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How to deal with moles in the area on your own: a selection of effective ways of combating, recommendations from experienced gardeners


Get rid of moles in the country in a simple way, you can use the service ECO-CAPITAL. A simple, inexpensive way to get rid of moles in the country are folk methods described in the article. Independent methods and methods are ineffective, and some are dangerous. In order to finally get rid of moles at your dacha, our specialists use modern professional equipment and facilities that are absolutely safe for the health of people and animals for harvest.

How to get rid of moles in the country and the garden in a simple way?

Gardeners know if the dacha began to resemble a battlefield, thanks to the numerous mounds of freshly dug land - it was chosen by moles. No matter how harmless these miniature animals may seem, for a summer resident who expects to get a good harvest, they are a real disaster, comparable to a locust invasion. Unlike locusts, they are not interested in simple garden crops, they feed on moles by insects. Involuntarily harm the plants, breaking through underground passages and burrows, their activities are detrimental to the roots.

The question of how to remove moles from the site forever, consider below, first take a closer look at these pests.

Mole in the country in the garden - a pest or assistant?

Just in the dangerous pests of the garden can not be recorded mole. Breaking through the passages and burrows not too deep, the mole breaks the root systems with its paws, which simply leads to the death of the plants. The reason that led the parasite to the dacha is considered a noble attempt to help. Animals prefer simply well-hydrated black soil, rich in insects. Favorite food is simple earthworms, but also garden pests — insect larvae, bears, mice, beetles — are frequent food in their diet. As with all insectivores, earthen diggers have an active metabolism, the normal amount of food eaten per day is approximately equal to the weight of the rodent itself.

Just getting rid of insects that damage landings is not the only useful feature of earth diggers. Also molehills are useful - mole paths promote aeration (saturation with air) of the earth, and constant movement underground simply improves the quality of the earth like a special machine for loosening the soil.

Despite the advantages of the neighborhood with moles, it is necessary to get rid of them at the dacha if you have a garden there.

How to get rid of the mole on the site, the main ways

From the mole in the country can not get rid of many gardeners and gardeners. Since these animals are frequent guests on the land of the middle lane, folk practice has accumulated many ways to get rid of them. Simple ways are divided into three large groups - deterrent methods, chemical and folk remedies. To get rid of moles in the country in an easy way, in the garden or in the garden, different approaches to the choice of means are required.

Simple scaring of moles in the country. Acoustic methods

Get rid of moles in the country can be a simple method of scaring away, humane method of exposure of animals. The task of deterring agents is to create uncomfortable conditions on the site; there are two ways: to influence hearing or a well-developed sense of smell.

Acoustic scaring methods:

    1. Use of simple acoustic devices "Krotopug", "Antikrot", "Krotogon", "Mole" and other devices. The action of these devices is the same: electro-acoustic equipment generates ultrasound, simulating a danger signal and causing disorientation of rodents.

The method has indisputable advantages - they do not lead to the death of animals, forcing them to simply leave the habitable place, they are not toxic. Disadvantages: they are expensive, one device is not enough to service one small area, the ultrasound produced is unpleasant for people and pets, gives a short-term result, the device turned off will signal the return of parasites to the area.

  • 2. Burying empty bottles (made of plastic or glass) with the neck up (2/3 under the ground) is a self-made analogue of a repeller. The buzzing sound created by the wind, “lost” in the bottle, creating microvibration of the soil, scaring off pests and shrews.
  • 3. Another version of a homemade repeller is built on the use of empty cans. Evenly place the posts on the whole section, tie empty cans to them.
    These two methods are available and easy to use, based on the use of waste, but take a lot of time and are unsafe for the owner of the dacha himself. Such a “scaring system” can easily cause injury, and you cannot count on a reliable result.
  • 4. Installation in the country of turntables or rattles made of thin tin or plastic, another modification of the noise exposure.
  • All methods of sound scaring, depending on the fluctuations of the wind, lose their effectiveness in calm weather.

    Get rid of moles in the country with the help of smells

    How to get rid of moles in the country, if the acoustic methods are not suitable? Moles are animals blind from birth, but nature has endowed them with a very sensitive sense of smell. The second group of methods of influence actively uses this feature and tries to simply drive out the underground inhabitants with the help of unpleasant smells. Folk recipes urge to use in the country a variety of substances and products with a pungent smell.

    • 1. Kerosene. (kerosene solution: 100 ml per bucket of water). In the solution they simply moisten the tow or rags and place them in molehills.
    • 2. Naphthalene. It is believed that a persistent and strong smell frightens off blind rodents.
    • 3. Castor oil, the smell does not like most animals. Castor oil is filled with small containers and distributed over the area of ​​the site.
    • 4. Black oil or antifreeze. Potent substances long retain their flavor. Usually use tow and rags moistened with substances.
    • 5. Peppermint and wormwood - Herbs with a high content of aromatic oils. Narvite bunches of odorous herbs and spread in the zones of holes and passages. As you wither, change the grass.
    • 6. Acetic Essence. The substance well repels small pests, but evaporates quickly and loses its effectiveness.
    • 7. Red ground pepper. Powder of red pepper gives a good deterrent effect, but only until dry.
    • 8. Chlorine bleach. Highly evaporating substances scare away mammals, but for this, whiteness or other means must be poured into a small container and lowered into the mole's stroke.
    • 9. Herring heads. Herring heads are laid out on mole tunnels and tunnels, during rotting, the unpleasant odor increases many times and scares off pests.
    • 10. Cigarette butts or infusion of cigarette butts. The smell of tobacco can not stand many animals.
    • 11. Snuff. Effective until soaked with moisture.
    • 12. Rotten eggs or rotten vegetables in the country. The unpleasant smell of rotting food will scare away not only pests, but also summer residents. It will not be easy to get rid of him.
    • 13. Tears from moles. The method requires some training (clothing, respiratory protection, a minimum of people). A can of tear gas is sprayed directly into the burrow. It is important not to overdo it - to scare away, and not to kill, otherwise you will have to dig up the site, and get rid of the corpses.

    Olfactory ways to get rid of require patience from the owner of the dacha. Surviving the olfactory attack is difficult not only for moles, but also for humans. The methods are designed for long-term and methodical disposal with regular updating of odorous substances. They are not productive - when you get tired of updating the aromatic bait, the pests will return.

    Plants against moles

    If the moles are the permanent inhabitants of your summer cottage, which you encounter annually, try to get rid of the moles in the garden by planting live repellents - plants that frighten moles. These properties have garlic, black beans, beans, nuts, flowers - marigold, grouse, daffodils and scilla.

    Simple and safe ways can not be considered quite effective. On the forums, gardeners note that planting plants did not affect the animal population.

    The most inhuman way - the destruction of moles

    The third group of means - mole destruction methods, includes chemical and mechanical methods.

    • Filling moles in the country house and holes with plenty of water - the most popular method. If you managed to catch pests at the stage of sharing, the method will help. But if the animals have already worked hard on the internal architecture of their home, it is unlikely you will be able to get rid of moles in the country by pouring. The underground dweller will find a place to hide during the water attack.
    • Fishing live in the country and further destruction. To catch the mole, you can dig a small pot or jar in the current mole course. A fast moving mole will not notice the trap and will not be able to get rid of it.
    • Placement of traps or traps in the country. It is necessary to think carefully about the place where the trap will be set, you should not put it at the exit, at this time the mole slows down and he has time to feel the threat.
    • Treatment of mole holes with poisonous substances or aeration.

    Moles in the garden - the nuances

    To get rid of the mole rats in a country house in the garden, taking into account the nuances, fruit bushes and trees are quite high, pesticides can be used to cultivate the earth. It is dangerous to inject poisonous gas on your own, you need to make a confident calculation of toxic substances, otherwise you can simply destroy the trees. If there are a lot of parasites, the method of pesticide poisoning is best combined with other simple ways - traps, scaring.

    Moles in the garden - the nuances

    Damaged beds, ruined roots require the involvement of active measures to eliminate moles in the country. To use the method of carbonation by toxic substances is simply impossible, toxic chemicals will get into your crop. It is recommended to use non-toxic methods or call a specialized service that will offer a safe complex to get rid of pests.

    How to get rid of moles in the country in a simple way

    How to get rid of moles in the country in a simple way - a question that interests the owners of summer cottages exposed to the attack of parasites.

    Lovely-looking parasites dig tunnels in fertile, high-quality land, harming crops.

    ECO-CAPITAL specialists know the answer to the question "how to get rid of moles in the country in the simplest way" and save you from pests.

    Moles in the country how to get rid

    Moles in the country how to get rid of without consequences for the harvest? Moles avoid sounds made by special repellents, but the sense of scaring garden diggers in the country is questionable:

    • Bought a repeller can send the animal to the neighbors.
    • The noise of the repeller is unlikely to appeal to residents around.
    • Little diggers get used to the sounds.
    • Get rid of moles with rotting herring ineffective. Horrible scentre spreads throughout the site, and the pests will simply bypass the rotting site.

    How to get rid of the mole at the dacha

    How to get rid of the mole at the dacha with the help of poisons? It is difficult to get rid of the poison, because the moles are predators who outwit the poisoned food. Poisoning of the fertile land does not promise a positive result, it is unwise to get rid of the mole at the dacha.

    How to get rid of moles in the garden

    How to get rid of moles in the garden with the help of a trap pipe with lids? Moles bypass alien objects on their territory, the method is ineffective.

    There are more expensive traps, designed specifically for animals, similar to the pest's mink - they work better than pipe traps and will allow to get rid of moles in the garden for a while.

    How to deal with moles in the country

    How to deal with moles in the country by the method of placing traps? Cruel effective method until pests understand the mechanism. It does not always work, later diggers dig tunnels, bypassing the traps side.

    Fighting moles in the country in this way takes a lot of time.

    How to get rid of moles in the garden

    How to get rid of moles in the garden area walkers? Another cruel but effective way, with positive feedback from gardeners. The crusaders kill the animals that are in the tunnels, indicated by the devices, with electricity.

    Get rid of moles in the garden in this way will costly, but effective.

    Causes of

    The mole is a voracious creature, the animal can do without food for no more than 15 hours. Often, the weight eaten is one and a half times the body weight of an insectivorous mammal. Underground "digger" constantly migrates in search of the site populated by earthworms, beetles, and other insects.

    Why do animals climb into the garden, lawn or obzhivat place in the garden? There are several reasons:

    • loose, high-quality soil. In such a ground is easy to dig long tunnels,
    • abundance of food. If the site is inhabited by earthworms, small rodents, for example, mice, insects and their larvae, moles actively absorb these types of food,
    • animals have no natural enemies. Pests calmly settle down on the site, breaking through passages and furrows, completely not caring about mental equilibrium in gardeners, who lose part of the crop because of the excavated passages.

    Almost blind animal eats insects and worms, the roots of plants, fruits and buds do not damage. Why, then, when a mole is revealed, the owners of summer cottages clutching their heads?

    The main problem is the underground tunnels. In search of food, mammals dig long furrows both closer to the surface and deep in the ground. In various places, molehills are visible - the holes through which the animal is selected to the outside.

    Labyrinths, laid at different depths, disrupt the development of plants, damage the roots. Earthen piles spoil the view of the garden or lawn next to the private house. The better the quality of the soil, the more earthworms live on the site, the higher the risk of penetration of the "digger", digging the underground "communications".

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    Ultrasonic Repeller

    Many owners respond positively to the action of devices emitting waves of a certain frequency. Under the action of ultrasound, pests become uncomfortable at the site, constant “interference” irritates mammals, moles cannot calmly dig tunnels.

    It is enough to turn on the device, and the ultrasound will begin to act. Mole scarers with lithium ion batteries that do not require connection to the electrical network are suitable for work in the garden or summer cottage.

    Popular model - Antikrot Maxi Plus. Ecological means for pest control has a range of up to 20 m. The device has a waterproof case, designed for operation in open areas. Vibrational vibrations of the soil make the underground “diggers” go beyond the limit of influence of the repeller.

    The device effectively acts on a plot of up to 10 hectare. The fewer obstacles to the penetration of sound waves, the higher the effect of the repeller. One set of batteries is designed for several months of work - from 2 to 6. It will take 8 batteries.

    Unpleasant odors

    How to get rid of moles in the garden area? Some owners believe that rotten fish heads, rags moistened with kerosene or gasoline, rotten eggs, pieces of salted herring buried in the ground, will repel half-blind pests. Sometimes this method is effective, but in the summer, in the heat, there is an unpleasant smell all over the site that frightens not only moles, but also gardeners.

    A good option is to pour liquid into the hole or fill up the powder with a pungent smell. For removing moles suitable carbide, birch tar, turpentine, crushed naphthalene tablets. After filling the hole, pour in water, close the hole tightly.

    Castor oil

    Another popular method of dealing with a dangerous pest. Moles do not stand the smell of castor oil.

    How to act:

    • combine 200 oils and 4 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid,
    • prepare a working solution - you will need 4 liters of clean water and 30 ml of the mixture,
    • process the soil over the entire area where the mole's activity is noticed,
    • The optimal time of the procedure is after the rain, while the soil is soft, soaked with moisture, and the solution quickly penetrates to a great depth.

    Homemade plastic bottle repeller

    Cheap, effective fixture is easy to make in 10 minutes:

    • it will take a long iron rod, some better, in order to place the scarers throughout the garden,
    • stick a pin into the ground, put an inverted plastic bottle on it,
    • when the wind blows, an unpleasant sound is heard. The more self-made scarers on the site, the higher the chance that the mole will not withstand constant noise, go in search of another home.

    A great effect is the replacement of a plastic bottle with another type of container, for example, a tin can. Wind gusts provoke active friction of tin on a metal rod, the sound is even more unpleasant.

    Sulfur checker

    Experienced owners recommend a simple, effective method - scaring small animals with a sharp smell of sulfuric smoke. Понадобится шашка «Фас» для окуривания теплиц. Выгнать крота из норы просто: достаточно поджечь шашку в кротовине, накрыть ведром, чтобы дым активно проник в туннель.Pests will go away for a long time.

    Many owners know that moles do not tolerate harsh sounds. For this reason, ordinary firecrackers can do a good job.

    How to act:

    • prepare more firecrackers,
    • find moles in the area,
    • take turns digging up every mole, setting fire to a petard, throwing it inside, quickly and tightly closing the exit with your foot,
    • Under the ground there will be an explosion, safe for humans, but negatively affecting sensitive animals,
    • after “shock therapy”, the pests will leave the site for a long time, where it is too noisy.

    During the "operation" next should not be children. Curiosity always prevails, boys find it difficult to resist “help”, there is a great risk of fright or microtraumas while carelessly handling firecrackers. For this reason, adults should make sure that no one interferes with the noisy method of scaring away “diggers”.

    Poison bait

    Most owners are trying to bring moles without the use of toxic substances, so that together with the animals do not bring harm to the crop and people. The use of poison is an extreme measure if other methods of pest control do not help.

    Inhumane method gives the result in most cases. For the success of the operation will have to buy poison in the store for gardeners, filled with poison of dead earthworms, decomposed into molehills. Worms - moles delicacy, the bait will definitely be eaten.

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    Prevention of appearance

    After a hard and stubborn struggle, the victory was won - the moles left the site! It is important to fix the result, otherwise the tireless "diggers" will return again.

    Recommendations from experienced hosts:

    • protect the garden around the perimeter: dig aluminum mesh or slate 1 meter deep. Underground "fence" will complicate penetration on a site,
    • will have to reduce the number of earthworms, various insects in the ground and on the surface. It will help a simple measure - at the beginning of the season and after harvesting to water the area with a soap solution with a concentration of 10%.

    Another effective method for controlling underground pests can be seen in the following video: