General information

Features of the white miracle grape variety


"White Miracle" - real wonderful grapes. Its juicy berries have an amazing taste. In the article we will look at the “White Miracle” grapes - its description of how to plant and care, as well as other useful information for growing this variety in the garden.

Description and distinctive characteristics

This white grape variety has early ripening. Harvest can be obtained around the beginning of August.

The average cluster weight is about 1 kg. With careful care it can be 1.5 kg. Fruits are oval, light, large. It has high fruitfulness and a long period of life. Vine matures almost the entire length.

Fruiting begins in the second year after planting. Plant tolerates severe frosts (up to –25 ° С). But it is still desirable to shelter him for the winter.

Growing conditions

Careful selection of landing site - the key to success and a rich harvest.

Grapes loves sunny and well ventilated places. Therefore, the best place would be a large yard or the southern wall of the house. The soil should be light and airy.

Choose a dry place for planting: the roots of the plant penetrate deep down and high groundwater levels can weaken and harm.

Selection of seedlings

Carefully approach the selection of seedlings. Proper planting will avoid many problems in the future.

  • Try to buy seedlings from reliable growers or in proven nurseries.

  • When buying, cut a small piece of a seedling (3-5 mm). The cut core should be green and wet - alive. Still cut a piece of the root. It should be white, wet. If the root is dark and dry - this is a signal that you offer a dead bush.
  • A good graft seedling will not have cracks at the place of accretion, cracks, will not produce extraneous cod. At the site of closing the scion and rootstock should be a solid circular accretion.

Timing and landing scheme

Planted in spring or autumn during the rest period, when the plant has not yet left hibernation and is only preparing to go to growth.

In the selected location, prepare the holes for planting cuttings. The distance between the pits should be 1.25–1.50 m. In this case, the plants will not compete and everyone will get light and water. If you plant in several rows, then set the aisle at 2-2.5 m.

The planting procedure is standard for grapes: a hole is prepared up to half a meter wide, a little deeper than the seedling length. In the hole poured the prepared mixture of soil and humus with compost. A stalk is installed in this land, the roots are spread on the ground. Half fall asleep soil, ram and watered. After soaking up the water, put a peg and fill it with loose earth so that the seedling is closed with the top.

Grade Care

Caring for grapes "White Miracle" is watering, fertilizer, pruning and disease prevention.

Grapes required limited amount of watering.

The first watering is carried out in late spring. Add some ash (about 500 g) to the water for the first and second watering. One bush will need 4–5 liters of water.

The second watering spend before flowering bushes. The third watering - immediately after flowering.

Fertilize grapes should be in the fall, after harvesting and before the onset of frost.

In addition to ready-made mixtures for feeding the grapes (Mortar, Kemira), it is good to use organic fertilizers - mixtures of compost, humus.

To make the dressing, dig holes (or trench) around the roots of the bush. Add the prepared fertilizer and dig in there. The distance from the pillar of grapes to the fossa is 50-100 cm, the depth of the fertilizer is 40-50 cm.

Removal of excess branches should be carried out immediately after the harvest. Note the dry branches and remove them so that they do not interfere with the plant to prepare for winter.

Diseases and pests

"White Miracle" has good immunity against gray rot, oidum. But still, for the purpose of prophylaxis and to scare away insects damaging berries, plants can be treated with a solution of whey and milk (in the ratio of 1:10), mullein.

In order to prevent the spring is to spray the bushes with the usual Bordeaux liquid. This will protect plants from the most common diseases and pests.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this class include:

  • sweet, fresh taste of berries,
  • large large clusters
  • high yield,
  • high frost resistance
  • early ripening berries.

Weak points are few, but they also exist:

  • the fragility of the vine of the first year of growth,
  • low transportability of berries.

As you can see, the advantages of this variety are much greater than the minuses.

"White Miracle" is wonderful grape variety. Even a newcomer to viticulture can grow it and get a good harvest. This variety is an excellent training ground for sharpening grape care skills.

Biological description

The grape bushes are low-growth or moderate. On the bushes are formed large clusters with a pronounced cylindrical shape and average density. The standard weight of a single bunch of grapes varies from 700 to 900 g. Shoots are distinguished by early ripening.

In most cases, the vine matures completely (at least 85%). The total amount of fruitful shoots is 75%. Each bush forms about 50 holes. Flowers bisexual.


Berries differ in the large sizes and an oval form. The main color is white, when maturing on the sunny side, the color of the thin skin becomes yellow. Fully ripened berries have juicy fleshy pulp, harmonious taste (refreshing and sweet, with a barely perceptible acidity). Sugar content varies in the range of 18-19% with an acidity of 6-7 g / l. Tasting score - 7.9 points.

Landing rules

When planting seedlings of the White Miracle variety, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

  • the soil for planting grapes of this hybrid form should pass well the air and warm up by the sun's rays,
  • Immediately before preparing the planting pits, one should dig up the soil or deeply loosen the soil,
  • the landing pit must be partially filled with a nutrient soil mixture consisting of humus, sand and wood ash in equal proportions,
  • prepared seedlings should be planted on a small mound at a height at the bottom of the planting pit,
  • the root system of the seedling should be spread over the surface of the planting mound from the nutrient soil and carefully covered with earth.

Immediately after planting, the saplings are tied to a support and watered abundantly. Recommended planting in the spring: from the second decade of April to the end of May.

Care features

Standard care for grapes of this variety are to implement the following activities:

  • loosening the soil and removing weeds around the vine,
  • pruning thin or weakened plant roots,
  • Bordeaux mixture spraying against major diseases and pests,
  • moderate watering (no more than four during the growing season),
  • timely tying long shoots
  • regular application of mineral and organic fertilizers,
  • shelter of bushes of grapes at the onset of a steady cold snap in order to protect against freezing.

The optimal level of load on each grape bush - 30-35 eyes. Pruning vines fruiting should be carried out on 6-8 buds.

Gardeners reviews

According to experienced growers, the variety fully complies with the stated indicators: sugar is collected at the end of August, has a good ratio of sugar content and acidity, has a noble taste and a beautiful yellowish color, which is formed when grown in sunny areas.

However, it should be borne in mind that in the first years of growing a kidney, it can wake up uncharacteristically late for a variety. If the foliage is affected by late return frosts, it is recommended to cut off the upper part of the vine, which has a shriveled bark removed from the cambium, and then lay the vine on the ground and cover with high-quality non-woven covering materials.


Potapenko Research Institute, known to all summer residents, developed many varieties, each of which became popular among gardeners. Upon receipt of the White Miracle variety, two varieties were crossed:

From parent plants, grapes inherited positive characteristics. The second name of the variety is Song.

Bush structure

The flowers on the vine are bisexual, so the variety is surely called samoplodny. The vine is capable of maturing by 75%. Leave 50 holes, no more, otherwise the bush will give less yield than expected.

The intensity of growth is average, it must be considered if several grape varieties are grown. The vigorous species can slow down the development of the White Miracle.

Positive and negative characteristics

The predominant amount of positive qualities of the white miracle grapes helps the plant to win the position of summer residents.

  • early ripening,
  • high, stable crop,
  • frost resistance
  • excellent transportability and long shelf life,
  • a large percentage of vine ripening,
  • the versatility of the use of berries,
  • unpretentious care,
  • high immunity
  • the grade is grafted onto any stock, White Miracle has excellent compatibility.

The peculiarity of the White Wonder variety is that brushes on the vine can be found for a long time without loss of taste and presentation.

  • annual shoots are fragile and fragile.

The presence of positive and negative properties of the plant naturally. Therefore, when choosing a variety, gardeners are guided by the virtues of grapes.

Diseases and pests peculiar to the bush

An important role is played by plant immunity. The higher the field health of the grapes, the better. White miracle - a variety resistant to common diseases. But in order to prevent the bushes are treated in the spring and autumn.

In addition to treatments, they prevent the occurrence of diseases by performing standard agricultural practices. Removing weeds, loosening and mulching the soil will help reduce the number of harmful bacteria that cause crop diseases.

Insect pests destroy a significant part of the crop. Gardeners recommend spraying plants using mullein or milk whey to set traps.

Characteristics of the berries are interested gardeners no less than the description of the bush. Evaluating them, the gardener makes the final decision whether it is worth planting a variety on the site or not.

The brushes are formed large, beautiful, medium friability. Subject to planting technology and growing standards, 1 bunch weighs 1.5 kg. The average mass of the brush is 850-900 g.

Taste at the highest level. Sweet fruits, a little sour are used for fresh consumption and various preparations for the winter. Used for making wine, liqueurs and other beverages.

Fruits are fleshy, oval. One grape weighs up to 10 g. The shade of a ripe green berry. A bunch of yellow flowers that have matured in the sun.

How to plant seedlings

Competent landing - half the success. There are several requirements that must be followed in order to obtain an excellent harvest in the future:

  1. The right choice of location. Sunny plot, located on a hill, protected from drafts, suitable for grapes as well as possible.

The roots of plants are prone to rotting, therefore the depth of the groundwater is not less than 4 m.

  1. The acquisition of quality planting material. Healthy seedlings will give powerful plants in the future. The plants should not be damaged and visible signs of deformation.
  2. Terms of landing. Every summer resident chooses a day for planting independently; it depends on the climatic conditions of the growing region. Planted in the ground in spring or autumn. It is preferable to do this in April or May. So plants have more chances to take root and prepare for winter.
  3. Landing scheme. The distance between the plants is 1.5 m, between the rows 2.5 m.
  4. Preparation of pits for landing. The depth and width of the planting holes depends on the roots of the bushes. The bottom is filled with a drainage layer, then filled with a mixture of soil with humus and minerals.
  5. Landing. The roots are arranged vertically. Sprinkle with soil and pour water abundantly.

Compliance with simple requirements will allow the grower to grow a healthy, powerful plant.

Growing tips and care

After the grapes are planted in the ground, requires proper care of the bushes. It is easy to implement it, it is to perform standard agricultural practices.

The formation of the vine is carried out in the fall. So the procedure is less painful for the plant. Remove unnecessary shoots, leaving 35-45 eyes. Tie up the vine horizontally, such an arrangement allows the plant to form more fruit-bearing shoots. After fruiting, pruned dry branches, as they weaken the bush and do not allow to fully prepare for winter.

Irrigation and fertilizer

Frequent watering is necessary for young white saplings of grapes. Watered 1-2 times a week if the weather is good. In case of drought, the amount of watering is increased, in rainy weather it is reduced or stopped altogether. Carefully relate to watering fruit-bearing bushes.

Plants need moisture in the flowering period and the beginning of fruiting. But at the time of ripening, the bushes do not water at all, as the fruits will begin to crack.

The final watering is carried out after harvest and in preparation for the winter. Top dressing is necessary for plants at any age. Use complex mineral fertilizers and organic matter, alternating between them. Feed mainly in the autumn, after harvest.

Protection against diseases and pests

The best protection is prevention. It is easier to prevent disease than to cure. To do this, strictly follow the agrotechnology of cultivation, properly plant and care for the grapes White Miracle. Carrying out preventive seasonal treatments will help protect plants from viruses and insect attacks. Shrubs are sprayed in spring and autumn.

Sheltering for the winter

Despite the fact that the vine has resistance to lowering the temperature to -23 ⁰C, it is better to wrap bushes for the winter. Now there is no problem with this, as covering material is produced. It is necessary to purchase it in specialized stores, to cover the vine with it. Deadline in the middle of autumn, for dry and warm weather. If necessary, sprinkle with soil.

About harvest: collection and storage

The grapes are able to hang on the bushes for 15-20 days without any damage to the taste characteristics and presentation. But gardeners do not recommend keeping sweet berries for a long time. This threatens with the appearance of a large number of wasps, which damage the crop. Ripening friendly, grapes are cut off with brushes, in this form and stored. It is necessary to create optimal storage conditions. If possible, grapes are stored in the attic. Brushes tied with a string, then fastened on a thick rope.

The second method of storage in the basement. To do this, take the tank, pour a layer of sawdust at the bottom and put them in a bunch of grapes. And cleaned in the cellar or other dark room. Refrigerators have special compartments for storing berries. If the fruits are carefully folded, without damaging the structure, they will be stored for up to 2.5 months. White Miracle Grapes - a great option for growing novices. It is undemanding to care, bears fruit regularly, the volume of the crop is high.

Grapes White miracle: planting and care, description of the variety and main characteristics

White miracle is an amazing grape variety with a refreshing sweet taste. The variety has large clusters that can hang on the bushes before the onset of autumn, without losing its taste. White grapes owe their appearance to breeders of the Y.I. Potapenko All-Russian Research Institute.

The variety was obtained by crossing Original and Delight grape bushes. The fruits, in addition to the wonderful taste, have useful properties.

Ripe berries contain vitamins K, C, copper, potassium, dietary fiber. Juicy fruits are a storehouse of important for the body of trace elements and acids.


Grapes belong to the early varieties that are self-pollinated. The average weight of grapes - 900 g, with proper care reaches 1.5 kg. Brushes have a cylindrical shape. Fruits are large, oval. The ripening period is 100-110 days. Gardeners note a high fruit bearing rate of a grape bush. Both young and perennial bushes bear fruit.

To give a crop this grade begins 2-3 years later after disembarkation in a ground. Due to frost resistance, this variety is well acclimatized in the northern regions. The fruit bud is able to withstand temperatures down to –25 ° C. Against the background of high frost resistance, with sufficient watering, the vine maintains well the hot summer.

Despite the presence of large clusters, the vine has a distinctive feature of ripening to its full length. Grape cuttings root quickly and give a good root system over time. This variety does not like neighborhood with vigorous bushes. For the winter requires shelter. Breaking the vine requires careful handling. Harvesting occurs at the beginning of August.

Note to gardeners: Grapes White miracle is afraid of transportation over long distances. Well kept at medium temperatures.

It does not require complex care, but you need enough to follow a few important rules.This is an unpretentious and quite fruitful variety, which will give a good harvest, even for novice gardeners. Breeding variety resistant to diseases.

Planting and caring for seedlings

To get a good harvest when planting cuttings, you should consider the recommendations:

  1. Planting of seedlings is carried out with the onset of steadily warm, not frosty days in the spring. Starting from the second decade of April until the end of May.
  2. To begin planting grapes with a choice of a suitable place, the site should be not shaded and well ventilated.
  3. It is recommended that the landing pit be deeply loosened, partially filled with nutrients (ash, sand, humus and wood ash) in equal proportions.
  4. At the bottom of the pit to form hillocks, set the prepared seedlings in such a way that the roots are spread over the nutrient soil.
  5. Planting material gradually sprinkle with earth, lightly tamp the soil, pour abundantly. Some gardeners recommend watering the seedling just before burial.
  6. After planting and watering, the grape seedling is tied to the support with garden twine. It is impossible to use wire for this purpose.

Caring for grapes White Miracle requires the following activities:

  1. To ensure oxygen access to the root system, you need to regularly clean the soil from weeds and loosen the earth under a vine.
  2. Cut thin and weakened vine, monitor the condition of the bush, in time to tie young shoots.
  3. As a protection and prevention spray with Bordeaux or any other mixture to combat plant diseases and pests.
  4. Lead moderate watering (3-4 times during the growing season) to make mineral and organic fertilizers.
  5. When the onset of cold weather in order to protect the bushes to cover with burlap, film or roofing felt.

Pruning grapes

Compulsory agrotechnical process of cutting young and unnecessary shoots is responsible for the yield and proper growth of the bush. On the bush after pruning should be about 35 holes. Pruning of the vine should be carried out on 6-7 eyes.

Due to the fact that this variety must be covered for the winter, pruning of grapes is carried out in the fall. Particular attention should be paid to pruning during the formation of the bush.

Thanks to pruning the bush during the first 3-4 years of growth will take the correct form. To collect a high yield will help the wreck of green branches. In the summer, this procedure is performed twice. A good help yields will be pasynkovanie and pinching young shoots.

Calendar of works in the vineyard by month:

  1. Cleaning winter shelters.
  2. Garter.
  3. Loosening the soil.
  4. Spraying the vine with blue vitriol at the rate of 250 g per 10 liters of water.
  1. With the advent of the first leaves we remove the excess shoots by pinching.
  2. The main shoots are tied up with the growth of the bush.
  3. Process Bordeaux liquid.
  1. During this period, the grapes must be watered abundantly and to the maximum to protect the blooming clusters from the rain.
  2. You can spray insect fungicides.
  1. Create favorable conditions for ripening grapes.
  2. To thin out, leave on the bush the number of shoots, corresponding to its strength.
  3. Eliminate wild shoots.
  1. If the crop is not harvested in early August, we put on the mesh from the wasps.
  2. We carry out green operations to remove the leaves shading from the sun.
  3. Harvest.
  1. After harvesting, sprinkle the leaves with copper oxychloride and water it abundantly.
  2. Young bushes tie up.
  1. To conduct autumn dressing bushes.
  2. Prepare a vine for shelter for the winter.
  1. Remove the vine from the trellis.
  2. Crop weak shoots.
  3. Put in prepared ditches.
  4. Cover for protection from frost.

Harvesting and storage

For the safety of the fruit is responsible correct, timely harvest. This task is no less responsible and important than the process of its cultivation. Viticulture researchers have found that delaying the harvest of ripened grapes leads to crop loss. If you overdo the clusters, they will over-spell and be attacked by the wasps.

A sign of ripening grapes. The white miracle is the softening of the pulp, the acquisition of the coloring characteristic of this variety. Ripe grapes at the time of maturation acquire a beautiful yellow color with tan.

Gather it by hand, trimming it carefully with a brush with garden scissors. Harvesting should be carried out in a dry time, it is not necessary to do this during the rains and after the fog. After the crop is harvested, the question arises about the proper storage of the grapes. To preserve the fresh taste of grapes at least until the end of autumn, you should pay attention to the methods of storage:

  1. Each bunch is suspended on a thick thread, and then strung on a rope.
  2. Well preserved grapes in boxes with pre-piled sawdust.
  3. Up to 2.5 months, grapes are perfectly stored in special compartments of the refrigerator.

Before being sent for storage, the clusters are sorted for the presence of spoiled fruit. Air naturally, and in no case do not wash. Not washed away pollen on berries protects from pyogenesis.

White Miracle Grapes: variety features

White Miracle is an early grape variety. Bunches of shrubs are not too large, but despite this, lovers of juicy berries, can enjoy an incredible range of taste characteristics of this grape variety. On the features of the White Miracle, as well as the care of shrubs, let's talk in this article.

White Miracle grapes: what is the variety famous for?

As noted above, the White Miracle is a very early grape variety. The main feature of grapes is increased resistance to frost. Most often, the shrub is not added to the ground, as it is able to withstand up to -25 degrees of frost.

In general, the ripening of fruits takes from 100 to 120 days. In this case, it all depends on the climatic conditions of your region. Fruits are oval, rounded. The weight of one berry is 7-10 grams. The flesh of the fruit is very fleshy and juicy.

Berries can hang for a long time on the bunch, without losing their taste. However, do not abuse this feature of the White Miracle. The ripe fruit of the vine is a real sweet bait for wasps and bees. Harvesting is necessary in time so as not to get a lot of problems with the bitten fruits.

Not for nothing, this species is called the White Miracle: the combination of delicious, juicy, large berries, together with excellent resistance to frost and disease, give a great combination. So we can safely say: "The white miracle took place!"