosmetics

Resin obtained from guar bean is widely used in the cosmetic industry.

The Europeans were the first to evaluate its capabilities, but today the substance is more and more often used in our country.

The use of such cosmetics promotes active hydration of the skin.

An invisible film is formed on it, which protects from aggressive environmental factors, from wind, dust, and UV radiation.

The content in the finished cosmetics guars can be in the amount of 0.1-5%. Those who will use the recipes for making cosmetics at home should remember that the dosage cannot be exceeded. It may be dangerous.

It is best to dissolve the guar gum in the hydrolate prepared from medicinal plants or flowers, but ordinary water will also work. So get a tonic. It will clean, moisturize, provide the skin with reliable protection. It is better to use it in the morning, rubbing the face after washing.

Regular use will soon help to abandon the use of decorative cosmetics, used to hide visible defects on the skin.

If you apply additional oils, vitamin supplements, herbal mixtures, or herbal teas made on the basis of them, you can get an excellent mask that will restore skin freshness from the very first use.

Proven recipe. Take two large sheets of aloe vera, remove the skin, put the pulp with a spoon into a clean container, add 2-3 drops of vitamin E, a pinch of guar. Mix everything thoroughly, cover with cling film and leave for half an hour in a warm place. The mass should increase slightly, swell. Apply to the skin of the face, neck and décolleté (always cleansed and preferably well steamed) for 30 minutes.

You can use guar abilities for hair.

If you make a mixture with hydrolat and essential oils, you get a gorgeous hair conditioner that will provide shine, make the curls silky, docile and smooth.

You can cook and a mask for hair. For 300 ml of warm homemade kefir you will need one egg and a pinch of guar gum. Everything is thoroughly mixed, heated in a water bath and applied to the hair under a plastic cap for 30-60 minutes.

This procedure, carried out once every two weeks, will prevent the formation of split ends, provide the necessary moisturizing of the scalp, strengthen the hair structure along the entire length.

After this procedure, the hairstyle stays fresh for a long time.

You can make homemade shampoo with a thickener.

To do this, prepare a strong decoction of chamomile color. 2 tablespoons on a glass of water bring to a boil in a water bath, cool, strain. Then in the resulting broth add one chicken egg, mix well and pour a pinch of E412. Wash like a regular shampoo. Store in the refrigerator for up to a week. Heat well before use.

With the help of guar gum, even a shaving aid can be prepared, which is especially recommended for sensitive skin.

To do this, grate baby soap, dissolve completely in a small amount of water. Add a pinch of thickener, essential oils and flavors. Stir. Before use, heat, apply with a shaving brush.

Very good quality and get shower gels and baths.

You can, for example, use this recipe. For 1 g of guar gum you will need 180 ml of chamomile hydrolat, 20 drops of lavender oil (or any other), a table. spoon of olive oil. The mixture should be infused for a day, before use it will need to be shaken.

After use, the pores are cleaned, narrowed, the skin gets the necessary hydration.

Possible harm and contraindications

Guar gum is an absolutely harmless for human food supplement, but there is such a thing as individual intolerance, so caution does not hurt.

During pregnancy, eat foods containing E412 can.

There is even quite a lot of evidence that they are exclusively beneficial to the woman and the unborn baby.

But at the same time, it should be remembered that research and experiments with women are extremely rare. Taking care of your health and the health of an unborn baby must be done independently and lead the safest way of life, adhere to the principles of proper nutrition.

If you exceed the recommended amount, there may also be side effects.

Most often they manifest themselves in disorders of the gastrointestinal tract: severe frustration, diarrhea, vomiting, gas formation.

Such reactions can be not only with the direct use of dietary supplements, but even when eating foods for which low-quality E412 was used.

The main rule - everything is good in moderation.

Follow it and remember that nothing is more important than health. Let the use of the guar gum you will only benefit.☺

With you there was Alyona Yasneva, for now.


Application of guar gum E412

Most often, guar gum is used for the production of ice cream and desserts that are served chilled - the additive helps to slow down the process of ice crystallization.

Как стабилизатор камедь используется производителями мясных, молочных продуктов, сыров, желе, джемов, топпингов.

В качестве улучшителя муки гуаровую камедь Е412 используют при производстве хлебобулочных изделий.

Как вещество, обеспечивающее фиксацию компонентов продуктов, гуаран используют производители масел и жиров.

Камедь добавляют в соусы, кетчупы и приправы при их изготовлении – для придания им плотной консистенции.

E412 additive can be found in the composition of ready-made salads, juices, dry soups, canned fish.

Manufacturers often use guar gum in combination with carob bean gum, agar, methylcellulose, carrageenan, pectin and other substances that improve the structure of products. They reinforce each other's actions.

To sum up The main properties of the guar gum, which are of interest to the food industry, are the regulation of viscosity, moisture retention, increasing the elasticity of food products, increasing their volume, giving them a creamy consistency, increasing their shelf life.

Guar gum is also used in the medical industry - it is added to drugs for diabetics in order that sugar in the intestine is absorbed more slowly, as well as in other drugs and dietary supplements.

Guar gum - harm and benefit

It is believed that regular consumption of products containing guar gum, can help reduce appetite, reduce cholesterol and fat, improve calcium absorption, eliminate toxins and bacteria from the intestines. Gum can have a laxative effect.

Guaran may be recommended to include in the diet menu - the additive provides a feeling of satiety.

It is officially recognized that guar gum cannot harm a person because it is not absorbed in the intestine. There have been no cases of poisoning with E412; therefore, there is reason to believe that it is truly harmless. Another question is how conscientious the manufacturers are. In Russia, there were cases when under the guise of an additive E412 substances containing toxins were included in the composition of products.

Of great importance is the observance of reasonable norms of the use of guar gum. With an overdose of dietary supplements and drugs, which are based on guarana, can cause pain in the intestines and stomach, nausea, flatulence. In addition, the issue of drug compatibility of guar gum with other prescribed drugs should always be studied, otherwise serious complications may occur.

As for the advertised properties of the guar gum as weight loss, this theory has been refuted by scientists.

Found a mistake in the text? Select it and press Ctrl + Enter.

In an effort to pull the patient out, doctors often go too far. For example, a certain Charles Jensen in the period from 1954 to 1994. survived over 900 neoplasm removal operations.

Caries is the most common infectious disease in the world, which even the flu cannot compete with.

The rarest disease is Kourou's disease. Only representatives of the Fur tribe in New Guinea are ill. The patient dies of laughter. It is believed that the cause of the disease is eating the human brain.

Work that is not to the person’s liking is much more harmful for his psyche than lack of work at all.

Dentists appeared relatively recently. As early as the 19th century, it was the responsibility of an ordinary barber to pull out sore teeth.

In addition to people, only one living creature on planet Earth - dogs - suffers from prostatitis. This is really our most loyal friends.

When lovers kiss, each of them loses 6.4 calories per minute, but at the same time they exchange almost 300 types of different bacteria.

The well-known drug "Viagra" was originally developed for the treatment of arterial hypertension.

People who are accustomed to having breakfast regularly are much less likely to be obese.

The average life expectancy of left-handers is less than right-handers.

Allergy drugs in the United States alone spend more than $ 500 million a year. Do you still believe that a way to finally defeat an allergy will be found?

According to statistics, on Mondays, the risk of back injuries is increased by 25%, and the risk of a heart attack - by 33%. Be careful.

Human blood “runs” through the vessels under enormous pressure and, in violation of their integrity, is capable of shooting at a distance of up to 10 meters.

The highest body temperature was recorded in Willie Jones (USA), who was admitted to hospital with a temperature of 46.5 ° C.

The first vibrator was invented in the 19th century. He worked on a steam engine and was intended to treat female hysteria.

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of people suffering from genital warts. Despite the fact that this pathology occurs.

Getting Guar Gum

The raw materials for the manufacture of the supplement E 412 are the beans of the Cyamopsis tetragonolobus tree, or more precisely, their seeds, from which the plant extract is obtained in industrial conditions (supplied in powder form).

The seeds of fifteen centimeter beans are simply ground, separating the endosperm in the crushing process, and then the resulting substance is sieved many times and crushed to the state of a homogeneous powder.

Traditionally, about 80% of the world production of this substance falls on India, although now it is produced by other countries: Africa, Canada, America and Australia.

In the food industry

The relevance of the use of this additive in the production of food products is explained by the following merits of the product:

  • The viscosity of the gum at the level of 5,000 centipoise or 3,500 centipoise in a standard mixture allows it to perform the role of an excellent stabilizer, increasing the viscosity and gelling properties of products (especially important in the meat and dairy industry for longer storage of products or increase their density).
  • The ability to perfectly dissolve in water and good compatibility with many other hydrocolloids of plant origin (for example, locust bean gum, pectin or carrageenan) make it possible to successfully use the substance to improve the consistency of products.
  • When freezing, this property of the additive, such as the ability to slow down the formation of ice crystals (especially important in the production of ice cream, yogurt or other chilled confectionery products), is also useful.
  • With this substance, you can significantly improve the external characteristics of ketchup, seasonings and salads, and in practice, for this purpose it is added to drinks (syrups or juices), dry mixes for instant soups, canned fish and even special food for pets.
In any case, guar gum is almost not absorbed by the intestines and blocks the feeling of hunger, while lowering the level of cholesterol and saturated fat.

In the drilling industry

Guar gum turned out to be an excellent “helper” in the organization of oil wells, as it is able to limit the withdrawal of fluid from the drilling fluid and render the concrete clay used in it the properties of the suspension.

In some cases, this defect can be compensated by the use of hydroxypropyl derivatives of the substance, because they have the best thermal stability.

Guar gum is also used in cases when it is necessary to increase the amount of oil produced using hydraulic fracturing.

Under the influence of high pressure, a proppant is supplied to the well, the role of which is perfectly suited to sand, previously compacted by the aforementioned guar, or a solution of hydroxypropylguar. With its help, it is possible to widen cracks in hard rocks in order to organize a smooth passage of gas or oil.

But this is not all the possibilities of the guar gum in the world of the drilling industry.

Due to the ability to form relationships with borate and transition metal ions (Ti and Zr), its gelatinization is often observed, and after the end of the hydraulic fracture, the gel-like substance is torn down and tried to be washed to leave only a small amount of it.

It must be said that the use of E 412 in the drilling industry for the extraction of oil is one of the main modern directions of application of this substance.

In other areas

Despite the widespread use in the food and drilling industry, which is quite popular, guar gum has been and remains in several other spheres of human activity.

For example, for medical purposes, this substance is actively involved in the creation of drugs for diabetics, in order to ultimately reduce the rate of digestibility of sugar in the intestine, as well as slow down the process of absorption of other medicines and various food additives. The use of guar gum has also been noted in the manufacture of textiles and paper (especially used for dyeing carpets and in textile printing), although chemically modified gums are often used in the technique: for example, carboxymethylhydroxypropylguar or carboxymethylguar.

If necessary, the addition of E412 can also be used to create explosives, although it is much more often used for cosmetic purposes.

Of course, manufacturers of luxury cosmetics rarely resort to the use of guar gum, but in the budget segment it is very, very in demand.

When exposed to hair, this supplement perfectly restores all damages, adding shine and natural strength to its hair.

If desired, guar gum can be included in homemade cosmetic recipes, but if you do not have experience using such products, then it is better to give preference to ready-made creams.

Impact on the human body

We are used to be wary of any food additives, which in many cases is a very correct decision. However, regular consumption of food with a moderate amount of guar gum will not harm the body, on the contrary, there is information about the benefits of E 412.

In particular, it is capable of:

  • dull the feeling of hunger
  • lower blood cholesterol
  • increase the efficiency of calcium absorption,
  • remove pathogens and toxins from the body,
  • have a laxative effect (especially true for constipation).

In addition, special attention should be paid to the issue of possible drug compatibility (when taking any drugs), otherwise there is a serious risk of complications.

Simply put, do not be afraid of guar gum, but when it is used, it is better to observe precautions and not to abuse the additive.

What is guar gum and what is it made from?

Guar gum in appearance is a white fine powder that dissolves well in water and can slow down the process of crystallization of ice.

Guar gum is a completely natural product, which is produced from the pods of the Indian acacia (pea acacia or pea tree), it is also called guar, and its fruits are guar fruits. A pea tree is very similar to a bush, but has more powerful stems. This legume is grown in Pakistan, India, Africa, Australia, Canada and the United States.

From the beans of pea acacia by extraction method, in these mills, a resin is obtained, for this, the seeds are pre-dried, ground into powder, and then, this raw material is put into production. The main suppliers of raw materials for the production of E412 additives are India and Pakistan.

Physical properties of the additive

This substance has an increased rigidity, but it is perfectly soluble in ordinary water and other liquids, regardless of their temperature.

If a product containing guar gum is frozen, then a gel is obtained, ice crystals do not appear in it.

Where is guar gum found?

Guara not only can change the consistency of the product, but also has a positive effect on the appearance of the finished product.

Therefore, it is often used in the preparation of canned food, ketchups, juices.

Sometimes it is added to ready-made dishes in restaurants, in order to make them much more beautiful, appetizing and to attract the attention of customers.

People who carefully study the information on the packages can see the food additive E412, which is part of a variety of dry soups, oils, fats and even animal feed.

Guar gum has found its use in:

  • paper,
  • textile,
  • gas and oil,
  • space,
  • coal industry
  • used in the manufacture of the manufacture of explosives.

What is useful guar gum - E412?

There are a lot of different conversations and interpretations about the harm or benefits of nutritional supplements.

They begin to study them more carefully, on the basis of this interesting facts are discovered, the existence of which, a couple of years ago, no one could suspect. It happened with the addition of E412.

Let's get acquainted with the main useful properties:

  1. It has been scientifically proven that the dietary supplement guar gum has a positive effect on the body and is indispensable for its purification. It effectively removes toxins, reduces the harmful effects of heavy metals, prevents the reproduction of bad and harmful bacteria and helps regulate cholesterol levels in the blood.
  2. Gel with this substance is a kind of absorbent, which is able, like a sponge, to absorb all the garbage and dirt in the human body and gently remove it all.
  3. A positive feature of the supplement is that it is almost not absorbed in the intestines, which means that it is completely harmless to humans.
  4. If you use this natural substance in food on a regular basis, it will be a very effective prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels.
  5. Also, supplementation with food normalizes blood pressure, dilutes blood and clears blood vessels from plaques, purifies blood, prevents hearing and vision loss.
  6. It promotes better absorption of beneficial substances that come with products, especially potassium.
  7. Very often, the E412 supplement supplement is used to control blood sugar levels. To do this, it is added to the diet for diabetics. However, these procedures must be carried out under the supervision of a physician.
  8. Another proven property of gum is a marked decrease in appetite.

Therefore, this dietary supplement is often used for weight loss and weight loss, at this point we will discuss in more detail.

Scope of application in cosmetics

Guar gum is a very suitable ingredient for making:

  • moisturizing and nourishing and moisturizing emulsions,
  • gel deodorants,
  • styling gels
  • gels for various purposes,
  • cosmetic jelly,
  • decorative cosmetics (liquid blush, lip gloss).

Mode of application

The component is not recommended for use with concentrated alkalis and strong acids, as this may lead to a loss of viscosity of the final product being produced. If borax is added, a gelatinous mass is formed, which can be used in some cosmetic products.

Guara combines very well with xanthan gum, alginate, agar-agar and other resins and substances that act synergistically.

Guar gum is introduced into the finished gel or in the aqueous phase, selecting the dosage, depending on the desired degree of viscosity, from 0.1 to 0.5%.

To get the best effect, guar gum is recommended to be dissolved in hydrolate prepared from flowers and medicinal plants. But ordinary water may also be suitable for this purpose.

Thus, you can get a tonic that will provide reliable protection of the skin, moisturize and cleanse it. It is desirable to use tonic with guar in the morning, to wipe the skin with it after the washing procedure.

If it is used regularly, then soon it will be possible to completely abandon the use of decorative cosmetics, used to hide the defects that are visible on the skin.

If in cosmetic procedures apply additional vitamin supplements, natural oils, decoctions of medicinal herbs, then you can get an excellent effect that will return the skin freshness and youth from the very first days of using these masks.

Mask with aloe vera and guaroy

I bring to your attention a proven recipe for a good mask for skin rejuvenation.

  • We take a leaf of Aloe Vera, the leaves need to take two days, large and previously kept in the refrigerator.
  • Remove the leaves from the scarlet skin, and lay the flesh in a clean container.
  • Add to the pulp of scarlet 3 drops of vitamin E, and a small pinch of guar.
  • All thoroughly knead, cover with cling film and set for half an hour in a warm place.
  • Mass during this time should increase slightly in volume.

  1. Apply the prepared rejuvenating mask on previously cleaned and steamed face, neck and decollete skin.
  2. Hold for 30 minutes, and wash off with warm water.

Useful properties of guar can be used to strengthen and healthy hair. If you prepare a mixture with essential oils and, then we get a very good conditioner for healthy hair, which will provide shine, make curls thick, silky, smooth and docile.

Mask to strengthen hair

Make a useful mask for healthy hair.

  • Take kefir - 300 milliliters, one egg and a pinch of guar gum.
  • Kefir is heated to be slightly warm. Add egg and guaru to it.
  • All thoroughly mixed and heated in a water bath.

  1. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair under the usual plastic cap.
  2. The procedure time is from 30 to 60 minutes.
  3. After that, the mask should be washed off with warm water.

Маску можно применять два раза в неделю, это обеспечит хорошее увлажнение кожи головы, предотвратить появление секущихся кончиков, укрепить по всех длине структуру волос.

Эта процедура поможет сохранить свежесть вашей прическе надолго.

Домашний шампунь с ромашкой

Загуститель можно использовать даже для того, чтобы приготовить домашний шампунь из ромашки.

  1. Две столовые ложки цветков ромашки заливаем стаканом воды и доводим до кипения на водяной бане. Процеживаем и остуживаем.
  2. In the finished decoction of chamomile add one chicken egg. All is well and thoroughly knead.
  3. Add a pinch of thickener guar E412.

  • Wash your hair like a regular shampoo.
  • Store homemade shampoo in the refrigerator, no more than 7 days.
  • Heat well before use.

Hair after applying such a natural shampoo will be strong and beautiful.

Shaving aid

Guar gum can be used to prepare a shaving product that is well suited for delicate and sensitive skin.

  1. Preparation and use:
  2. Grate baby soap and dissolve it completely in a small amount of water.
  3. Add a pinch of thickener guar, essential oils that suit you and flavors. All knead.
  4. The resulting shaving product is gently heated before use and applied with a brush to the skin.

Bath or shower gel

Very good and quality is obtained gel for bath or shower in accordance with this recipe.

Preparation and use:

  • Take chamomile hydrolat - 120 grams,
  • lavender oil or any other - 20 drops,
  • olive oil - 1 tablespoon.

We mix everything and let it stand for one day. Stir the mixture before use.

After using the gel, the pores of the skin are well cleaned, tapering, and the skin receives the necessary hydration and care.

Contraindications and possible harm

Guar gum is absolutely harmless to the human body food additive, but there is such a phenomenon as individual intolerance and therefore, caution with the use of this additive will not be superfluous.

Eating products containing E412 during pregnancy is possible, since there is a lot of evidence that they bring only benefits for a woman and a future baby.

Mom should take care of herself and the health of her still-born child by herself, for this you need to adhere to the principles of proper nutrition and lead a healthy lifestyle.

It is important to remember that if you exceed the recommended amount of supplementation, there may be side effects.

Most often they can manifest themselves in violation of the gastrointestinal tract: vomiting, diarrhea, severe upset, gas formation.

Adverse reactions can occur not only if you use dietary supplements, but also when eating foods to which low-quality E412 has been added.

What is guar gum?

Generally speaking, guar gum is a food additive in the form of a powder of plant origin, which is capable of combining incompatible liquids.

Thanks to E412 (this is the name for guar gum in the composition of products), oil and water, when mixed, form an emulsion. This property of guar powder is called emulsification.

The use of guar gum began in India. Even before the worldwide fame of the properties of this substance, guar gum was already produced in India. And only at the beginning of the 20th century, the powder was recognized as fit for human consumption. Since then, guar gum has been actively used to thicken and increase the shelf life of products such as ice cream, milk, cheese, meat, etc. In addition to the food industry, E412 is also used in many other industries.

Is there any benefit from using guar gum?

On the one hand, there are allegations that the natural origin of the powder does not harm the human body. Proponents of this position even find the healing properties possessed by the food additive E412:

  • food supplement cleanses intestines from toxins
  • E412 is practically not absorbed by the intestinal tract, hence the opinion about the minimal risk of harm,
  • helps to reduce cholesterol levels, by thickening it and outputting
  • decrease in appetite
  • slowing the absorption of glucose, etc.

In the course of research, over the years, it was found that guar gum contributes to the removal of harmful substances from the body. The binding properties of a substance, like a sponge, absorb bacteria, heavy chemical elements and other components harmful to the body. In this case, guar gum is easily excreted from the body, which gives it the property of a good intestinal cleansing substance.

However, there are also such scientists who, with reasoned apprehension, refer to this kind of food additives.

Possible harm to guar gum

One of the arguments is the unchecked effect on DNA. It's all a matter of far-reaching progress. With the advent of various additives, new types of products for human consumption and other elements affecting the body, new diseases have appeared, the number of unhealthy births and babies has increased. Thus, it is very difficult to track exactly what causes a particular disease.

Another argument of harm that can be caused by the food additive E412, consider that this product is not typical for human food. In this case, the physiology of the consumer plays an important role. When food is consumed, chemical processes in the body are triggered, which, according to the opponents of the food-addict, are idling.

One of the biggest aftershocks that became the reason for arguing the harm of this dietary supplement were deaths after an overdose of guar gum. At the end of the 20th century, 2 cases were recorded in which people died from the use of large amounts of this substance. It was used for the purpose of losing weight, and against the background of a low level of food and fluid intake, the E412 was fatal.

Please note that unscrupulous manufacturers can add to the powder gum guaradioxin and pentachlorophene, which are harmful for eating!

Chemical and physical properties

By its properties, the food additive E412 is almost completely similar to the locust bean gum, which is labeled as E410. Guar gum is perfectly soluble in water, even in cold, in any kind of oils, etc. When combined with liquid substances, E412 turns into an emulsion, thickening moisture. And when freezing such an emulsion, the powder helps to slow down the crystallization of the liquid, and therefore, maintains the structure of the state of the product.

If you give an example, on such a product as ice cream, then it is guar gum (food additive E412) that makes it viscous and does not allow to turn into ice, in conditions of freezing. In other cases, gum is often used to increase the shelf life of a food product. Milk, sour cream and kefir, with the addition of E412, do not break up into different groups of fats for a long time.

How is a dietary supplement made?

The food additive E412 is made of guar. This plant is called differently - pea tree, tsamopsis four-winged or just Indian acacia. From the names it becomes clear that the plant comes out of the legume family, and call it a legume tree, because it is more like a shrub. For the production of guar gum pods of beans are used. They are ground to the state of flour, and after that, the resulting free-flowing consistency is sieved and dried. The grinding and screening process is performed repeatedly until all non-uniform particles are removed from the composition.

Mostly guar grows in India. Therefore, a significant number of shipments of guar gum comes precisely from this country. However, due to the increased demand for the food additive E412, the plant began to grow in other states, creating the conditions necessary for its growth.

In addition to the production of guar gum, Indian wood is often used as a fertilizer for the soil or as feed for cattle. The plant is saturated with proteins and fatty oils.

Properties due to which I use guar gum

Guar gum has several useful properties that have led to the use of food additives in the food industry, cooking and cometology - this is emulsification, thickening of liquids and their stabilization.

Emulsification allows you to mix substances that are not capable of it on their own. Mixing occurs by thickening and converting products from a liquid to a gel state.

The concentration of substances, thanks to the addition of E412, allows us to achieve that the product can take the desired state. The additive increases the viscosity and viscosity of the components in which it is embedded.

Stabilization of the state of a liquid or other substance is achieved due to the unique properties of the guar gum, which slow down the crystallization of various forms, including freezing.

Products with the addition of guar are less subject to decay into its constituent elements.

Everything else worth adding that the food additive E412 is not synthetic, but a natural product, which increases its safety level.

Product cons

Everyone knows that everything is useful in moderation. This also applies to guar gum. Its biggest disadvantage is that excessive consumption can lead to fatal consequences.

In addition, the effect of the substance on lactating mothers and pregnant women has not been fully studied, so products with E412 may be, to put it mildly, not desirable for such people. In other cases of overdose with this supplement, constipation, abdominal cramps, nausea, or diarrhea can be observed.

If a person has a tendency to allergic reactions to soy, then he should also avoid products with guar gum, because in some cases it may contain some amount of soy impurities. And in rare cases, guar gum itself is the causative agent of an allergic reaction.

Summing up the drawbacks of E412, we can say that the moderate use of this supplement is unlikely to bring significant damage to the consumer. Another thing is that to control the consumption of this substance is very difficult, because it is contained in many products and in different quantities.

Where is guar gum used?

The scope of the guar gum is very wide. Today, many businesses can not do without this substance. Despite the fact that guar powder in its composition and principle of action is very similar to locust bean gum, it is more in demand in the market. The binding, stabilizing and emulsifying properties of the guar gum make E412 additive in demand in the following areas:

  • food industry, in a wide range of products,
  • use in cooking,
  • cosmetic industry
  • slimming products
  • drilling industry.

In addition, guar powder is used for the manufacture of dietary supplements, the use of which is resorted to by bodybuilders and other athletes. It is also used in papermaking, textile printing, in the space and coal industries.

Well, if your child does not want to learn chemistry, then it is possible to awaken his interest in this subject by creating a lick along with him. To do this, you will need: half a liter of ordinary water, half a spoonful of guar powder and a few drops of sodium tetraborate. A lot of options on how to make a lizuna you can read in this article. Such an experiment, carried out at home, will allow the child to observe what action a chemical reaction of various substances can produce. But do not forget about security. Do not leave such substances in children in plain sight without adult supervision.

Guar gum in the food industry

It is difficult to list all the foodstuffs put on the conveyor, in which guar gum powder is used (food additive E412), because there is a huge amount of them. The fact is that even in cases where it is possible to use starch, for the thickening, or common flour, guar gum will need a smaller amount to achieve the desired consistency of the mixture. In this way,

Guar gum is used to produce:

  • fermented milk and dairy products - milk, kefir, condensed milk, yogurt, cheeses, etc.
  • confectionery - ice cream, candy, chocolate, cookies, cakes and baking of all sorts,
  • emulsified sauces, such as mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard,
  • ready-made dinners, such as mashed potatoes, soups and noodles,
  • gum and much more.

By the way, baby food may also contain guar gum. It is worth noting that most often E412 is used to reduce the cost of products, therefore, such products are considered as economy-class products.

Guar gum in cooking + recipes

Guar gum can be used at home to prepare various dishes. It is especially useful to add guar gum to baking recipes that are needed to maintain a diet. As a rule, these are dishes that do not have gluten. The additive in this case acts as an excellent binder, which makes the dough lush and does not allow it to sag. In the preparation of flour products guar powder can be used instead of flour.

Soups and other liquid dishes can also be prepared using gum gum. The additive will make the dish more saturated and nutritious. However, it should be remembered that E412 powder, in this case, needs very little, about no more than 2 tsp. on a glass of liquid.

Making mayonnaise

Having on hand guar gum, you can make mayonnaise at home, which will not be anything different from the store. In addition, the taste and fat content of mayonnaise, making it yourself, it is possible to adapt everything to suit your tastes.

For mayonnaise will require:

  • 1 egg,
  • sunflower oil to taste
  • tsp guar gum.

All this mix in a mixer or by hand, until a homogeneous consistency. After, add the following ingredients:

  • 200 ml of kefir,
  • 35 grams of mustard,
  • tablespoon of vinegar,
  • salt and sugar to taste.

All components are thoroughly mixed again and homemade mayonnaise is ready.

Ice cream recipe

Without guar gum or other thickening agents, ice cream cannot be made. By the way, in comparison with locust bean gum, E412 shows the best result. Mass condensation occurs almost immediately, and the structure of the consistency does not fall for a long time. The following ingredients are required for cooking:

  • pasteurized or boiled and cooled milk - 0.5 l,
  • guar gum - 2 tsp,
  • sweetener - 2 tsp,
  • some vanilla,
  • a bit of condensed milk.

Also, during cooking, you can add yogurt with your favorite fruit flavor to make popsicles.

Pour milk into a deep bowl and add the whole list of ingredients. To get a thick mass, you need to take a mixer. Mix the milk with a mixer until thick cream. It will not be possible to obtain the desired thickness at one time, therefore, when the mixture stops thickening while beating, it should be kept in the refrigerator for a while, approximately 1 hour. You shouldn’t worry if the mass asks during the freezing, the subsequent beating with a mixer will bring the consistency to a state of dense lumps.

After the mass is already like ice cream, it can be placed in plastic cups or in a bowl and put for another half an hour in the refrigerator.

E412 in the cosmetic industry + recipes

Guar gum is no less used in cosmetics than in food. Moreover, E412 is a natural product, and a modern woman knows how natural components are useful for beauty.

The use of guar gum in moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners and other means helps to protect the skin from various harmful effects, including ultraviolet. After applying the cream, in which the guar gum resin is present, a protective layer is created, invisible to the naked eye.

Besides the fact that guar gum is used in the manufacture of industrial cosmetic products, the additive can also be used at home.

Gel to restore and strengthen hair

A very simple recipe, which requires only 3 components:

To prepare, pour a glass of kefir into a suitable container, add 1 tsp. E412 powder and hammer the egg. It is better that kefir is at room temperature, then the components are better mixed. Then mix everything thoroughly and the gel is ready for use.

This gel should be rubbed into the skin of the head, and then you need to cover the hair with polyethylene to withstand the required amount of time to absorb the nutrients. There will be no harm from prolonged retention of the gel on the head, but practice shows that after 1 hour of use, further application is impractical.

After applying the power gel restoring hair, it is very easy to wash it off with plain water, without using a shampoo.

Cleansing and Moisturizing Shower Gel

Nowadays, when the atmosphere is polluted with various harmful substances, it is very useful to use means to care and protect the skin. With the help of guar gum, it is possible to independently manufacture a cleansing shower gel, which, after the adoption of water procedures, will not allow the skin to dry out.

For the manufacture of the gel you need to take chamomile water, it is also called chamomile hydrolat. Add 1 tbsp. l olive oil and half a teaspoon of guar gum. Optionally, add a little lavender oil or other flavoring. All ingredients are mixed, and a viscous gel is obtained, which is used during bathing.

Shaving foam

In those cases when it is necessary to shave any part of the body, you can not shave the shaving product, but make it yourself. В этом случае, человек будет полностью уверен в целебных свойствах пенки, так как ингредиенты будут подобраны лично.

Для подобного средства нужны продукты, которые есть в любом доме, не считая добавку Е412:

  • детское мыло,
  • пару капель йода,
  • эфирное масло с любым ароматизатором, если нужно,
  • порошок гуаровой камеди.

The soap must be completely dissolved in warm water to make it faster, it is better to chop it finely, and take warm water. In this case, the water you need to take no more than 150 ml.

In the muddy soap add 1 tsp. guar gum and other ingredients. All mix thoroughly and shaving foam is ready for reuse.

Of course, there are still many recipes for creating cosmetics: shampoos, moisturizers, therapeutic ointments, massage gels, face masks, etc. However, we will not dwell on some recipes, they can always be found on the Internet.

Use of E412 in oil and gas production

Immediately it should be noted that guar gum is used not only during the extraction of oil and gas. It is used in all areas, where drilling is required for production. However, its properties for this purpose, are used to reduce the cost of the process. The fact is that the guar mixture does not withstand high temperatures, which are present at a depth of over 100 m. Therefore, they use extra gum, which costs more than E412, but has the same properties.

For the extraction of oil or gas, guar gum is needed in two areas of application:

  • wedging rocks
  • directly drilling.

During drilling, guar gum is added to the solution that is used to create the well. Penetration of concrete solutions at great depths is hampered by the loss of moisture, the concrete thickens and can clog the well. Guar gum or crocodile gum gives a jelly-like state to the solution, and it overcomes the narrow space well.

The wedging of rocks is required to free up the largest amount of fossil raw materials from the soil. E412 is added to a special mixture, which is placed between layers of soil rocks. After a short period of time, the guar gum swells, and the soil or layers adjacent to the solution are loosened, releasing valuable resources. In the future, the solution with gum is removed from the well.

Where to buy guar gum

Buy a supplement is not difficult. On the Internet you can find a lot of sites where there are various possibilities for payment and delivery of goods. Well, if a person does not have confidence in deliveries from the Internet, and he wants to purchase goods from the store's warehouse, then this can be done in large cities. The fact is that such an additive can be found in specialized stores that are difficult to find.

In any case, the acquisition of E412, pay attention to product certification. If the purchase is done in a specialty store, then you need to require the seller certificate. Well, when you have to buy on the Internet, you should choose a site where certificates are displayed directly on the site. And do not be lazy, the document shown on the website can be checked for its validity. However, the best way to make sure that you bring quality guar gum from the online store is to have fresh comments and positive feedback from customers.

Guar gum is a food additive (E412), which is used in the food and cosmetic industry, cooking, for weight loss and also in other areas. It is believed that guar gum does not harm the body, but this opinion has opponents. The benefits of E412 manifest themselves in absorbent and detox properties.